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Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10 ($13.95) by Ami Rubinger. Dogs introduce numbers, counting, and rhyming. (3-5)

Flip-o-storic ($15.95) by Sara Ball. Readers turn flaps to create prehistoric beasts. (3-5)


Count 1 to 10: A Pop-Up Book ($15.95) by Kees Moerbeek presents the concept of counting. (All ages)

Blue Ribbon Dad ($14.95) by Beth Raisner Glass, illus. by Margie Moore. Thinking about the special things he does with his dad, a boy makes him a present. (3-7)

The Jellybeans and the Big Camp Kickoff ($16.95) by Laura Numeroff, illus. by Lyn Munsinger. The third in the series allows the girls to demonstrate their individual talents at summer camp. (3-7)

Chicken Butt’s Back! ($12.95) by Erica S. Perl, illus. by Henry Cole. This sequel to Chicken Butt! cracks jokes using homonyms and homophones. (3-up)

A Mango in the Hand: A Story Told Through Proverbs ($16.95) by Antonio Sacre, illus. by Sebastià Serra. A Latino boy solves the problems he encounters while gathering mangoes for dinner. (4-8)

Monkey See, Monkey Draw ($16.95) by Alex Beard. Monkeys overcome their fears and discover their artistic talents. (4-8)

The Boy Who Bit Picasso ($16.95) by Anthony Penrose. The author recalls his relationship with family friend Pablo Picasso. (4-8)

The Crows of Pear Blossom ($16.95) by Aldous Huxley, illus. by Sophie Blackall. In this tale written in 1944, two crows and an owl outsmart a greedy rattlesnake. (4-8)

The Ugly Dinosaur ($16.95) by Cheryl Bardoe, illus. by Doug Kennedy. This take on The Ugly Duckling includes facts about dinosaurs. (4-8)

To Market, to Market ($17.95) by Nikki McClure. A boy and his mother go to the weekly farmers’ market. (4-8)

Waddles ($15.95) by David McPhail. A raccoon worries about what will happen when his duck friend and her family fly south for the winter. (4-8)

Diego Rivera: His World and Ours ($16.95) by Duncan Tonatiuh portrays Rivera as a mischievous boy. (5-9)

The Quite Contrary Man: A True American Tale ($16.95) by Patricia Rusch Hyatt, illus. by Kathryn Brown, tells of Joseph Palmer, a 19th-century New Englander who lived by his own code. (5-9)

Spot It Again! ($14.95) by Delphine Chedru is a lift-the-flap, seek-and-find book containing hidden creatures. (6-up)

Nurse, Soldier, Spy: The Story of Sarah Edmunds, A Civil War Hero ($18.95) by Marissa Moss, illus. by John Hendrix, spotlights this teen, who disguised herself as a man to fight and spy during this war. (8-12)

Buried Treasures ($19.95) by Stéphanie Compoint. Archeologists search for traces of lost civilizations and ancient animals. (9-up)


Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie ($14.95) by Julie Steinberg, illus. by Matthew Cordell. A girl copes with the loss of her beloved babysitter, who has moved away. (8-10)

Horton Halfpott: Or, The Fiendish Mystery of Smugwick Manor; Or, The Loosening of M’Lady Luggertuck’s Corset ($14.95) by Tom Angleberger. A precious family heirloom goes missing when a corset is loosened for the first time. (8-12)

One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street ($16.95) by Joanne Rocklin. Kids uncover the secrets of a stranger and an old orange tree. (8-12)

The Dragon of Cripple Creek ($16.95) by Troy Howell. When an ancient dragon helps a girl find her way out of a gold mine, she greedily takes some gold with her. (8-12)

Between Two Ends ($16.95) by David Ward. Pirate bookends help a boy who discovers that his father’s friend is lost in the pages of The Arabian Nights. (8-12)

The Popularity Papers, Book Two: The Long-Distance Dispatch ($15.95) by Amy Ignatow. Two best friends keep in touch via their notebook when one moves to London. (9-13)

The Secret of Rover ($16.95) by Rachel Wildavsky. Twins attempt to outwit a team of insurgents holding their family captive in a foreign land. (10-14)

Elf Realm: The Road’s End ($18.95) by Daniel Kirk concludes the Elf Realm trilogy. (12-up)

Page by Paige ($18.95, paper $9.95) by Laura Lee Gulledge. In the pages of her sketchbook, a girl tries to make sense of her new life in New York City. (12-up)

Poem in Your Pocket for Young Poets ($12.95), selected by Bruno Navasky, in association with the Academy of American Poets. Perforated pages enable readers to tear out poems to carry with them. (12-up)

Shine ($16.95) by Lauren Myracle is a mystery involving the secrets of a small Southern community. (14-up)

The Kissing Game ($16.95) by Aidan Chambers contains short stories about young adults who experience life-defining moments. (14-up)

Paperback Series

Manga Shakespeare adds Twelfth Night, adapted by Richard Appignanesi, illus. by Nana Li; and The Merchant of Venice, adapted by Appignanesi, illus. by Faye Yong ($10.95 each, 12-up).


Big Top Benn ($14.95) by David McKee. First published 40 years ago, this is the story of a man who is transported into a circus world. (3-8)

The Book with a Hole ($14.50) by Hervé Tullet reveals various things a hole can become. (3-8)

When I Was Born ($10.95) by Isabel Monhós Martins, illus. by Madalena Matoso, celebrates discovering the richness and delight of life for the first time. (3-8)


Rapunzel ($16.99) by Sarah Gibb presents this Brothers Grimm classic. (All ages)

Hoppy Passover! ($15.99) by Linda Glaser, illus. by Daniel Howarth. A bunny family celebrates this holiday. (2-5)

Look Who’s There! and What Do You See? ($8.99 each) by Martine Perrin, trans. by Marianne Martens. These die-cut board books feature hidden creatures. (3-5)

Monsters, Mind Your Manners! ($15.99) by Elizabeth Spurr, illus. by Simon Scales, reveals the behavior of rude monsters. (3-7)

Doodleday ($16.99) by Ross Collins. On Doodleday, Harvey’s mother announces that there’s no drawing allowed. (3-8)

Paul Bunyan vs. Hals Halson: The Giant Lumberjack Challenge! by Teresa Bateman, illus. by C.B. Canga. Another giant lumberjack challenges Bunyan to a fight. (4-8)

The Really Groovy Story of the Tortoise and the Hare ($16.99) by Kristyn Crow, illus. by Christina Forshay, offers a hip-hop retelling of this tale. (4-8)

