Some seekers want more than a yoga mat and a bit of quiet to revitalize mind, body, and spirit. They seek accessories to help access their magic moments or soothing thoughts. And publishers oblige with guides to such products, including crystals, plants, and even paint.

Harper Wave’s Journeying Through the Invisible: The Craft of Healing with, and Beyond, Sacred Plants, as Told by a Peruvian Medicine Man (out now) is by an expert in ayahuasca—a plant-based psychedelic brew used in ceremonies and spiritual moments. Author Jorges Hachumak “takes readers on his journey of becoming a shaman and explains how a well-crafted ayahuasca ceremony unfolds,” according to the publisher.

Sterling Ethos executive editor Kate Zimmerman describes how its title Healing Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to Positive Vibes (Aug.) gives advice on paint colors, scents, crystals, and plants. The suggestions are “perfect if you want to effortlessly increase your vitality, calm your anxious kids at night, or even add a little romance to the bedroom—swing your bed around so it’s facing north, and then thank author Amy Leigh Mercree later!” Zimmerman quips.

Releasing on August 30, Fair Winds Press’s The Ultimate Guide to Crystals: The Beginner’s Guide to the Healing Energy of 100 Crystals and Stones by crystal practitioner Rachel Hancock teaches all the ways stones can be used in witchcraft, meditation, feng shui, reiki, and other practices. Hancock aims the guide at beginners, with profiles of the energies each stone offers.

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