International bestselling thriller writer Karin Slaughter is launching a new graphic novel imprint at Oni Press, starting with her own The Recidivists, slated to appear in spring 2009. The Slaughterhouse line will feature original comic books and graphic novels written by established prose writers.

Slaughter, who has more than five million books in print worldwide, is a longtime comics fan, said Oni publisher Joe Nozemack. During discussions with Oni about publishing her own graphic novel, it became apparent that she had access to other prose fiction writers who would be interested in creating original works for the graphic novel format, and Slaughterhouse was born. Oni previously had success introducing mystery writer Greg Rucka's comics work, including the thriller Whiteout and the spy series Queen and Country.

Beyond Reach
is out this month from Delacorte, and continues Slaughter’s bestselling Grant County series, known for its disturbing violence and flawed characters. The Recidivists is a dark speculative fiction that takes place in a grim future, in three overlapping narratives. In a statement, Slaughter said, "Graphic novels let you take risks that just wouldn't fly in the conventional book form. Visual storytelling is at once immediate and subversive."

Oni is known for having one of the most eclectic lines in comics, from Whiteout to the pop culture—fueled comedy of Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim Books, the romantic comedy 12 Reasons Why I Love Her to the Tek Janson comic based on Stephen Colbert's ongoing SF alter ego. The Recidivists and the rest of the Slaughterhouse line are expanding into an even wider territory. "Our whole line is based on the personal taste of the people who work here," said Nozemack. "We don't have a mandate or vision or style. We just look for stuff with great stories, great characters and great creators. "

This story mix has given the publisher's line an increasing level of attention in Hollywood: a Whiteout movie starring Kate Beckinsale hits theaters later this year, and a Scott Pilgrim movie is moving along with director Edgar Wright. Several new film deals will be announced at this week's San Diego Comic-con. "We're in a unique position with the diversity of our catalogue," said Nozemack. "It's open to a much wider audience than a lot of other stuff in the comics medium. We've always said we may not be mainstream for comics, but we're mainstream for the real world."

Oni will reveal further details on Slaughterhouse releases at next year's New York Comic-con.