The Three Bully Goats ($16.99) by Leslie Kimmelman, illus. by Will Terry. Three goats bully their way across a bridge. (4-8)

Princess Kim and Too Much Truth ($16.99) by Maryann Cocca-Leffler. Kim always tells the truth, until she learns what too much truth can do. (6-9)

The Goodbye Cancer Garden ($16.99) by Janna Matthies, illus. by Kristi Valiant. A family watches its garden grow as mother’s cancer treatment progresses. (6-10)

You’re Mean, Lily Jean! ($16.99) by Frieda Wishinsky, illus. by Kady MacDonald Denton. A girl teaches a bullying new neighbor a lesson. (7-9)


The Buddy Files continues with The Case of the Library Monster by Dori Hillestad Butler, illus. by Jeremy Tugeau and Dan Crisp ($14.99, 6-8). Zapato Power releases Freddie Ramos Zooms to the Rescue by Jacqueline Jules, illus. by Miguel Benítez ($14.99, 6-8). And The Boxcar Children Mysteries presents The Clue in the Recycling Bin and Monkey Trouble, characters created by Gertrude Chandler Warner ($14.99 each, paper $4.99, 7-10).

Paperback Series

The Boxcar Children Graphic Novels welcomes Houseboat Mystery, Bicycle Mystery, and Mystery in the Sand, characters created by Gertrude Chandler Warner ($6.99 each, 7-12).


(IPG/Trafalgar Square, dist.)

There’s a Goat in My Coat ($16.99) by Rosemary Milne, illus. by Andrew McLean, collects rhymes about animals. (3-7)


About a Girl ($9.99) by Joanne Horniman. When Anna discovers a secret about her good friend, she wonders if she knows her at all. (12-up)

The Devil You Know ($9.99) by Leonie Norrington. After Damien’s motorcycle-riding father comes back to live with him and his mother, the boy abandons his real friends for the in-crowd. (12-up)

Paperback Series

Little Else stars in Ghost Hunter, On the Run, and Trick Rider by Julie Hunt ($8.99 each, 7-9). And Blacky returns in A Croc Called Capone, Blacky Blasts Back, and The Dog That Dumped on My Doona by Berry Jonsberg ($9.99 each, 9-12).


(IPG/Trafalgar Square, dist.)


It Will Get Better ($17.99) by Melinda Hutchings. Teens discuss how they dealt with such issues as family breakups, the death of a parent, and cyberbullying. (12-up)

Sometimes Life Sucks ($15.99) by Molly Carlile presents advice on coping with the loss of a loved one. (12-up)



2011 Girl of the Year Books are Aloha, Kanani and Good Job, Kanani by Lisa Yee, illus. by Sarah Davis ($12.95 each, paper $6.95, 8-up). Innerstar University adds Into the Spotlight by Erin Falligant and A Winning Goal by Laurie Calkhoven ($12.95 each, paper $8.95, 8-up). And joining American Girl Historical Characters are Clue in the Castle Tower: A Samantha Mystery by Sarah Masters Buckey, and A Bundle of Trouble: A Rebecca Mystery and The Silver Guitar: A Julie Mystery by Kathryn Reiss, all illus. by Sergio Giovine ($10.95 each, paper $6.95, 9-up); and Felicity Play Scenes & Paper Dolls by Falligant and Darcie Johnston, illus. by Dan Andreasen, et al., and Josefina Play Scenes & Paper Dolls by Falligant and Jennifer Phistry, illus. by Susan McAliley, et al. ($12.95 each, 9-up).

Paperback Series

American Girl Advice & Activity Books presents Lend a Hand by Apryl Lundsten, illus. by Josée Masse ($9.95, 8-up); Paper Shaper Forest Friends: 3-D Crafts to Make and Display by Mary Beth Cryan ($14.95, 8-up); Doll Dining: Serve Up a Whole Lot of Fun! by Trula Magruder ($17.95, 8-up); Doll Hair Salon: For Girls Who Love to Play with Their Doll’s Hair by Magruder ($21.95, 8-up); and Oodles of Ocean Fun: A Collection of Posters, Puzzles, Doodles, Cards, Stickers, Frames—and Lots More—For Girls Who Love Oceans by Magruder; and Oodles of Sweet Stuff: A Collection of Cards, Crafts, Games, Frames, Posters, Stickers, Recipes, Room Décor—and Lots More—For Girls Who Love Sweets and Treats! by Mary Richards, illus. by Carol Yoshizumi, et al. ($12.95 each, 8-up). And American Girl Pets offers Praline’s Book of Friendship Questions: The Purr-fect Way to Get to Know Your Friends Better! by Carrie Anton, illus. by Helen Dardik; and Anton’s Pepper’s Boredom Busters: Ideas to Keep You Busy on the Dullest of Days, illus. by Jenn Ski ($7.95 each, 8-up).


Counting in the Garden ($15.95) by Emily Hruby, illus. by Patrick Hruby, is a counting board book featuring garden produce and flowers. (2-up)

Material Alphabets ($14.95) by Gloria Fowler offers words that look like the materials they represent. (2-up)

Charley Harper Book of Colors ($9.95) by Charley Harper is a nature-themed book of colors. (2-up)


(Lerner, dist.)

Elmer and the Rainbow ($16.95) by David McKee. When a storm ends, Elmer discovers that the rainbow has lost its colors. (4-9)

Fortunately, Unfortunately ($16.95) by Michael Foreman. Milo encounters pirates, dinosaurs, and aliens on his quest to return his grandmother’s umbrella. (4-9)

Gracie the Lighthouse Cat ($16.95) by Ruth Brown reveals how two rescues in 1838 saved 13 people from a shipwreck and a kitten from a storm. (4-9)

I Want to Do It Myself! ($16.95) by Tony Ross. On a camping trip, an independent-minded princess realizes she’s forgotten some important things. (4-9)

Sunflower Sword ($16.95) by Mark Sperring, illus. by Miriam Latimer. A young knight learns that a sunflower can be mightier than a sword. (4-9)

The Talent Show ($16.95) by Jo Hodgkinson. Four animals team up to win the talent show, forgetting that none of them can sing. (4-9)


(IPG/Trafalgar Square, dist.)

