The following is a list of books focused on women and girls' empowerment and titles related to the achievements of, and equal rights for, women, young women and girls.

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Bookish Broads: Women Who Wrote Themselves into History

Lauren Marino, Feb.

Illuminates the lives of the greats as well as the literary talents history has wrongfully overlooked.


Jacinda Ardern

Michelle Duff, Apr.

Delves into the New Zealand Prime Minister's beginnings as a nose-ringed teen fighting for equality and her own identity in a devout Mormon family.


Women Don’t Owe You Pretty

Florence Given, Apr.

A vibrantly illustrated primer on modern feminism for the Instagram generation.


The Second Bell

Gabriela Houston, Mar.

A reimagined popular folktale where a headstrong young striga finds herself in a life- threatening situation that tests the bonds between mother and child.


The Home Stretch: Why It’s Time to Come Clean About Who Does the Dishes

Sally Howard, June

The author combines history and fieldwork with her own personal story.


As A Woman: What I Learned about Power, Sex, and the Patriarchy After I Transitioned

Paula Stone Williams, June

The author pulls back the curtain on her transition journey and sheds light on the gendered landscape that impacts many in the LGBTQ+ community.


Expect More: Dare to Stand Up and Stand Out: A Guide for Women on Reaching Their Potential

Muffet McGraw, Feb.

The retired head coach of the Univ. of Notre Dame women’s basketball team guides women to expect more in their careers and family lives.



Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Feb.

Urges a generation to gather their courage, embrace their ambition, and commit to the hard work of following their dreams.

The Soul of a Woman

Isabel Allende, Mar.

The bestselling author offers a passionate and inspiring meditation on what it means to be a woman.

The Bohemians

Jasmin Darznik, Apr.

A novel imagining the wild 1920s in San Francisco that awakened photographer Dorothea Lange’s career-defining grit, compassion, and daring.


Black Girl, Call Home

Jasmine Mans, Mar.

A poetry collection inspired by the author’s own life explores the intersection of race, feminism, and queer identity.

A Special Place for Women

Laura Hankin, May

A funny novel about a clandestine women’s-only social club and the reporter who sets out to expose its secrets.


The Body is Not an Apology

Sonya Renee Taylor, Feb.

From PW’s review: “Poet and activist Taylor (A Little Truth on Your Shirt) packs important ideas into this concise volume on body empowerment.”


To the Greatest Heights: Facing Danger, Finding Humility, and Climbing a Mountain of Truth

Vanessa O'Brien, Mar.

A memoir by the record-breaking American-British explorer who became the first American woman and the first British woman to successfully summit K2, and was named Explorer of the Year in 2018 by the Scientific Exploration Society.



Melissa Febos, Mar.

A set of stories about the forces that shape girls and the adults they become.

The Mysteries

Marisa Silver, May

An intimate story of two young girls, joined in an unlikely friendship, whose lives are shattered in a single, unthinkable moment.


The Gift of Self-Love: A Workbook to Help You Build Confidence, Recognize Your Worth, and Learn to Finally Love Yourself

Mary Jelkovsky, Mar.

Build confidence, boost self-esteem, and overcome body image issues using this interactive self-help book for women.


The Next Smart Step: How to Overcome Gender Stereotypes and Build a Stronger Organization

Kelly Watson and Jodi Ecker Detjen, Feb.

A guide to understanding the challenge of gender imbalance, implementing solutions, and offering tools to ensure positive and enduring change.


Besharam: On Love and Other Bad Behaviors

Priya-Alika Elias, Apr.

Essays by a lawyer and a feminist writer that touch on themes of family, culture, body image, sex, and feminism.

The Daring Life and Dangerous Times of Eve Adams

Jonathan Ned Katz, May

Uncovers the forgotten story of radical lesbian feminist Eve Adams, and her long-lost book Lesbian Love.

Open Skies: My Life As Afghanistan's First Female Pilot

Niloofar Rahmani, July

The true story of the author’s determination to become Afghanistan's first female air force fighter pilot.

We Are the Baby-Sitters Club: Essays and Artwork from Grown-Up Readers

Edited by Marisa Crawford and Megan Milks, July

A nostalgia-packed, star-studded anthology exploring the lasting impact of the Baby-Sitters Club series.


Chicken Soup For the Soul: Be You

Amy Newmark, Apr.

Contributors from all ethnicities and the LGBTQ community celebrate their strength and individuality.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: I’m Speaking Now: Black Women Share Their Truth In 101 Stories of Love, Courage and Hope

Amy Newmark and Breena Clarke, June

Black women share their dreams, triumphs and failures, and their lives, which have unique challenges and hardships that are not well understood by others.


She Holds A Cosmos: Poems On Motherhood

Edited by Mallory Farrugia, illus. by Karolin Schnoor, Mar.

Thirty poems exploring motherhood in all its dimensions–from pregnancy and birth to the joys, struggles, and hilarious moments that come with raising children.

Why She Wrote: A Graphic History of the Lives, Inspirations, and Influences Behind the Pens of Classic Women Writers

Hannah K. Chapman and Luaren Burke, illus. by Kaley Bales, April

Unexpected and inspiring stories behind eighteen women writers from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.


Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions For Success at Work

Melody Wilding, May

Neuroscience-based strategies to reclaim control of your life and set you on the path to personal and professional fulfillment.


The Mindful Woman: Gentle Practices for Restoring Calm, Finding Hope, and Opening Your Heart

Sue Patton Thoele, May

A guide offering mindfulness activities, inspiring stories from real women, and lessons for self-healing.


Blow Your House Down: A Story of Family and Treason

Gina Frangello, Apr.

A debut nonfiction book upending traditional narratives of domestic traditions, middle age, gender, and sexuality for women in contemporary America.

Out of the Shadows: Six Visionary Victorian Women in Search of a Public Voice

Emily Midorikawa, May

Tales of women and the supernatural during the Victorian era illuminate a radical history of female influence on social issues that has been–until now–confined to the dark.


From Farms to Incubators: Women Innovators Revolutionizing How Our Food Is Grown

Amy Wu, Apr.

How women entrepreneurs are revolutionizing agriculture through high technology.


Hungry Hearts

Edited by Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, Feb.

Sixteen innovators, creatives, and thought leaders share intimate stories of uncovering beauty and potential through moments of fear, loss, heartbreak, and uncertainty.


Be Period Positive: Tune Into Your Cycle and Go With Your Flow

Chella Quint, July

Learn what’s really going on inside and how and why it matters with this handbook for all things menstruation.


This One Wild Life: A Mother-Daughter Wilderness Memoir

Angie Abdou, Apr.

Explores parenting and marriage in a summer of unexpected outcomes and growth for both mother and daughter.


The Story of a Mouse Who Never Asked for It

Ana Cristina Herreros, trans. by Chloe Garcia Roberts, illus. by Violeta Lópiz, Apr.

A dark and feminist interpretation of an old folk tale.


Come, Sweet Day: Holding On to Hope in Dark Times: A Writer’s Journey

Julianne Donaldson, April

The romance writer reveals her thoughts and feelings from a time when her own life was marked by difficult challenges and disappointments.


