Who else is ready to turn the page on 2020? Show of hands?

But I don’t want to add to your doomscroll. Instead, let me tell you about one of the bright spots here at PW of late: working on this feature, our spring 2021 preview. It’s as big as ever, the books are as strong as ever, and how about that lovely cover illustration by Bob Eckstein?

In putting this package together, we looked at titles publishing between February and August and broke the season’s offerings into 15 categories, each of which has a top 10 list and a longlist. That boiled down to 839 notable titles, which were chosen from the more than 5,700 submitted for consideration. Our editors highlighted a mix of books, from surefire bestsellers to clever dark horse picks. No matter what you’re itching for, you’ll find a recommendation that’ll scratch it here. And if you want to take a spin through our full database of spring and summer 2021 titles, head on over to publishersweekly.com/announcements.

You also have our spring 2021 children’s announcements to look forward to. That’s coming in our Feb. 15, 2021, issue.

There’s plenty of good things ahead, you’ll see.

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