Caterpillar Dreams ($16.99) by Jeanne Willis, illus. by Tony Ross. Two caterpillars dream of all the things they will do when they become butterflies. (up to 5)

The Lying Carpet ($15.99) by David Lucas. In this parable about outgrowing childhood, a girl must break free of the spell that has turned her to stone. (9-12)


Ruggles ($8.99) by Anne Fine, illus. by Ruth Brown, offers a dog’s-eye view of the changing seasons. (up to 5)

The Bear’s Water Picnic ($9.99) by John Yeoman, illus. by Quentin Blake. Frogs rescue a bear and his friends when they get stuck on a sandbar while picnicking. (up to 5)

The Rascally Cake ($8.99) by Jeanne Willis, illus. by Korky Paul. The cake a man makes with revolting ingredients decides to eat him. (up to 5)

Crystal ($8.99) by Rebecca Lisle. A girl tries to prove that a town leader has something to do with her mother’s madness. (9-12)

Identity ($8.99) by Sandra Glover. Three teens who live many miles apart discover they are part of a cloning experiment. (12-up)


Farley and the Lost Bone ($14.99) by Lynn Johnston and Beth Cruikshank. Will the dog from the For Better or For Worse comic strip remember where he buried his bone? (4-up)

Harry Potter Magic Eye Book: 3D Magical Moments ($16.99) by Magic Eye Inc. features hidden scenes from the Harry Potter movies. (4-up)



Accord AniMotion issues Mary Engelbreit’s Nursery Rhymes, illus. by Engelbreit; Baby Turtle’s Tale by Elle J. McGuinness, illus. by Romi Caron; Hop, Pop, and Play; and Dinosaurs ($9.99 each, 2-4); and Stick to It: Toys by Kate Stone and Jeff C. Cole ($16.99, 3-4). Silly Slider addsNumbers: A Silly Slider Book, illus. by Cole ($10.99, 3-5); and Music Star by Paula Hannigan, illus. by Christian Slade ($14.99, 4-8). Eyeball Animation adds Ten Little Kittens by Marian Harris, illus. by Jim Harris ($10.99, 3-5). And Flip & Click releases Flip & Click Bingo, Flip & Click Hangman, and Flip & Click Memory Match ($4.99 each, 4-8).


The Rainbow Book ($9.99) by Kate Ohrt. Colors and emotions associated with them are revealed on cut-paper pages. (3-up)


(Firefly, dist.)

Better Together ($19.95, paper $8.95) by Sheryl and Simon Shapiro, illus. by Dusan Petricic, compiles poems illustrating the concept of combining things. (4-6)

Louis the Tiger Who Came from the Sea ($19.95, paper $8.95) by Michal Kozlowski, illus. by Sholto Walker. What happens when a tiger appears at the house? (4-7)

The Never Weres ($21.95, paper $12.95) by Fiona Smyth. In this graphic novel, three teens become humanity’s only hope for survival. (10-up)

A Sword in Her Hand ($21.95, paper $12.95) by Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem and Pat van Beirs, trans. by John Nieuwenhuizen, is a medieval adventure with a modern heroine. (12-up)

Held ($21.95, paper $12.95) by Edeet Ravel. In this psychological thriller, a teenage girl is kidnapped while on vacation. (13-up)


We Thought of It issues Africans Thought of It: Amazing Innovations ($19.95, paper $11.95, 9-11). And Single Voice introduces Dead Time/Shelter ($19.95, paper $9.95, 15-up).


(IPG/Trafalgar Square, dist.)


10-Minute Bedtime Stories adds Classic Nursery Tales by Graham Percy; and Tales from the Wind in the Willows by Stella Maidment, illus. by Graham Philpot ($14.99 each, 5-7); and Tales from Pinocchio by Helen Rossendale, illus. by Philpot; and Tales from the Arabian Nights by Maidment, illus. by Percy ($14.99 each, 5-9).


The Land of Lost Things/El país de las cosas perdidas ($16.95) by Dina Bursztyn. A boy’s missing pencil leads him on a journey to a fanciful world. (4-8)

I Kick the Ball/Pateo el balón ($16.95) by Gwendolyn Zepeda, illus. by Pablo Torrecilla. Awake and asleep, a boy dreams of being a professional soccer player. (4-8)


Pepita returns in Pepita and the Bully/Pepita y la peleoneraby Ofelia Dumas Lachtman, illus. by Alex Pardo DeLange ($16.95, 4-8)


The Monster in the Mattress and Other Stories/El monstruo en el colchón y otros cuentos ($9.95) by Diane DeAnda collects stories about life’s daily mysteries. (8-12)

You Don’t Have a Clue: Latino Mystery Stories for Teens ($16.95) by Sarah Cortez collects tales by such authors as Manuel Ramos, Mario Acevedo, and Diana López. (11-up)


(Ideals, dist.)

Great Adventures of the Bible ($10.99). This collection of 23 biblical stories includes a CD of children reading the tales and singing. (2-8)



(IPG, dist.)


Aldo Zelnick Comic Novels continues with Cahoots by Karla Oceanak, illus. by Kendra Spanjer ($12.95, 8-12).


Bear’s Birthday ($6.99) by Stella Blackstone, illus. by Debbie Harter. Bear celebrates his birthday with a party for his friends. (2-6)

I Could Be, You Could Be ($16.99) by Karen Owen, illus. by Barroux. A boy and girl imagine themselves as an astronaut, dragon, and monkey. (2-6)

Over in the Meadow ($16.99), illus. by Jill McDonald, sung by Susan Reed. This traditional tale features a variety of animal families and includes a CD. (3-6)

Shakespeare’s Storybook ($12.99) by Patrick Ryan, illus. by James Mayhew, is an introduction to Shakespeare. (8-up)


If You Love a Horse Tale: Black Beauty and The Knight’s Mare ($18.99), adapted by Savior Pirotta, illus. by Susanna Lockheart, contains two horse stories illustrated with paper engineering. (5-up)


The Kids’ Summer Fun Book: Great Games, Activities, and Adventures for the Entire Family ($12.99) by Claire Gillman and Sam Martin outlines summer activities and outings. (All ages)

Captain Buckleboots on the Naughty Step ($7.99) by Mark Sperring, illus. by Tom McLaughlin. While being punished for being naughty, Sam is joined by a pirate and other strange fellows who must decide how to say “I’m sorry.” (3-6)

Find Chaffy ($7.99) by Jamie Smart is a search-and-find book. (5-up)

Night at the Museum: Nick’s Tales: Night of the Dragons ($5.99) by Michael Anthony Steele. In the launch of a series based on these movies, a new exhibit unleashes an evil force at the museum. (8-12)

Justin Bieber: Test Your Super-Fan Status ($6.99) by Gabrielle Reyes, designed by Zoe Quayle, includes puzzles, quizzes, and trivia questions. (8-up)

Beach Ball books

(Ingram, Bookmasters, dist.)