We Too: Essays On Sex Work and Survival

Edited by Natalie West, Feb.

Essays by sex workers that give voice to the fight for agency and accountability across sex industries, and explores sex work as work, and sex workers as laboring subjects in need of respect—not rescue.

I Had A Miscarriage: A Memoir, A Movement

Jessica Zucker, Mar.

Confronts the cultural silence around pregnancy loss, and shares how to transform trauma into human connection.

This Is How We Come Back Stronger: Feminist Writers on Turning Crisis into Change

Edited by the Feminist Book Society, Apr.

Feminist writers from the U.S. and the U.K. respond to the personal and the political in the time of pandemic. Ten percent of every book sold will be donated to the Third Wave Foundation to support youth-led gender justice activism.


The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation

Anna Malaika Tubbs, Feb.

From Gates Scholar and First Lady of Stockton, Calif., a celebration of the three women who raised and shaped America's most pivotal heroes.

The Husbands: A Novel

Chandler Baker, June

To what lengths will a woman go for a little more help from her husband?

Somebody's Daughter: A Memoir

Ashley C. Ford, June

Recalls a childhood defined by the absence of an incarcerated father and the path we must take to both honor and overcome our origins.


Waiting for the Night Song: A Novel

Julie Carrick Dalton, Feb.

Alternates between a young woman’s innocence-ending summer, and her adult self’s scientific work to fight for the natural world she holds dear.

Gathering Dark: A Novel

Candice Fox, Mar.

A convicted killer. A gifted thief. A vicious ganglord. A disillusioned cop. Together, these three women are a missing girl’s only hope.

The Widow Queen: A Novel

Elzbieta Cherezinska, Apr.

The epic story of a Polish queen whose life and name were all but forgotten until now.


Art Makers: Empowered Embroidery

Sarah Hand, Mar.

Learn to transform sketches into embroidery patterns and stitch strong, iconic women from the past and present.


Believe IT: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable

Jamie Kern Lima, Feb.

The founder of IT Cosmetics shares the wild but true story of how a once struggling waitress turned her against-the-grain idea into an international bestselling sensation, eventually selling the company for over a billion dollars and becoming the first female CEO of a brand in L’Oréal’s 100+ year history.


Radiant: The Dancer, The Scientist, and A Friendship Forged in Light

Liz Heinecke, Feb.

The true story of an unlikely friendship between a dancer, Loie Fuller, and a scientist, Marie Curie, brought together by an illuminating discovery.

The Unfit Heiress: The Tragic Life and Scandalous Sterilization of Ann Cooper Hewitt

Audrey Clare Farley, Apr.

Chronicles the fight for inheritance, both genetic and monetary, between Ann Cooper Hewitt and her mother Maryon.

We Are Watching Eliza Bright: A Novel

A.E. Osworth, Apr.

A woman has her whole life turned upside down after speaking out against workplace hostility–and inadvertently becomes the leader of a cultural movement.


Pain and Prejudice: How the Medical System Ignores Women–And What We Can Do About It

Gabrielle Jackson, Mar.

The author’s story of endometriosis, alongside interviews with medical practitioners and years of her own dogged research, to explore how our culture treats the health concerns of women.


The Jigsaw Man: A Novel

Nadine Matheson, March

A serial killer and his copycat are locked in a violent game of cat and mouse. Can D.I. Anjelica Henley stop them before it’s too late?


The Vineyard at Painted Moon: A Novel

Susan Mallery, Feb.

A woman walks away from a comfy (but loveless) marriage and a lucrative (but dead end) job to start her own winery and pursue happiness.


Strong Women Lift Each Other Up

Molly Galbraith, Mar.

Evidence-based, actionable guidance on overcoming scarcity mindset, gain confidence, and create a better world with more opportunity for women and girls.


Glass Half-Broken: Shattering the Barriers That Still Hold Women Back at Work

Colleen Ammerman and Boris Groysberg, Apr.

Institutional and managerial strategies to overcome and mitigate barriers and finally shatter the glass ceiling.


The Woman Code

Sophia Nelson, Mar.

Revised and updated with new insights from the economic and societal shifts that have changed our world with the advent of the global pandemic, calling women to live out a powerful life code that will lead them to purposeful and successful lives.


Love Like That: Stories

Emma Duffy-Comparone, Mar.

A collection of stories about brilliant, broken women discovering what it means to get lost in love, and do what it takes to find themselves again.

Your Turn: How to Be an Adult

Julie Lythcott-Haims, April

Practical strategies for living a more authentic adulthood.

Leaving Breezy Street: A Memoir

Brenda Powell-Meyers with April Reynolds, June

How the author (aka Breezy) found the strength to break from a brutal world of prostitution and save not only herself but future Breezys.


Ogadinma: Or, Everything Will Be All Right

Ukamaka Olisakwe, Mar.

A woman struggles against the shackles of a Church-dominated patriarchal society amid rising political turmoil.


All the Women Inside Me

Jana Elhassan, Apr.

A stark appraisal of how far women are pushed and the lengths to which they will go to escape a reality that is rotten at the core.


The Menopause Manifesto: Own Your Health with Facts and Feminism

Dr. Jen Gunter, May

Counters myths and misunderstandings about menopause with hard facts, real science, historical perspective, and expert advice.


The Hive: A Novel

Melissa Scholes Young, June

In a racially and politically divided rural Midwestern town during the Obama years, four daughters and their newly widowed, doomsday prepper mother struggle to keep their pest control business from bankruptcy during a recession.


Forces of Nature: The Women who Changed Science

Anna Reser and Leila McNeill, Apr.

Charts the history of women’s discoveries in science.


The Fearless Woman’s Guide to Starting a Business: What Every Woman Needs to Know to be a Courageous, Authentic, and Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Aimeé Quiriconi, Apr.

Dares you to dream big about what being the head of a woman-owned business can do for you.

Betrayed by Work: Women’s Stories of Trauma, Healing and Hope after Being Fired

Julia Erickson and Suzanne Vosburg, May

Hope and companionship for those coping with either their own job loss or the sudden job loss of someone they know or love.

Unabashed Women: The Fascinating Biographies of Bad Girls, Seductresses, Rebels and One-of-a-Kind Women

Marlene Wagman-Geller, June

Women in history who defied the expectations of conventional society to live the lives they chose, regardless of what others thought.



Elizabeth Warren, Apr.

The charismatic senator and bestselling author mixes vivid personal stories with a passionate plea for political transformation.


Limitless: The Power of Hope and Resilience to Overcome Circumstance

Mallory Weggemann, Mar.

The Paralympic gold-medalist, world champion swimmer, ESPY winner, and NBC Sports commentator uses her extraordinary story to equip others to meet whatever challenges they face in life.

Checking In: How Getting Real about Depression Saved My Life–And Can Save Yours

Michelle Williams, May

The Grammy Award-winning member of Destiny’s Child shares the intimate, never-before-told story of how, even in the midst of enormous fame and success, she battled depression, leading her to find her true calling as an advocate for mental health.


Mouths of Rain: An Anthology of Black Lesbian Thought

Edited by Briona Simone Jones, Feb.

Traces the long history of intellectual thought produced by Black Lesbian writers, spanning the nineteenth century through the twenty-first century.


