Every year brings new titles—and fresh approaches—to the eternally popular topic of astrology, and 2022 is no exception.

Weiser Books offers Twist Your Fate: Manifest Success with Astrology and Tarot by Theresa Reed, known online as the Tarot Lady (out now). Drawing on these two major subjects of mind-body-spirit publishing will “give readers the tools and the encouragement to take their fate into their own hands,” says associate publisher Peter Turner. And if you need help managing that cosmic handful, Watkins Publishing’s newest edition of its annual series, The Astrology Diary 2023 by Ana Leo (out now), will help readers “keep their life in sync with the universe” with life-coaching tools and tips each week, says editor Lucy Carroll.

There are books on the way that take the message of the stars very seriously, while others strike a decidedly lighter approach. Inner Traditions’ The Nature of Astrology: History, Philosophy, and the Science of Self-Organizing Systems by author and astrological consultant Bruce Scofield (Dec.) tracks scientific studies on the effects of the Earth’s rotation, the Sun, the Moon, the rhythms of light, gravity, magnetism, and solar radiation on life on Earth. On the flip side, there’s Sterling Ethos’ Dirtbag Astrology: Sign-by-Sign No-Filter Cosmic Truths by Alberto Toribo, known for @gnarlyastrology on Instagram (out now), whose publisher promises it will help you “get laid and destroy your enemies.” It’s a “caustic guide to the cosmos,” says editor Kate Zimmerman.

As always, readers can look to astrology in their search for empowerment, love, and wealth. Here are a sampling of forthcoming titles.

Astrology Magick by Lindsay Squire (Leaping Hare, Oct.), an author who also posts at @thewitchoftheforest on Instagram, connects astrology and witchcraft to show how the combo can “soothe 21st-century anxiety, and how you can use it as a tool for empowerment.”

Running Press goes for luck and love with two titles: The Chinese Zodiac: And Other Paths to Luck, Riches & Prosperity by creative writing professor Aaron Hwang (Dec.) is an illustrated introduction to Eastern astrology with sidebars on Chinese culture and mythology. For those seeking their soul mate, astrologer Dossé-Via Trenou brings Signs & Skymates: The Ultimate Guide to Astrological Compatibility (Dec.). She “draws on Yoruba spirituality and her West African heritage to offer a depth of insight that makes her book truly stand out. Highlighting that diversity of creator experience is something we are excited about across our list,” says executive editor Shannon Fabricant.

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