Beach Babies ($5.99). This board book collects photos of babies and toddlers shot on beaches around the world.(up to 4)


AA Is for Aardvark: The First AAlphabet Book About Double Letters ($5.99) by Mark Shulman, illus. by Tamara Petrosino, reveals how double letters make fun words. (3-8)

A Is for Zebra: A Happy Ending on Every Page ($5.99) by Mark Shulman, illus. by Tamara Petrosino, finds fun learning words from back to front. (3-8)

The Ultimate Guide to Basketball: Facts, Stats, Stars, and Stuff ($7.99) by James Buckley Jr. is a basketball guide that includes history, lingo, and playing tips. (7-up)

Weird Sports ($6.99) by Michael Teitelbaum includes rules of underwater hockey, toilet racing, and cheese rolling. (7-up)

First Pitch: How Baseball Began ($14.99) by John Thorn. A historian of the sport tells how baseball became America’s national pastime. (9-up)



Animals with Super Powers debuts with four titles, including Electric Animals and Glow-in-the-Dark Animals by Natalie Lunis ($16.96 each, 6-11). Up Close and Gross: Microscopic Creatures presents four books, among them Creepy Backyard Invaders and Disgusting Food Invaders by Ruth Owen ($16.96 each, 6-11). Baghdad Pups by Meish Goldish and Eco Dogs by Judith Bauer Stamper are two of three additions to Dog Heroes ($18.95 each, 7-12). Built for Cold: Arctic Animals offers six volumes, including Wolverine: Super Strong and Caribou: And Reindeer, Too by Joyce Markovics ($18.95 each, 7-12). And Scary Places has three additions, among them Cursed Grounds by Steven Stern and Monstrous Morgues of the Past by Dinah Williams ($18.95 each, 9-13).


(Perseus, dist.)

The Sword of Darrow ($17.99, paper $12.99) by Alex and Hal Malchow. In this fantasy, a learning-disabled hero protects his land against evil goblins. (9-14)


(Perseus, dist.)


The Girl Who Was on Fire: Your Favorite Authors on Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games Trilogy ($12.95), edited by Leah Wilson, collects YA authors’ reflections on this trilogy. (14-18)

Nyx in the House of Night: Mythology, Folklore and Religion in the P.C. and Kristin Cast Vampyre Series ($14.95), edited by P.C. Cast, is an illustrated guide to the mythological underpinnings of this series. (14-18)


Paperback Series

The Mandie Collection issues Volume Five through Volume Eight by Lois Gladys Leppard ($9.99 each, 8-12). And High Hurdles launches with Collection One and Collection Two by Lauraine Snelling ($14.99 each, 11-14).


(IPG/Trafalgar Square, dist.)


Miley Cyrus A–Z ($12.99) by Sarah Oliver compiles facts about this performer. (12-up)

Vampire Files: Heartthrobs and Bloodsuckers ($10.99) by Amy Rickman focuses on such actors as Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, and Stephen Moyer. (12-up)

Zac Efron A–Z ($12.95) by Alex Kincaid rounds up info about this actor. (12-up)


Mini Racer ($16.99) by Kristy Dempsey, illus. by Bridget Strevens-Marzo. A dozen small vehicles compete in a race. (3-5)

When the World Was Waiting for You ($14.99) by Gillian Shields, illus. by Anna Currey, celebrates the events surrounding a baby’s birth. (3-5)

Quick, Slow, Mango! ($16.99) by Anik McGrory. The star of Kidogo returns in this story about mangoes, silly monkeys, and taking one’s time. (3-6)

Pig Kahuna ($14.99) by Jennifer Sattler. What happens when the abandoned surfboard two brothers find is cast back into the ocean? (3-6)

Scapegoat ($16.99) by Dean Hale, illus. by Michael Slack. In the Choat family, the goat gets blamed for all that goes wrong. (4-8)

A Boy and His Bot ($16.99) by Daniel H. Wilson. A boy falls down a hole while following a robotic insect and lands in another world. (8-12)

Dogtag Summer ($16.99) by Elizabeth Partridge. The daughter of a Vietnamese woman and an American soldier finds another soldier’s dogtag among her father’s belongings. (8-12)

The Boy at the End of the World ($16.99) by Greg van Eekhout. The last boy on Earth and a broken robot embark on a search for more survivors. (10-14)

Sean Griswold’s Head ($16.99) by Lindsey Leavitt. Required by a guidance counselor to choose a “focus object” to study, a teen chooses the head of the boy who sits in front of her in class. (12-up)

In the Shadow of the Lamp ($16.99) by Susanne Dunlap. A teenage nurse falls in love with two men while working with Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War. (12-up)

The A Circuit ($16.99, paper $9.99) by Georgina Bloomberg and Catherine Hapka is the first novel in a series about privileged teens and equestrian competition. (12-up)

Flawless ($16.99, paper $9.99) by Lara Chapman. A teen whose only flaw is her nose stars in this modern retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac. (12-up)

Between the Sea & Sky ($16.99) by Jaclyn Dolamore. A mermaid who dreams of becoming a siren falls in love with a young man who belongs to a race of winged people. (12-up)

Vicious Little Darlings ($16.99) by Katherine Easer. When two rich girls befriend Sarah at her new school, she senses something is very wrong. (14-up)

Fallen Grace ($16.99) by Mary Hopper. Two penniless orphans discover that they will receive an unusual legacy—if they can claim it. (14-up)


Pandora continues with Pandora Gets Angry by Carolyn Hennesy ($14.99, 8-12). Everybody Bugs Out by Leslie Margolis joins Annabelle Unleashed ($15.99, 8-12). Faerie Wars releases The Faeman Quest by Herbie Brennan ($18.99, 12-up). The Legacy joins the Longevity Trilogy by Gemma Malley ($17.99, 12-up). And Haunting Emma adds Betrayal by Lee Nichols ($16.99, paper $9.99, 14-up).

Paperback Series

The Waking offers Spirits of the Noh by Thomas Randall ($8.99, 12-up).


(Chronicle, dist.)