Missing Witches: Recovering the True Histories of Feminist Magic

Risa Dickens and Amy Torok, Mar.

Explores the history of witchcraft around the globe as well as the womxn history has tried to erase, and how to incorporate their rituals into a modern daily life.


Honey Girl: A Novel

Morgan Rogers, Feb.

A young Black woman just finishing her Ph.D in astronomy impulsively gets married in Vegas and decides to leave her perfectly ordered life for a summer in New York with the wife she barely knows.

The Lost Apothecary: A Novel

Sarah Penner, Mar.

A female apothecary secretly dispenses poisons to liberate women from the men who have wronged them–setting three lives across centuries on a dangerous collision course.

Women in White Coats: How the First Women Doctors Changed the World of Medicine

Olivia Campbell, Mar.

The true story of three pioneering Victorian women who broke down barriers in the medical field to become the first women doctors, detailing how they banded together to enter this male-dominated field and revolutionize the way women receive healthcare.

The Woman with the Blue Star: A Novel

Pam Jenoff, May

A tale, inspired by harrowing true stories, of unfathomable sacrifice and unlikely friendship during World War II.


The Daughters of Kobani: A Story of Rebellion, Courage, and Justice

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, Feb.

Draws from hundreds of hours of interviews to spotlight the all-female Kurdish militia–intent on not only defeating the Islamic State on the battlefield but also changing women's lives in their corner of the Middle East and beyond.


Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual

Luvvie Ajayi Jones, Mar.

The book Jones wishes she could give to her ten-year-old self, to remind her to be bold, to be different, and to make good trouble.


Own It: The Secret to Life

Diane von Furstenberg, Mar.

The fashion designer and philanthropist offers a collection of words to live by, a manifesto for turning problems into assets, and enjoying personal growth at any age.


Extra Bold: A Feminist, Inclusive, Anti-racist, Nonbinary Field Guide for Graphic Designers

Ellen Lupton, Jennifer Tobias, et. al. (May)

Demonstrates how to navigate power structures through interviews with people at different stages of their careers, and biographical sketches of individuals marginalized by sexism, racism, and ableism.


Think Like a Breadwinner: A Wealth-Building Manifesto for Women Who Want to Earn More (and Worry Less)

Jennifer Barrett (Apr.)

Reveals, from hard-won experience and in-depth interviews with dozens of women, that there is nothing more empowering than knowing you can take care of yourself and your future without needing to depend on anyone else.

Mergers and Acquisitions (Or, Everything I Know About Love I Learned on the Wedding Pages)

Cate Doty (May)

Former New York Times wedding writer takes readers inside its wedding announcement section.

Blush: A Novel

Jamie Brenner, June

Three generations of powerful women discover that the "trashy" novels of a bygone era might hold the key to saving their family's coastal winery–and to finding the love that's eluded them.


Dear Kamala: Women Write to the New Vice President

Edited by Peggy Brooks-Bertram, Feb.

Seeing a model of themselves filling the second-most-powerful office in the Free World, women of all ages, races, and nations share their hopes, fears, desires, advice, and support with the new Vice President.


The Women of 2018: The Pink Wave in the U.S. House Elections … and Its Legacy in 2020

Barbara Burrell, Mar.

Explores the unprecedented number of female candidates who ran for elected office in the United States in 2018, why they chose to run, the nature of their campaigns, and their legacy as reflected in the 2020 elections.


Beautifully Brave: An Unconventional Guide to Owning Your Worth, Cultivating Self-Love, and Standing In Your Power

Sarah Pendrick, Apr.

A road map for building self-belief and self-love with practices that promote growth, including a variety of creative and interactive activities.


Exploring American Girlhood through 50 Historic Treasures

Ashley E. Remer and Tiffany R. Isselhardt, Apr.

Color photographs of objects that girls left behind tell unique stories about America.


Bravely: Inspiring Quotes & Stories from Trailblazing American Women

Quotabelle, Pauline Weger, Alicia Williamson, Mar.

Powerful quotes and stories from 100 courageous American women history-makers past and present.

Women on Top of the World: What Women Think About When They're Having Sex

Edited by Lucy-Ann Holmes, May

A collection of 50 true disclosures by 50 women from around the world, from all ages and all walks of life–revealing their innermost thoughts and feelings during sex.


The Agitators: Three Friends Who Fought for Abolition and Women's Rights

Dorothy Wickenden, Mar.

Following Harriet Tubman and her two friends and fellow Underground Railroad collaborators, from two decades before the Civil War to two decades after, to illuminate the role of women during one of the most pivotal eras in American history.

I Am a Girl from Africa

Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Apr.

The former United Nations Senior Advisor on Gender and Equality recounts her journey from childhood in a small Zimbabwean village, to achieving her dream of working for the UN, where she would eventually found the groundbreaking HeForShe campaign.


The New Handbook for a Post-Roe America: The Complete Guide to Abortion Legality, Access, and Practical Support

Robin Marty, Mar.

A completely new edition–with a new introduction by Amanda Palmer–of Marty's best-selling manual on what to do if/when Roe v. Wade is overturned.


The Girl Explorers: The Untold Story of the Globetrotting Women Who Trekked, Flew and Fought for Human Rights Around the World

Jayne Zanglein, Mar.

From PW’s review: “With careful research and clear enthusiasm for her subjects, Zanglein makes a strong case that restoring these pioneers to the spotlight will ‘give a new generation of women courage to chisel away at the glass ceiling.’”


I’m a Wild Seed

Sharon Lee De La Cruz, Feb.

A collection of lively autobiographical comics guiding the reader through an understanding of queerness and what it means to one woman of color.


Your Fully Charged Life: A Radically Simple Approach to Having Endless Energy and Filling Every Day with Yay

Meaghan B Murphy, Feb.

Spanning health, work, family time, and more, this book reveals small changes in outlook and habits that yield big results, without ever sacrificing who you are.

Unbound: A Woman's Guide to Power

Kasia Urbaniak, Mar.

Practical instruction in how to stand in your power, find your voice, and use it well, based on insights from the author’s experiences as a dominatrix, her training to become a Taoist nun, and the countless women she has taught to expand their influence.


Self Belonging: Embrace the Wisdom of Soul and Science and Live Your Best Life

Luann Robinson Hull, Apr.

The author’s path to freeing herself from a toxic and debilitating relationship to reach a sense of freedom, creativity, and happiness.


The Echo Wife

Sarah Gailey, Feb.

Martine, a genetically cloned replica made from Evelyn Caldwell’s award-winning research, is having an affair with Evelyn’s husband. Now, the cheating bastard is dead, and both Caldwell wives have a mess to clean up.

The Helm of Midnight

Marina Lostetter, Apr.

A legendary serial killer stalks the streets of a fantastical city, and a young woman seeks to prove herself by stopping them.

The Last Watch

J.S. Dewes, Apr.

In this fast-paced, sci-fi adventure, the edge of the universe is collapsing and taking everyone and everything with it. Can Adequin Rake be humanity’s last chance against annihilation?

The Library of the Dead

T.L. Huchu, June

Ropa, a precocious and cynical teenager, drops out of school to become a ghostalker who speaks to Edinburgh’s dead, carrying messages to those they left behind.

