In the September Bloomsbury Sport release The Power of Yoga for Men, yoga teacher Caleb Jude Packham and wellness coach Jarod Chapman speak to a swath of readers who may not think the practice is for them. “Yoga titles are usually written by women, and packaged for women,” says Charlotte Croft, editorial director at the imprint. “It’s the authors’ mission to get men on the mat. We recoil at anything that suggests that men might want to take care of themselves. The book gives encouragement and permission to explore, and take time to sit on a mat. A lot of men worry what will happen if they take that time to pause.”

Packham and Chapman’s title joins others that address restrictive notions of masculinity and promote health in an expansive and inclusive way.

The Manhood Rx

Arthur Burnett. Rowman & Littlefield, Nov.

Burnett, a Johns Hopkins professor of urology and oncology, delivers an evidence-based guide to sexual health that identifies specific functional problems and their underlying causes, and offers potential medical or therapeutic interventions. His tone is encouraging and motivating as he asks men to seek help for sexual performance issues, which, he notes, they are often reluctant to do.

The Power of Yoga for Men

Caleb Jude Packham and Jarod Chapman. Bloomsbury Sport, Sept.

Two yoga experts dispel that notion that yoga is just for women or the flexible or the fit in this beginner’s guide to developing a home practice. The book includes 60 basic poses, each demonstrated by a diversity of models, and stresses the mental health benefits of yoga as a balm for anxiety and depression or a means to cope with big emotions.

The Transmasculine Guide to Physical Transition

Sage Buch. Microcosm, Oct.

Trans activist Buch draws on their own experiences in this detailed handbook for trans men, transmasculine people, and nonbinary people. They cover all aspects of medical transition, including hormone therapy and top and bottom surgery, and nonmedical interventions such as chest binding. An accompanying workbook, The Transmasculine Guide to Physical Transition Workbook, is planned for December.

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