Take Care of Me from A to Z ($12.99) by Harriet Ziefert, dolls by Tatiana Oles. Photos of Oles’s handmade dolls illustrate this alphabet book. (All ages)

Wiggle! Like an Octopus and Swing! Like a Monkey ($8.99 each) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Simms Taback. Animals move in various ways in these board books. (3-up)

How Things Work in the Yard ($14.99) by Lisa Campbell Ernst describes the workings of objects commonly found outdoors. (4-8)

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow? ($16.99) by Susan A. Shea, illus. by Tom Slaughter, compares living things that grow to inanimate objects that don’t. (4-up)

Bear in Pink Underwear ($12.99) by Todd H. Doodler. A laundry mishap turns Bear’s lucky white boxers pink in this follow-up to Bear in Underwear. (4-up)

Bunny’s Lessons ($16.99) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Barroux. Charlie’s favorite toy, Bunny, learns about life from the boy who takes him everywhere. (4-8)

Grandma’s Wedding Album ($17.99) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Karla Gudeon. A woman shares her wedding album with her curious grandchildren. (5-8)

Bugs by the Numbers ($19.99) by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss. The creators of Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types introduce insects made up of numbers. (6-12)


Dwell Studios presents Good Morning, Toucan and Goodnight, Owl ($8.99 each, 2-up).And Balloon Toonsissues Zoe and Robot—Let’s Pretend by Ethan Long and Doggie Dreams by Mike Herrod ($10.99 each, 6-9).


(Sterling, dist.)

No More Pacifier for Piggy! ($6.95) by Bernette Ford and Sam Williams. Piggy’s pacifier keeps getting in the way when he tries to play peek-a-boo with Ducky. (1-3)

Bunny Bunny Catkin ($16.95) by Cathy MacLennan celebrates the spring season. (2-5)


Hey Diddle Diddle ($16.95) by Eve Bunting, illus. by Mary Ann Fraser. Animals showcase their musical talents in this spin on a familiar rhyme. (2-6)

Job Site ($16.95) by Nathan Clement. This follow-up to Drive focuses on machines helping out on a construction site. (2-6)

Grandpa’s Tractor ($16.95) by Michael Garland. On a visit to the family farm, a man shares memories with his grandson and shows him his own father’s old tractor. (5-up)

Seabird in the Forest: The Mystery of the Marbled Murrelet ($17.95) by Joan Dunning reveals a murrelet family’s nest hidden in the canopy of a forest. (5-9)

Where Do You Stay? ($17.95) by Andrea Cheng. Living with his aunt’s family after his mother dies, Jerome befriends a man whose home is slated for demolition. (8-12)

Raggin’ Jazzin’ Rockin’: American Musical Instrument Makers ($17.95) by Susan VanHecke discusses the personalities and perseverance that led to key instrument innovations. (11-14)

Inkblot: Drip, Splat, and Squish Your Way to Creativity ($19.95) by Margaret Peot provides tips and techniques for transforming inkblots into works of art. (11-up)


Just Fine the Way They Are: From Dirt Roads to Railroads to Interstates ($17.95) by Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge, illus. by Richard Walz, examines how the dirt roads of the early 1800s evolved into the current U.S. highway system. (8-up)

Father Abraham: Lincoln and His Sons ($17.95) by Harold Holzer. Archival photos illustrate this look at four generations of Lincoln’s family. (10-up)

Hammerin’ Hank Greenberg: Baseball Pioneer ($17.95) by Shelley Sommer is a biography of the first Jewish baseball player to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. (10-up)


Birds of a Feather ($17.95) by Jane Yolen, photos by Jason Stemple. Poems, facts, and photos focus on various birds. (9-11)

Weird? (Me, Too!) Let’s Be Friends ($16.95) by Sara Holbrook, illus. by Karen Sandstrom, presents poetry exploring friendship. (9-11)



(Random House, dist.)


400 BC: The Story of the Ten Thousand ($9.99) by Lewis Helfand, illus. by Lalit Kumar Singh. Based on the events recorded in Anabasis, this graphic novel tells of Xenophon’s heroic journey. (9-14)

The Dusk Society ($11.99) by Mark Jones, concept by Sidney Williams, illus. by Naresh Kumar. In smalltown America, four kids combine their talents to overcome evil forces. (9-14)

In Defense of the Realm ($9.99) by Sanjay Deshpande, illus. by Lalit Kumar Sharma. Prince Meluha, ruler of a civilization that thrived in ancient times, must defend his lands against attack by the ambitious ruler of a Persian city. (9-14)

Photo Booth ($9.99) by Lewis Helfand, illus. by Sachin Nagar. When a deadly drug threatens New York, an Interpol agent tries to prevent tragedy by piecing together clues from mysterious photos. (9-14)

The Wright Brothers ($9.99) by Lewis Helfand, illus. by Sankha Banerjee, is a biography of these inventors. (9-14)

Paperback Series

Campfire Classic Line adds 18 titles including The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs, adapted by Scott Alexander Young; A Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne, adapted by Lewis Helfand, illus. by Vinod Kumar; The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, adapted by J.R. Parks, illus. by Kumar; and The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, adapted by Bruce Buchanan, illus. by Amit Tayal ($12.99, 9-14). And Campfire Mythology Line offers Stolen Hearts: The Love of Eros and Psyche by Ryan Foley, illus. by Sankha Banerjee ($11.99, 9-14).


(IPG/Trafalgar Square, dist.)


Mission: Explore Camping and Mission: Explore on the Road ($7.99 each) by the Geography Collective, illus. by Tom Morgan-Jones, round up activities related to nature; and to exploring. (9-12)


The Rain Train ($15.99) by Elena de Roo, illus. by Brian Lovelock, takes readers on a train ride through a nighttime storm. (1-5)

Hurry Down to Derry Fair ($16.99) by Dori Chaconas, illus. by Gillian Tyler, is a rhyming story about a country fair. (3-6)

Tell Me the Day Backwards ($15.99) by Albert Lamb, illus. by David McPhail. In this bedtime story, a bear tells his mother about the events of the day—in reverse. (3-6)

The Yellow House ($15.99) by Blake Morrison, illus. by Helen Craig, brings back into print this story of a girl who discovers the secrets of an old house. (3-6)

I’ll Be There ($14.99) by Ann Stott, illus. by Matt Phelan, celebrates a child’s accomplishments and offers reassurance that mother will always be there. (3-7)

Let’s Look at Dinosaurs ($12.99) by Frances Barry. This book about prehistoric creatures features collage art and flaps. (3-7)

Mitchell’s License ($15.99) by Hallie Durand, illus. by Tony Fucile. A speed-loving boy gets a special license to drive. (3-7)

Tía Isa Wants a Car ($15.99) by Meg Medina, illus. by Claudio Muñoz. A girl helps her tía save up to buy a car that will take the family to the beach. (3-7)

Argus ($15.99) by Michelle Knudsen, illus. by Andréa Wesson. When a girl’s science project egg hatches, a scaly green creature emerges rather than a chick. (4-7)

Cars Galore ($15.99) by Peter Stein, illus. by Bob Staake, showcases an array of cars and their eccentric passengers. (4-8)

If I Never Forever Endeavor ($15.99) by Holly Meade is the story of a fledgling teetering at the edge of its nest. (4-8)