She Who Became The Sun

Shirley Parker Chan, July

A bold, queer, and lyrical reimagining of the rise of the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty.


Burning Girls and Other Stories

Veronica Schanoes, Mar.

A work that crosses borders and genres with stories of fierce women at the margins of society who are burning their way toward the center.


Hudson Bay Bound: Two Women, One Dog, Two Thousand Miles to the Arctic

Natalie Warren, Feb.

Retraces the women’s journey from inspiration to Arctic waters, giving readers an insider view of the journey from the practicalities of planning a three-month canoe expedition to the successful accomplishment of the adventure of a lifetime.

Skiing into the Bright Open: My Solo Journey to the South Pole

Liv Arnesen, June

Describes the exhausting, exhilarating experience of being the first known woman to ski unsupported to the South Pole.


Loving Before Loving

Joan Steinau Lester, May

A personal memoir communicating the deep pains of sexism, racism, and solitude.


The Rise and Decline of Patriarchal Systems: An Intersectional Political Economy

Nancy Folbre, Feb.

Asks the defining question of feminist political economy: why is gender inequality so pervasive?

Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again: Women and Desire in the Age of Consent

Katherine Angel, Mar.

A provocative analysis of female desire, consent, and sexuality in the age of #MeToo.


Why We Cook: Women on Food, Identity, and Connection

Lindsay Gardner, Mar.

Essays, profiles, recipes, and more celebrating the achievements of more than 100 women restaurateurs, activists, food writers, professional chefs, and home cooks–all of whom are changing the world of food.

Yoke: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance

Jessamyn Stanley, June

A series of autobiographical essays that explore issues of self-love, body-positivity, race, cultural appropriation in American yoga, personal experiences with sexual assault and its effect on her psyche, cannabis, and more.


Mother Daughter Activity Journal: Connecting Better with Each Other

Lisa McGuinness, May

A fresh new supportive place to keep each other’s secrets as well as share thoughts, dreams, worries, cares, and life experiences–and have fun too.



Chicks Rock!

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, illus. by Renée Kurilla, Mar.

Each bringing their own strengths and skills, Rocker Chick’s friends help her find her inner rock star and step into the spotlight in this companion to Chicks Rule! Ages 4-8.

Code Breaker, Spy Hunter: How Elizebeth Friedman Changed the Course of Two World Wars

Laurie Wallmark, illus. by Brooke Smart, Mar.

The story of Elizebeth Friedman, a brilliant code breaker who took down Nazi spy rings and created the CIA's first cryptology unit, and whose story came to light when her secret papers were declassified in 2015. Ages 6-up.

The Stuff Between the Stars: How Vera Rubin Discovered Most of the Universe

Sandra Nickel, illus. by Aimée Sicuro, Mar.

A biographical picture book about a female astronomer who makes huge discoveries about the mysteries of the night sky and changed the way we look at the universe. Ages 6-9.


Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl, illus. by Tammy Taylor, Apr.

This title in the First Names Series introduces the woman who changed music forever and as a successful businesswoman and activist, helps bring issues of race and gender into the global conversation. Ages 8-12.


Girlhood: Teens Around the World in Their Own Voices

Edited by Masuma Ahuja, Feb.

Thirty teens from 27 countries share their own stories of growing up through diary entries and photographs, with reporting and research to help understand the circumstances and communities they live in. Ages 12-18.


Tell No Tales

Sam Maggs, illus. by Kendra Wells, Feb.

A swashbuckling adventure inspired by the historical exploits of real-life female pirates. Ages 10-14.

The Chance to Fly

Ali Stroker and Stacy Davidowitz, Apr.

Based on the author’s real life, a 13-year-old theater-loving girl who uses a wheelchair for mobility to defy expectations–and gravity. Ages 8-12.

Athena: Goddess of Wisdom and War

Imogen Greenberg, illus. by Isabel Greenberg, June

Follow the goddess of wisdom through her adventures with gods and mortals, discover the perils of crossing her, and see how she eventually learned to better understand and aid humanity. Ages 8-12.


How to Change Everything: The Young Human's Guide to Protecting the Planet and Each Other

Naomi Klein, adapted by Rebecca Stefoff, Feb.

A young human's guide to battling climate change. Ages 10-up.

Dreams for a Daughter

Carole Boston Weatherford, illus. by Brian Pinkney, Mar.

Celebrates a Black mother’s hopes and dreams for her daughter. Ages 4-8.

Kidstory: 50 Children and Young People Who Shook Up the World

Tom Adams, illus. by Sarah Walsh, Mar.

Meet 50 kids who changed the world in this collection of short biographies. Ages 8-up.


Deva Fagan, Apr.

A plucky orphan girl stumbles into a conflict centuries in the making in this fantasy about unexpected heroes, the power of friendship, and one boisterous enchanted sword. Ages 8-12.



Andrew Root, illus. by Erin Balzer, May

Fern isn’t your usual unicorn: she loves chemistry and math more than glitter or flowers—and she refuses to change who she is. Ages 3-8.


Love Is a Revolution

Renée Watson, Feb.

A love story about not only a relationship, but how a girl finds and falls in love with who she really is. Ages 13-up.

Reckless, Glorious, Girl

Ellen Hagan, Feb.

From the co-author of Watch Us Rise, a novel in verse about the drama of growing up recklessly, gloriously, girl. Ages 8-11.

A Most Clever Girl: How Jane Austen Discovered Her Voice

Jasmine A. Stirling, illus. by Vesper Stamper, Mar.

A picture book biography of author Jane Austen and how she asserted her unique voice. Ages 5-9.

Send a Girl: The True Story of How Women Joined the FDNY

Jessica M. Rinker, illus. by Meg Hunt, Mar.

A picture book biography of one of the first female firefighters in New York City. Ages 4-8.

Every Body Shines: Sixteen Stories About Living Fabulously Fat

Edited by Cassandra Newbould, May

An intersectional feminist YA anthology that celebrates body diversity and fat acceptance through short stories. Ages 14-up.

Don't Hate the Player

Alexis Need, June

A funny feminist YA debut set in the male-dominated world of competitive gaming. Ages 13-up.


Grace Banker and Her Hello Girls Answer the Call: The Heroic Story of WWI Telephone Operators

Claudia Friddell, illus. by Elizabeth Baddeley, Feb.

Led by 25-year-old Grace Banker, 32 telephone operators—affectionately called “Hello Girls” in the U.S.—became the first female combatants in World War I. Ages 7-10.

The Leaf Detective: How Margaret Lowman Uncovered Secrets in the Rainforest

Heather Lang, illus. by Jana Christy, Feb.

Spotlights conservationist Margaret “Meg” Lowman, who was determined to investigate the undiscovered world of the rainforest treetops. Ages 7-10.

View from Pagoda Hill

Michaela MacColl, Apr.

In the late 1800s, a Chinese-American girl is forced to leave her home in Shanghai to go to America with a father she barely knows. Based on the family history of the author. Ages 12-up.


Wonder Women of Science: Twelve Geniuses Who Are Currently Rocking Science, Technology, and the World

Tiera Fletcher and Ginger Rue, illus. by Sally Wern Comport, Mar.

