The sun, moon, and stars have always spoken to the spiritual imagination. Books that guide interpretation of the meaning and movements of heavenly bodies are a staple of the mind-body-spirit category. Below is a sampling of upcoming titles that publishers are highlighting and their descriptions.

Adams Media offers The Astrology Journal: A Celestial Guide to Recording Your Cosmic Journey (Aug.) by astrologer, teacher, and podcaster Mecca Woods. It features beginner-friendly basics for people starting or just developing their “completely customized celestial grimoire.”

Castle Point Books’ two star titles veer from serious to smart-aleck. In Astrology for Life: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Wisdom in the Stars (Nov.), the publisher says, lifestyle writer Nina Kahn offers a deep dive into star-smarts geared toward teaching how to “step up your career game, find love, take better care of yourself, crush your goals, and live your most magical life.” And Amelia Wood—“a Gemini who gets sh*t done”—takes the sassy path with What’s Your F*cking Sign: Sweary Astrology for You and Me (Nov.), for readers who want to understand the behavior of the people in their life by learning their “cosmic DNA.”

St. Martin’s Essentials has two upcoming titles: The Complete Book of Astrology (Feb. 2022) by retired professional astrologer Ada Aubin and writer June Rifkin, walks newbies through the basics of the sun sign, and how the planets’ interaction at the moment of birth can impact one’s life, character, and potential, and This Is Your Destiny Using Astrology to Manifest Your Best Life (Sept.) by Cosmopolitan resident astrologer Aliza Kelly strives to lead people from learning their horoscopes toward finding self-actualization.

Sirius, an imprint of Arcturus Publishing, launches the Arcturus Astrology Library series in January with 12 titles—one for each sign of the zodiac. It’s written as a collaboration between bestselling astrology authors Marion Williamson and Pam Carruthers who provide a deep dive into all the insights on life, love, career, and more that readers can learn from their signs and birth charts.

Sterling Publishing has a novel take in Dirtbag Astrology (Mar.), by caustic online astrology guide Alberto “Alby” Toribo, whose @gnarlyastrology Instagram account has more than 180,000 followers. He promises a “degenerate handbook” full of hard truths, horrible insights, and plenty of laughs as you peruse the sun signs.

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