Ladder to the Moon ($16.99) by Maya Soetoro-Ng, illus. by Yuyi Morales. President Obama’s half-sister offers a story relaying their late mother’s wisdom to the granddaughter she never met. (4-8)

My Side of the Car ($16.99) by Kate Feiffer, illus. by Jules Feiffer. On a ride to the zoo, it’s raining on Sadie’s father’s side of the car, but it’s sunny on her side. (4-8)

A Primer About the Flag ($15.99) by Marvin Bell, illus by Chris Raschka, presents a poem examining a spectrum of flags. (4-8)

The Queen of France ($16.99) by Tim Wadham, illus. by Kady MacDonald Denton. Dressed up as a queen, a girl holds audiences with two obliging subjects: her parents. (4-8)

Can We Save the Tiger? ($16.99) by Martin Jenkins, illus. by Vicky White, examines endangered species. (5-7)

Joe and Sparky, Superstars! ($15.99) by Jamie Michalak, illus. by Frank Remkiewicz. The friends from Joey and Sparky Get New Wheels become superstars. (5-7)

A Walk in London ($16.99) by Salvatore Rubbino includes facts about London’s key attractions and a gatefold of the city’s skyline. (5-7)

How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?: The Story of Food ($12.99) by Chris Butterworth, illus. by Lucia Gaggiotti, visits farms, dairies, and other sources of food. (5-8)

Passing the Music Down ($16.99) by Sarah Sullivan, illus. by Barry Root, pays homage to an American musical tradition and to generational ties. (5-8)

London: A 3D Keepsake Cityscape ($8.99) by Sarah McMenemy offers a slipcased 3-D foldout of London’s most celebrated sites. (5-up)

No One but You ($16.99) by Douglas Wood, illus. by P.J. Lynch, reveals how each person’s experiences in the world are unique. (6-up)

The Luck of the Buttons ($15.99) by Anne Ylvisaker. In 1929 Iowa, a girl vows to turn her family’s luck around with the help of a camera and a smalltown mystery. (8-12)

Into the Unknown: How Great Explorers Found Their Way by Land, Sea, and Air ($19.99) by Stewart Ross, illus. by Stephen Biesty. Foldout cross-sections chronicle 14 historic journeys. (8-13)

Silk & Venom: Searching for a Dangerous Spider ($16.99) by Kathryn Lasky, illus. by Christopher G. Knight. Narrative and photos recount a researcher’s hunt for poisonous spiders. (9-12)

The Visconti House ($16.99) by Elsbeth Edgar. Two lonely teens forge an unexpected bond as they unravel a mystery hidden inside the walls of an old estate. (9-up)

Small as an Elephant ($15.99) by Jennifer Richard Jackson. Jack must find his way back to Boston after his mother abandons him at a Maine campsite. (10-14)

Terezin: Voices from the Holocaust ($18.99) by Ruth Thomson. Inmates’ voices and artwork reveal life in this Nazi transit camp. (10-14)

Bloodline Rising ($16.99) by Katy Moran tells of a boy’s search for identity amid the political intrigue and deception of the Dark Ages. (10-up)

Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur ($21.99, paper $11.99) by Tony Lee, illus. by Sam Hart, is a graphic novel retelling of this legend. (10-up)

Slog’s Dad ($15.99) by David Almond, illus. by Dave McKean. In this graphic novel, a boy believes that his deceased father has returned. (10-up)

The Story of Britain from the Norman Conquest to the European Union ($21.99) by Patrick Dillon, illus. by P.J. Lynch, explores this country’s history. (10-up)

Belladonna ($16.99) by Mary Finn. This coming-of-age novel involving a boy, a girl, and a horse shows how a chance encounter can lead to a life of intrigue. (11-up)

How to Be a Werewolf: The Claws-on Guide for the Modern Lycanthrope ($14.99) by Serena Valentino is a guide to the lycanthropic lifestyle. (12-up)

Angel Burn ($17.99) by L.A. Weatherly. Launching a romantic trilogy, this novel depicts the human race at the brink of a future both catastrophic and beautiful. (14-up)

The Anti-Prom ($16.99) by Abby McDonald. Three unlikely allies team up for a night of rebellion, romance, and revenge. (14-up)

Blessed ($17.99) by Cynthia Leitich Smith is a dark fantasy that unites the casts of the author’s Tantalize and Eternal. (14-up)

Blink & Caution ($16.99) by Tim Wynne-Jones. In this thriller, two street kids become involved in a plot. (14-up)

Pick-Up Game: A Full Day of Full Court ($15.99), edited by Marc Aronson and Charles R. Smith Jr., photos and poems by Smith, compiles YA authors’ stories about street basketball. (14-up)

The Piper’s Son ($17.99) by Melina Marchetta. In this sequel to Saving Francesca, a family heals after a trauma. (14-up)

What Comes After ($16.99) by Steve Watkins. This portrait of a teen’s struggles through grief and abuse underscores the healing power of animals. (14-up)

Wonderland ($16.99) by Joanna Nadin. After Jude’s daring childhood friend returns to their hometown, life will never again be the same. (14-up)


Charlie and Lola are back in Slightly Invisible by Lauren Child ($16.99, 3-6). Maisy stars in Maisy Goes to the City by Lucy Cousins ($12.99, 3-up). New Brand New Readers by Sesame Workshopare Big Bird at Home, illus. by Ernie Kwiat; and Elmo and His Friends, illus. by Tom Brannon ($14.99 each, paper $5.99, 4-7). Stink returns in Stink and the Ultimate Thumb-Wrestling Smackdown by Megan McDonald, illus. by Peter H. Reynolds ($12.99, 5-8). Encyclopedia Mythologica adds Dragons and Monsters by Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda ($29.99, 5-up). Daisy Dawson reappears in Daisy Dawson at the Beach by Steve Voake, illus. by Jessica Meserve ($14.99, 6-9). Magic at the Bed and Biscuit by Joan Carris, illus. by Noah Z. Jones, is a new Bed and Biscuit book ($15.99, 6-10). New Judy Moody titles are So You Want to Catch Bigfoot?by Morgan Jackson, illus. by Mark Fearing ($9.99, 7-up); and Judy Moody Goes to Hollywood by Megan McDonald ($14.99, 8-12). The Sisters Club greets Cloudy with a Chance of Boys by Megan McDonald ($15.99, 8-12). Samurai Kids continues with Owl Ninja by Sandy Fussell, illus. by Rhian Nest James ($15.99, 9-14). And Ask Amy Green offers Summer Secrets by Sarah Webb ($16.99, 11-up).