Learn what it takes to be a STEM genius in these profiles of a dozen contemporary women who are on the cutting edge of scientific research. Ages 9-12.


Thrill Seekers: 15 Remarkable Women in Extreme Sports

Ann McCallum Staats, Mar.

The stories of a diverse selection of women in extreme and unique sports. Ages 12-up.

Girl Warriors: How 25 Young Activists Are Saving the Earth

Rachel Sarah, Apr.

Interviews with 25 eco-activist teens present a hopeful picture of the future of environmentalism. Ages 9-12.


Nia and the New Free Library

Ian Lendler, illus. by Mark Pett, June

A twist on the folktale Stone Soup, about the joy of books, the power of community, and the way even the biggest things can start with almost nothing at all. Ages 5-8.


Thirty Talks Weird Love

Alessandra Narváez Varela, Apr.

Set in Mexico during a femicide crisis in the ‘90s, this novel in verse follows 13-year-old Anamaria as she's visited by her 30-year-old self from the future. Ages 12-up.


Secrets of the Sea: The Story of Jeanne Power, Revolutionary Marine Scientist

Evan Griffith, illus. by Joanie Stone, Mar.

The curiosity, drive, and perseverance of the 19th-century woman scientist who pioneered the use of aquariums to study ocean life. Ages 6-9.


Women in Science: Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

Rachel Ignotofsky, June

A board book edition of the author’s Women in Science, with simpler text and signature illustrations to provide role models while inspiring a love of science. Ages up to 3.

Women in Sports: Fearless Athletes Who Played to Win

Rachel Ignotofsky, June

A board book edition of the author’s Women in Sports, with simpler text and signature illustrations to provide role models while inspiring a love of sports. Ages up to 3.


The Gilded Ones

Namina Forna, Feb.

The first in a West African-inspired, feminist fantasy series set in a world where girls are outcasts by blood, and warriors by choice. Ages 12-up.

Like Home

Louisa Onome, Feb.

A girl’s life is turned upside down after one local act of vandalism throws both her relationships and neighborhood into turmoil. Ages 12-up.

Rebel Daughter

Lori Banov Kaufmann, Feb.

A young woman survives the unthinkable in this tale of family, love, and resilience, set against the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. Ages 14-up.

Red Tigress

Amélie Wen Zhao, Mar.

This sequel to Blood Heir follows a princess hiding a dark secret and the con man she must trust to liberate her empire from a dark reign. Ages 14-up.

Soul Lanterns

Shaw Kuzki, Mar.

A Japanese girl's understanding of the historic and tragic bombing of Hiroshima is transformed by a memorial lantern-floating ceremony. Ages 10-up.


Tell Me My Name

Amy Reed, Mar.

A gender-flipped YA Great Gatsby about the cost of being a girl in a world that takes so much, and the enormity of what is regained when we take it back. Ages 14-up.


The Hill

Ali Bryan, Mar.

In a dark near-future where overconsumption and the climate crisis have come to a chaotic head, Wren is the newly chosen leader of a secret clan of girls taught to survive by their own wits. Ages 11-up.


G My Name Is Girl: A Song of Celebration from Argentina to Zambia

Dawn Masi, Feb.

A diverse alphabetic picture book celebrating girls around the world. Ages 3-7.


We Are the Ashes, We Are the Fire

Joy McCullough, Feb.

A girl struggles with guilt and a desire for revenge after her sister's rapist escapes with no prison time. Ages 14-up.


Before They Were Artists: Famous Illustrators as Kids

Elizabeth Haidle, Apr.

This graphic novel anthology brings to life the childhood experiences of beloved artists and illustrators, including three women artists. Ages 8-12.


Life in the Balance

Jen Petro-Roy, Feb.

Veronica struggles to balance softball, friends, and family turmoil in this middle-grade novel that tackles the issue of alcoholism. Ages 8-12.

The Mirror Season

Anna-Marie McLemore, Mar.

When two teens discover that they were both sexually assaulted at the same party, they develop a cautious friendship through her family’s possibly magical pastelería, his secret forest of otherworldly trees, and the swallows returning to their hometown. Ages 13-up.


Pepper Page Saves the Universe

Landry Walker, illus. by Eric Jones, Feb.

A futuristic superhero story about a shy comic book geek becoming her own superhero inspiration. Ages 8-12.

The Leak

Kate Reed Petty, illus. by Andrea Bell, Mar.

A middle-grade graphic novel about corruption, pollution, and freedom of the press, and the young journalist at the center of it all. Ages 8-12.

The Fifth Quarter

Mike Dawson, May

Inspired by the author’s daughter, a passionate basketball player is relegated to “the fifth quarter,” but with hard work and determination, gets better and more confident. Ages 8-12.


Tokyo Ever After

Emiko Jean, May

An ordinary Japanese-American girl discovers in her senior year of high school that her father is the Crown Prince of Japan. Ages 12-18.


Walking Toward Peace: The True Story of a Brave Woman Called Peace Pilgrim

Kathleen Krull, illus. by Annie Bowler, Mar.

The life story of Peace Pilgrim, a female activist and spiritual leader who sacrificed everything to travel on foot around America promoting peace. Ages 3-7.


There Goes Patti MGgee! The Story of the First Women's National Skateboard Champion

Tootie Nienow, illus. by Erika Medina, Feb.

A picture book biography of the first-ever professional female skateboarder and winner of the 1964 National Skateboard Championship for Women. Ages 4-8.



Manuela Santoni, May

Faced with an ailing father and an alcoholic brother, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë pursue independence through art in this graphic vision of the lives of three legendary writers. Ages 13-18.


Living the Confidence Code: Real Girls. Real Stories. Real Confidence.

Katty Kay, Claire Shipman, and JillEllyn Reilly, Feb.

Thirty true stories of real girls from all over the world, pursuing their passions, along the way figuring out how to build their own brand of confidence. Ages 8-12.

13 Things Strong Kids Do: Think Big, Feel Good, Act Brave

Amy Morin, illus. by Jennifer Naalchigar, Apr.

The author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do empowers tweens, teaching them how to think, feel, and act stronger than ever. Ages 8-12.

Finding Junie Kim

Ellen Oh, May

Inspired by her mother’s real-life experiences during the Korean War, the We Need Diverse Books cofounder creates a story of family, hope, and survival. Ages 8-12.

Maybe Maybe Marisol Rainey

Erin Entrada Kelly, May

An illustrated novel about summer, friendship, and overcoming fears. Ages 8-12.


Reem Faruqi, May

An #OwnVoices immigration story following a girl who moves from Karachi, Pakistan to Peachtree City, Ga., and must find her footing in a new world. Ages 8-12.

Sharice’s Big Voice: A Native Kid Becomes a Congresswoman

Sharice Davids and Nancy K. Mays, illus. by Joshua Mangeshig Pawis-Steckley, June

The story of Sharice Davids, one of the first Native American women elected to Congress, and the first LGBTQ congressperson to represent Kansas. Ages 4-8.


An Equal Shot: How the Law Title IX Changed America

Helaine Becker, illus. by Dow Phumiruk, Feb.

A picture book introduction to the history and importance of the Title IX civil rights legislation. Ages 4-8.

Lady Bird Johnson, That’s Who! The Story of a Cleaner and Greener America

Tracy Nelson Maurer, illus. by Ginnie Hsu, Feb.

A picture book biography of Lady Bird Johnson, focusing on her environmentalist passion and legacy as First Lady. Ages 5-9.

Latinitas: Celebrating 40 Big Dreamers

Juliet Menéndez, Feb.

A collection of short biographies, spotlighting how 40 influential Latinas from Latin America and the United States became the women we celebrate today. Ages 8-12.

Game, Set, Sisters! The Story of Venus and Serena Williams

Jay Leslie, illus. by Ebony Glenn, Mar.

A picture book biography about the Williams sisters, admired for both their athletic prowess and their advocacy. Ages 6-10.

Sarah and the Big Wave

Bonnie Tsui, illus. by Sophie Diao, May

A picture book biography of Sarah Gerhardt, one of the first female big-wave surfers. Ages 4-8.


Sunrise Summer

Matthew Swanson, illus. by Robbi Behr, Apr.

In her family’s Alaskan expeditions, a girl has her first taste of independence and responsibility as her role changes. Ages 4-7.


This Golden Flame

Emily Victoria, Feb.

Asexual Karis, a servant to the mysterious Scriptorium, accidentally awakens long-dormant automaton Alix, initiating an adventure full of magic, rebellion, and finding where you truly belong. Ages 13-up.

These Feathered Flames

Alexandra Overy, Apr.

In this queer #OwnVoices retelling of the Russian folktale The Firebird, the princesses learn what their roles entail, who they can trust, who they can love—and who killed their mother. Ages 13-up.



Sihle Nontshokweni and Mathabo Tlali, illus. by Chantelle and Burgen Thorne, Mar.

A South African girl learns to appreciate that her hair is a crown, not a burden, and is something to be proud of. Ages 3-8.

Planting Peace: The Story of Wangari Maathai

Gwendolyn Hooks, illus. by Margaux Carpentier, May

The story of the women’s rights activist, one of the first environmental warriors, and the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Ages 7-up.


American Betiya

Anuradha D. Rajurkar, Mar.

A young artist grapples with first love, family boundaries and the complications of a cross-cultural relationship. Ages 12-up.

Off the Record

Camryn Garrett, May

The behind-the-scenes access of Almost Famous meets the searing revelations of #MeToo in this story of a teen journalist who uncovers the scandal of the decade. Ages 14-up.

Becoming Vanessa

Vanessa Brantley-Newton, June

Vanessa wants to blend in, with a simple name like the other girls—until her mother tells her the meaning behind her name. Ages 3-6.

The Cardboard Kingdom #2: Roar of the Beast

Chad Sell, June

This sequel to The Cardboard Kingdom follows the kids as they solve the mystery of a new neighborhood monster. Ages 9-12.

Stranger Things: Rebel Robin

A.R. Capetta, June

A coming-of-age story set in the 1980s about one girl's realization that the only person she needs to be accepted by is herself. Ages 14-up.

Unbound: The Life and Art of Judith Scott

Joyce Scott and Brie Spangler, illus. by Melissa Sweet, June

An introduction to the life and art of the renowned artist born with Down syndrome, was deaf, and never learned to speak—as told by her twin sister. Ages 4-8.


Fatima's Great Outdoors

Ambreen Tariq, illus. by Stevie Lewis, Mar.

An immigrant family embarks on theirITS? first camping trip in the Midwest in this picture book debut by the outdoors activist and founder of @BrownPeopleCamping. Ages 4-8.

Laxmi’s Mooch

Shelly Anand, illus. by Nabi H. Ali, Mar.

A body-positive picture book about an Indian-American girl's journey to accept her body hair and celebrate her heritage after being teased about her mustache. Ages 4-8.

The Legend of Auntie Po

Shing Yin Khor, June

While she works in a Sierra Nevada logging camp in 1885, 13-year-old Mei reimagines the myths of Paul Bunyan as starring a Chinese heroine. Ages 10-14.

Samira Surfs

Rukhsanna Guidroz, illus. by Fahmida Azim, June

A middle grade novel-in-verse about an 11-year-old Rohingya refugee living in Bangladesh, who finds peace and empowerment in a local surf club for girls. Ages 8-12.


Fierce as the Wind

Tara Wilson Redd, June

Heartbreak pushes a Hawaiian girl to find her strongest self. Ages 12-up.


Osnat and Her Dove: The True Story of the First Female Rabbi

Sigal Samuel, illus. by Vali Mintzi, Feb.

Five hundred years ago, in a time when few believed that girls should learn to read, Osnat convinced her scholar father to teach her to read, and grew up to teach others, becoming a wise scholar in her own right—the world's first female rabbi. Ages 4-8.

Dawn Raid

Pauline Vaeluaga Smith, Mar.

Told through 12-year-old Sofia's diary entries, how one ordinary New Zealand girl learned how to stand up and fight. Ages 8-12.

The Stolen Prince of Cloudburst

Jaclyn Moriarty, Mar.

How can Esther, who is not talented like her sisters nor an adventurer like her cousin, save her family, her school and possibly her entire world. Ages 10-up.


Sarah Moon, Apr.

Eli and Anna are used to telling lies as a means of survival, but as they navigate a world without their mother, they must learn how to accept help, and let other people in. Ages 8-12.


Megan Rapinoe

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, illus. by Paulina Morgan, Feb.

Part of the Little People, Big Dreams Series, about the life of the world record–breaking soccer player and activist. Ages 4-7.

Mary Anning

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, illus. by Popy Matigot, Mar.

Part of the Little People, Big Dreams Series, about the life of the woman considered the mother of paleontology. Ages 4-7.

Malala Yousafzai

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, illus. by Manal Mirza, Mar.

Part of the Little People, Big Dreams Series, about the life of the activist for girls' education. Ages 4-7.

This Book Is Feminist: An Intersectional Primer for Feminists in Training

Jamia Wilson, illus. by Aurelia Durand, July

The author, director of the Feminist Press, explores the history and meaning of the feminist movement through 15 reasons why feminism improves life for everyone. Ages 10-14.


Ambitious Girl

Meena Harris, illus. by Marissa Valdez, Feb.

When a girl sees a strong woman on TV labeled as “too assertive,” it sends her on a journey of discovery through past, present, and future about the challenges faced by women and girls and the ways in which they can reframe, redefine, and reclaim words meant to knock them down. Ages 4-8.

The Fearless Flights of Hazel Ying Lee

Julie Leung, illus. by Julie Kwon, Feb.

A picture book biography of the first Chinese-American woman to fly for the U.S. military in the Women Airforce Service Pilots during World War II. Ages 4-8.

Michelle’s Garden: How the First Lady Planted Seeds of Change

Sharee Miller, Mar.

How Michelle Obama gathered the help of local students, the White House staff, and even President Barack Obama, to not only grow a garden, but inspire a nation. Ages 4-8.

We Are Displaced: My Journey and Stories from Refugee Girls Around the World

Malala Yousafzai, Mar.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner introduces the girls and women—herself included—behind the statistics and news stories about the millions of people displaced worldwide. Ages 14-up.