MoshiMoshiKawaii: Where Is Strawberry Moshi? ($7.99) by Mind Wave Inc. presents a search-and-find game starring Strawberry Moshi and her friends. (6-11)

Gaia Warriors ($14.99) by Nicola Davies and James Lovelock looks at global warming with accounts from people who have found ways to help the situation. (11-14)

Paperback Series

Judy Moody is back in Judy Moody’s Best Mood Ever Coloring and Activity Book by Megan McDonald, illus. by Peter H. Reynolds ($3.99, 3-7). Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer movie tie-ins include The Thrill Points Race and The Poop Picnic by Jamie Michalak ($3.99 each, 5-8); and Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer by Megan McDonald ($5.99, 6-11). And Where’s Waldo? issues The Phenomenal Postcard Book by Martin Handford ($9.99, 5-9).


I Spy with My Little Eye ($14.99) by Edward Gibbs. Readers view animal colors through a “spy hole.” (2-5)

Good Night, Little Bunny: A Changing-Picture Book ($12.99) by Emily Hawkins, illus. by John Butler, is a lift-the-flap bedtime tale. (3-6)

How the Weather Works: A Hands-on Guide to Our Changing Climate ($17.99) by Christiane Dorion, illus. by Beverley Young, examines the planet’s weather. (7-11)

Marco Polo: History’s Great Adventurer ($19.99) by Clint Twist offers an interactive introduction to this explorer. (8-12)


Petit Collage welcomes I Like Toys and I Like Vegetables by Lorena Siminovich ($6.99 each, 1-3). And Storyworld releases Fairy Magic: Create-A-Story Kit and Legends of the Sea: Create-A-Story Kit by John and Caitlín Matthews ($9.99 each, 9-12).


Silly Lilly in What Will I Be Today? ($12.95) by Agnès Rosenstiehl. Silly Lilly tackles various jobs in this follow-up to Silly Lilly and the Four Seasons. (5-7)

Patrick in a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Other Stories ($12.95) by Geoffrey Hayes. Patrick the teddy bear is put to the test when Big Bear shows up. (5-7)



Teen Crafts: Fun, Hip Crafts That Don’t Destroy the Planet ($12.95) by Jen Jones compiles green-friendly craft projects. (8-14)

The Ultimate Kids’ Guide to Fun ($9.95) rounds up a range of activities. (8-14)

Paperback Series

Match and Learn presents Colors, First Words, Numbers, and Shapes ($7.99 each, up to 3). American Graphic welcomes The Bambino: The Story of Babe Ruth’s Legendary 1927 Season by Nelson Yomtov; Elvis: A Graphic Novel and Robert E. Lee: The Story of the Great Confederate General by Terry Collins; Houdini: The Life of the Great Escape Artist and Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain: The Story of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce by Agnieszka Biskup; and X: A Biography of Malcolm X by Jessica Sarah Gunderson ($7.95 each, 8-14). Sports Illustrated Kids Game Day introduces VIP Pass to a Pro Baseball Game Day, VIP Pass to a Pro Basketball Game Day, VIP Pass to a Pro Football Game Day, and VIP Pass to a Pro Hockey Game Day by Clay Latimer ($7.95 each, 8-14). Sports Illustrated Kids The All-Time Best of Sports offers The Best of Everything Baseball Book and The Best of Everything Basketball Book by Nate LeBoutillier and The Best of Everything Football Book and The Best of Everything Hockey Book by Shane Gerald Frederick ($8.95 each, 8-14).


Paperback Series

Captured History issues Birmingham 1963: How a Photograph Rallied Civil Rights Support by Shelley Tougas, Man on the Moon: How a Photograph Made Anything Seem Possible by Pamela Jain Dell, Migrant Mother: How a Photograph Defined the Great Depression by Don Nardo, and Raising the Flag: How a Photograph Gave a Nation Hope in Wartime by Michael Burgan ($8.95 each, 10-12). And The Holocaust introduces Architects of the Holocaust by Darlene Ruth Stille, Children of the Holocaust by Stephanie Fitzgerald, Heroes of the Holocaust by Rebecca Love Fishkin, and The Legacy of the Holocaust by Jason Maurice Skog ($8.95 each, 10-14).



Look at You, Katie Woo ($7.95) by Fran Manushkin, illus. by Tammie Lyon, compiles four stories about Katie Woo. (5-7)

Paperback Series

Hello Genius adds Nap Time for Kitty, Play Time for Puppy, Snack Time for Cow, and Story Time for Lamb by Michael Dahl, illus. by Oriol Vidal ($7.99 each, up to 3). Whose Is It? greets Whose Ears Are These?: A Look at Animal Ears—Short, Flat, and Floppy; Whose Eyes Are These?: A Look at Animal Eyes—Big, Round, and Narrow; Whose Nose Is This?: A Look at Beaks, Snouts, and Trunks; and Whose Tail Is This?: A Look at Tails—Swishing, Wiggling, and Rattling by Peg Hall, illus. by Ken Landmark ($9.99 each, 4-7). Katie Woo returns in Katie Finds a Job, Katie’s Lucky Birthday, Star of the Show, and The Tricky Tooth by Fran Manushkin, illus. by Tammie Lyon ($3.95 each, 5-7). You Can Draw releases Easy to Draw Animals: 70 Easy Step-by-Step Drawings and Easy to Draw Monsters: 70 Easy Step-by-Step Drawings by Jannie Ho ($4.95 each, 5-8). DC Super-Pets debuts with The Fastest Pet on Earth and Heroes of the High Seas by J.E. Bright, Midway Monkey Madness and Pooches of Power! by Sarah Stephens, Royal Rodent Rescue by John Sazaklis, and Super Hero Splash Down by Jane Mason, all illus. by Art Baltazar ($4.95 each, 6-8). And Kylie Jean launches with Blueberry Queen, Drama Queen, Hoop Queen, and Rodeo Queen by Marci Peschke, illus. by Tuesday Mourning ($4.95 each, 6-8).