Parks & Recreation: Leslie for Class President

Robb Pearlman, illus. by Melanie Demmer, June

Will Leslie be able to keep her big campaign promises and become the best class president Pawnee Elementary has ever seen? Ages 4-8.

Margie Kelly Breaks the Dress Code

Bridget Farr, July

One girl’s fight against gender inequality at her middle school and the lessons about her own privilege and intersectionality that she learns along the way. Ages 8-12.


Brave Adventures, Little Girl

Iresha Herath, June

Can Anika’s grandfather help her overcome the fear she sometimes feels when trying new things? Ages 3-5.


Classified: The Secret Career of Mary Golda Ross, Cherokee Aerospace Engineer

Traci Sorell, illus. by Natasha Donovan, Mar.

How a passion for math and the Cherokee values she was raised with shaped the life and work of the woman who designed classified airplanes and spacecraft as Lockheed Aircraft Corporation's first female engineer. Ages 7-11.


Girl Haven

Lilah Sturges, illus. by Meaghan Carter, lettered by Joamette Gil, Feb.

Follow seventh-grader Ash as they find themselves stuck in a girl-only fantasy land and have to face the truth about why, if no boys are allowed, is Ash there. Ages 10-up.


Brenna Thummler, Mar.

This sequel to Sheets follows Marjorie as she must decide if being part of the popular group is what she wants after all. Ages 10-up

Martian Ghost Centaur

Mat Heagerty and Steph Mided, Mar.

What happens when gentrification meets small hometown as Louie is forced to face hard truths about her favorite place in the world, and take matters into her own hands even as the world's expectations of her come bearing down. Ages 12-up.

The Tea Dragon Tapestry

K. O'Neill, June

The finale to the Tea Dragon Society series follows Greta and Minette as they are forced to decide what they truly want, even if it means questioning everything they thought they'd left behind. Ages 9-12.


Standing on Her Shoulders

Monica Clark-Robinson, illus. by Laura Freeman, Feb.

Encourages girls to learn about the trailblazing women who laid the path for their own lives, and empowers them to become role models themselves. Ages 4-8.


Princesses Can Fix It!

Tracy Marchini, illus. by Julia Christians, May

Three princesses take on their castle’s alligator problem in this STEAM-focused take on the classic tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Ages 4-8.



Lisa Fipps, Mar.

In her swimming pool, Ellie feels weightless in a fat-obsessed world, can stretch herself out like a starfish, and can take up all the room she wants. Can she cast aside the Fat Girl Rules and starfish in real life—by unapologetically being her own fabulous self? Ages 10-up.


She Persisted: Claudette Colvin

Lesa Cline-Ransome and Chelsea Clinton, illus. by Alexandra Boiger and Gillian Flint, Feb.

Before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Ala., 15-year-old Claudette Colvin made the same choice, and in doing so, fought for equality, fairness, and justice. The first in a chapter book series inspired by Chelsea Clinton’s She Persisted. Ages 6-9.

She Persisted: Sally Ride

Atia Abawi and Chelsea Clinton, illus. by Alexandra Boiger and Gillian Flint, Mar.

After leaving NASA, Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, created science and engineering programs to help other girls and women make their dreams come true. Ages 6-9.

She Persisted: Virginia Apgar

Sayantani DasGupta and Chelsea Clinton, illus. by Alexandra Boiger and Gillian Flint, Apr.

After a medical school professor discouraged Virginia Apgar from becoming a surgeon, she became an anesthesiologist instead and created the Apgar test to check the health of newborn babies—a test that's still used in hospitals across the world today. Ages 6-9.

She Persisted: Nellie Bly

Michelle Knudsen and Chelsea Clinton, illus. by Alexandra Boiger and Gillian Flint, May

How journalist Nellie Bly, one of the first-ever investigative reporters, went undercover to expose wrongdoing and raced around the world so she could write about the experience for her newspaper. Ages 6-9.

She Persisted: Florence Griffith Joyner

Rita Williams-Garcia and Chelsea Clinton, illus. by Alexandra Boiger and Gillian Flint, June

A chapter book biography of Florence Griffith Joyner (aka Flo Jo), considered the fastest woman of all time, who set two world records in 1988 that still stand today. Ages 6-9.

She Persisted: Sonia Sotomayor

Meg Medina and Chelsea Clinton, illus. by Alexandra Boiger and Gillian Flint, June

How Sonia Sotomayor overcame many challenges on the way to becoming the country’s first Latina Supreme Court Justice. Ages 6-9.


Girl Stuff

Lisi Harrison, Feb.

The bestselling author of The Clique returns with a series where girls help each other tackle issues of friendship, crushes, and new experiences. Ages 10-up.

Treasure of the World

Tara Sullivan, Feb.

A girl must find a way to help her family survive in a desolate and impoverished Bolivian silver mining community. Ages 10-up.

Saving American Beach

Heidi Tyline King, illus. by Ekua Holmes, Apr.

A picture book biography of MaVynee Betsch, an African American opera singer turned environmentalist. Ages 4-8.

Some Girls Do

Jennifer Dugan, May

In this YA contemporary queer romance from the author of Hot Dog Girl, an openly gay track star falls for a closeted, bisexual teen beauty queen with a penchant for fixing old cars. Ages 12-up.


Let’s Talk About It: The Teen’s Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a Human

Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, Mar.

A comprehensive guide, in graphic novel form, covering relationships, friendships, gender, sexuality, anatomy, body image, safe sex, sexting, jealousy, rejection, sex education, and more. Ages 14-up.


Areli Is a Dreamer: A True Story by Areli Morales, a DACA Recipient

Areli Morales, illus. by Luisa Uribe, June

A DACA dreamer tells her own powerful immigration story. Ages 4-8.

Indelible Ann: The Larger-Than-Life Story of Governor Ann Richards

Meghan P. Browne, illus. by Carlynn Whitt, June

A picture book biography of Ann Richards, the late governor of Texas who was inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt and in turn became an inspiration to Hillary Clinton and countless other women in politics today. Ages 4-8.

Isobel Adds It Up

Kristy Everington, illus. by Agstet Ford, June

Isobel is a math-loving problem-solver, but trying to figure out who is causing all the noise next door is one problem she can't quite work out–yet. Ages 3-7.


Rebel Girls Lead: 25 Tales of Powerful Women

Rebel Girls, Jan.

Celebrates the inspiring stories of 25 women leaders in politics, business, sports, activism, and more, written in fairy tale form and illustrated by female artists from around the world. Ages 6-9.


We Got Game! 35 Female Athletes Who Changed the World

Aileen Weintraub, May

Meet 35 female athletes who played hard, broke records, and inspired girls around the world and throughout history. Ages 8-up.


Girls with Rebel Souls

Suzanne Young, Mar.

The girls make their final stand in this third and final novel in the near-future series about a girls-only private school that is far more than it appears to be. Ages 14-up.



Tami Charles, Feb.

Inspired by true events, an exploration of the dark side of the music industry, the business of exploitation, how a girl's dreams can be used against her—and what it takes to fight back. Ages 12-up.

I Am Defiance: A Novel of WWII

Jenni L. Walsh, Feb.

A gripping story about a real-life youth resistance group in WWII Germany, and about the power of thinking for yourself in the fight against hatred. Ages 8-12.

The Poetry of Secrets

Cambria Gordon, Feb.

A love story about identity, religious intolerance, and female empowerment, set against the harrowing backdrop of the Spanish Inquisition. Ages 12-up.

The Vanished

Nic Stone, Feb.

When Shuri, the Princess of Wakanda (and sister to the Black Panther), hears of exceptionally talented girls across the world going missing, she is determined not to let them be forgotten. Ages 8-12.

You Are Enough: A Book About Inclusion

Margaret O'Hair and Sofia Sanchez, illus. by Sofia Cardoso, Mar.

Sanchez, an 11-year-old model and actress with Down syndrome, reminds readers how important it is to embrace your differences, be confident, and be proud of who you are. Ages 4-8.

The Little Blue Bridge

Brenda Maier, illus. by Sonia Sánchez, Apr.

The heroine from The Little Red Fort returns in this spin on The Three Billy Goats Gruff, weaving folklore, feminism, STEM, and a Latinx cast into a read-aloud that celebrates creativity and building bridges of friendship and community. Ages 4-8.

You’ve Got This! (Popsugar)

Jessica MacLeish, June

A creativity workbook offering activities and prompts to encourage kindness, self-confidence, and the importance of friendship. Ages 9-12.


Shirley Chisholm Dared: The Story of the First Black Woman in Congress

Alicia D. Williams, illus. by April Harrison, June

The inspiring story of the first Black woman elected to Congress and to run for president. Ages 4-8.



McCall Hoyle, Mar.

A former service beagle named Stella must find the courage to overcome her fears and use her special nose to save a girl’s life. Ages 8-11.

Strong Like the Sea

Wendy S. Swore, May

Twelve-year-old Hawaiian-born Alexis is afraid of the ocean—but now she’ll need to overcome her fear to help save her new friend. Ages 8-11.


Headstrong Hallie! The Story of Hallie Morse Daggett, the First Female “Fire Guard”

Aimee Bissonette, illus. by David Hohn, Feb.

Hallie Morse Daggett grew up loving nature, and was willing to defy conventional gender roles in order to protect her beloved forests; she became the first female “fire guard” to be hired by the U.S. Forest Service. Ages 6-9.

June Almeida, Virus Detective! The Woman Who Discovered the First Human Coronavirus

Suzanne Slade, illus. by Elisa Paganelli, Mar.

A picture book biography exploring the origins of the human coronavirus by examining the life of the woman who first discovered it. Ages 6-9.


Celestina the Astronaut Ballerina

Donald Jacobsen, Mar.

Celestina is a little girl with a big dream—but can she overcome peer pressure and bullying to accomplish her astral ambition? Ages 2-7.


Whole Girl: Live Vibrantly, Love Your Entire Self, and Make Friends with Food

Sadie Radinsky, Feb

The teenage blogger and recipe creator shares insights, practices, and delicious treat recipes to help young women love themselves exactly as they are. Ages 14-up.


It’s Her Story: Dolly Parton

Emily Skwish, illus. by Lidia Fernandez, July.

Continues the It’s Her Story graphic novel series by spotlighting country music star Dolly Parton, who has become a successful businesswoman, actress, and philanthropist. Ages 7-10.

It’s Her Story: Ida B. Wells

Anastasia Magloire Williams, illus. by Alleanna Harris, July.

Continues the It’s Her Story graphic novel series by spotlighting Ida B. Wells, born into slavery and freed by the Emancipation Proclamation, who was an American journalist, educator, and an early leader in the Civil Rights Movement. Ages 7-10.


The Stolen Kingdom

Jillian Boehme, Mar.

Vintner’s daughter Maralyth has no idea that her hidden magic is proof of a secret bloodline. Ages 13-18.

Victories Greater Than Death

Charlie Jane Anders, Apr.

In this YA space opera, Tina and her ragtag crew of friends and the Royal fleet are with her to save all the worlds—but first she will have to save herself. Ages 13-18.

A Chorus Rises

Bethany Morrow, June

Naema navigates a personal and public reckoning, confronting the evolving nature of popularity in a society that chooses “exceptions” and rewards “model minorities.” Ages 13-18.


Susan Dennard, June

As villains from legend reawaken across the Witchlands, Iseult must summon a magic more dangerous than anything she has faced before to heal the land. Ages 13-18.

The Queen Will Betray You

Sarah Henning, July

The sequel to The Princess Will Save You continues the gender-swapped Princess Bride-esque adventure. Ages 13-18.


Your Mama

NoNieqa Ramos, illus. by Jacqueline Alcántara, Apr.

A mix of Spanish and English twists the old “yo’ mama” joke into a point of pride that honors the love, hard work, and dedication of mamas everywhere. Ages 4-7.


The Case of the Missing Cheetah

Veronica Mang, Mar.

The first in the new Secret Spy Society series about three sleuthing girls and some of the most enigmatic women in history who worked as spies. Ages 5-9.

From Little Tokyo, with Love

Sarah Kuhn, May

Biracial Rika's search for a storybook ending takes her to unexpected places in both her beloved L.A. neighborhood and her own guarded heart. Ages 14-up.


A Gentle Tyranny

Jess Corban, Mar.

When 17-year-old Reina is selected as a candidate to become Nedé’s ninth Matriarch, she discovers their women’s Eden has come at a cost she’s not sure she’s willing to pay. Ages 13-up.


Revenge of the Sluts

Natalie Walton, Feb.

Lead high school reporter Eden and seven young women band together to find who anonymously emailed intimate pictures of them to the entire school. Ages 14-17.


Summer of Brave

Amy Noelle Parks, Mar.

A novel about honesty and speaking up, that tackles preteen experiences with academic pressure, first crushes, parental divorce, and sexual harassment. Ages 9-12.

Listening to the Stars

Jodie Parachini, Apr.

This picture book biography of Jocelyn Bell Burnell, the woman astrophysicist who discovered pulsars, joins the She Made History series. Ages 4-8.

Shaped by Her Hands

Anna Harber Freeman and Barbara Gonzales, Apr.

The untold story of Maria Povika Martinez, the most renowned Native American Indian potter of her time, co-written by her great-granddaughter. Ages 4-8.


You Don’t Have to Be Everything: Poems for Girls Becoming Themselves

Diana Whitney, Mar.

An illustrated anthology by diverse poets grappling with questions of gender, sexuality, harassment, and pain while celebrating beauty, risk, and making mistakes. Ages 12-18.


#MeToo and You: Everything You Need to Know about Consent, Boundaries, and More

Halley Bondy, Feb.

Detailed scenarios, both real and hypothetical, provide valuable examples of what's acceptable and what is not, along with tools to help everyone treat others appropriately and to stand up for themselves and their peers. Ages 11-up.


Big, Bold, and Beautiful: Owning the Woman God Made You to Be

Kierra Sheard, Apr.

Part of the legendary gospel family the Clark Sisters breaks down hard-won lessons on body positivity, self-care and goal setting. Ages 13-up.