Tiger Moth: Adventures of an Insect Ninja ($7.95) by Aaron Reynolds, illus. by Erik Lervold, collects four stories starring Tiger Moth. (7-10)

Jake Maddox: On the Speedway ($7.95) by Jake Maddox, illus. by Sean Tiffany, offers four stories about car racing. (8-11)

Shivers, Wishes, and Wolves: Stone Arch Fairy Tales, Volume One ($12.95) by Donald Lemke, retells five fairy tales in graphic novel format. (8-11)

Paperback Series

Sports Illustrated Kids Victory School Superstars issues Five Fouls and You’re Out! by Val Priebe, It’s a Wrestling Mat, Not a Dance Floor by Scott Nickel, There’s a Hurricane in the Pool! by Jessica Sarah Gunderson, There’s No Crying in Baseball by Anita Yasuda, Who Wants to Play Just for Kicks? by Chris Kreie, and You Can’t Spike Your Serves by Julie Ann Gassman, all illus. by Jorge Santillan ($5.95 each, 6-8). Graphic Sparks: TV Academy introduces Caught in a Pickle: The B-Team by Ryan Jacobson; Spokes on the Water: Bike Rider by Donald Lemke; Swamp Sting! Carly’s Angels by Blake Hoena; and Attack of the Cling-Ons: Star Bus by Scot Ciencin ($4.95 each, 7-9). Jason Strange launches with The Mothman’s Shadow, Realm of Ghosts, To Wake the Dead, and Zombie Winter by Jason Strange, illus. by Phil Parks ($5.95 each, 8-11). Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels adds BMX Blitz and Hoop Rat by Scott Ciencin and Track Team Titans by Stephanie True Peters, all illus. by Aburtov; and Ciencin’s Full Court Flash, Quarterback Scramble by Brandon Terrell, and Wild Pitch by Eric Fein, all illus. by Gerardo Sandoval ($6.95 each, 8-13). And Bloodlines starts up with Blood Brotherhood, Control Under Fire, Fighting Phantoms, and A Time for War by M. Zachary Sherman, illus. by Fritz Casas ($6.95 each, 9-13).


(Sterling, dist.)


My First Puzzles: Easy First Puzzles ($4.95) by Helene Hovanec, illus. by Ed Shems, introduces everyday words and concepts. (5-7)

Eye Bogglers ($7.95) presents images designed and drawn by Archimedes Lab. (7-up)

Fairies ($9.95) by Alison Maloney, illus. by Patricia Moffett, offers fairy lore. (7-up)

How to Be the Perfect Princess ($9.95) by Princess Petal instructs on the art of being a princess. (7-up)

World Word Search ($6.95) by Toni Lynn Cloutier contains word search puzzles shaped like the maps of various countries. (8-14)

Aliens & UFOs ($9.95) by Chris Evans. This book on the space world of the unknown includes pullouts and pop-ups. (8-up)

Pirates ($9.95) by John Matthews offers biographies of legendary buccaneers. (8-up)


(NBN, dist.)


Dry Souls ($7.95) by Denise Getson. A girl hides from the government when she discovers she can create the water her world needs. (13-up)


(IPG, dist.)

Women Heroes of World War II: 26 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Resistance, and Rescue ($19.95) by Kathryn Atwood focuses on individuals from the U.S. and Europe who risked their lives during this war. (12-up)


Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival ($12.95) by Denise Long is a handbook for outdoor adventurers. (9-12)

Paperback Series

For Kids welcomes Van Gogh and the Post-Impressionists for Kids: Their Lives and Ideas, 21 Activities by Carol Sabbeth ($17.95, 9-up); and Elizabeth I, the People’s Queen: Her Life and Times, 21 Activities by Kerrie Logan Hollihan ($16.95, 9-up).


Will You Be Mine? A Nursery Rhyme Romance ($17.95, paper $7.95) by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes. A string of nursery rhymes chronicles the romance of a cat and a dog. (3-6)

Hello, Baby Beluga ($15.95, paper $6.95) by Darrin Lunde, illus. by Patricia J. Wynne, offers information about the life and habitat of the baby beluga. (4-7)

Family Pack ($15.95) by Sandra Markle, illus. by Alan Marks, relays the true story of the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park. (4-7)

The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred ($17.95) by Samantha Vamos, illus. by Rafael López. This story of how a maiden and animals work together to make rice pudding for the fiesta includes Spanish words. (5-8)

Raj the Bookstore Tiger ($15.95) by Kathleen Pelley, illus. by Paige Keiser. Raj regains his confidence after a bullying new cat arrives at the bookstore. (5-8)

While You Are Sleeping: A Lift-the-Flap Book of Time Around the World ($14.95) by Durga Bernhard. Flaps lift to reveal the same moment in time in nine countries. (5-8)

A Call for a New Alphabet ($12.95, paper $5.95) by Jef Czekaj. After wanting to rearrange the alphabet to get more exposure, X decides he likes where he is. (6-9)

The Multiplying Menace Divides ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Pam Calvert, illus. by Wayne Geehan, is a math adventure starring Rumpelstiltskin and Matilda the witch. (7-10)

What’s for Dinner? Quirky, Squirmy Poems from the Animal World ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Katherine Hauth, illus. by David Clark, compiles poems about animals’ eating habits. (7-10)

Hummingbirds: Facts and Folklore from the Americas ($16.95, paper $8.95) by Jeanette Larson and Adrienne Yorinks, illus. by Yorinks, focuses on these birds. (9-11)

Digging for Troy: From Homer to Hisarlik ($17.95, paper $9.95) by Jill Rubalcaba and Eric Cline, illus. by Sarah Brannen, explores the question of whether the existence of the city of Troy is fact or fiction. (9-12)

Music Was IT: Young Leonard Bernstein ($19.95) by Susan Goldman Rubin is a biography of this composer, pianist, and conductor. (9-12)


Stuart J. Murphy’s I See I Learn offers Camille’s Team and Percy Gets Upset ($14.95 each, paper $6.95, 2-5).


Take Me Out to the Ball Game ($17.95) by Jack Norworth, illus. by Amiko Hirao, performed by Carly Simon. Two animal teams step up to the plate in this book packaged with a CD. (All ages)


Porkelia: A Pig’s Tale ($9.95) by Lindy Tucker. Determined to be the first piggy Rockette, Porkelia heads to New York City. (4-7)

Brass Monkeys ($16.95, paper $8.95) by Terry Caszatt. After transferring to a new school, a boy attempts to find a legendary teacher in the underworld. (9-12)



The Cloud ($7.99) by Hannah Cumming. A girl seems to have a black cloud hanging over her—until an imaginative classmate brightens her day. (3-7)

Star Gazers, Skyscrapers and Extraordinary Sausages ($7.99) by Claudia Boldt is the tale of a girl with many wild ambitions and her sausages-obsessed dog. (3-7)

Rabbit Pie ($7.99) by Penny Ives is a bedtime tale starring six rabbits. (3-7)

Ughh, Eggs! ($7.99) by Sarah Arnold. Will a porcupine get over his dislike of eggs so he can enjoy the cake Dad makes? (3-7)

Copy Cat ($7.99) by Mark Birchall. Dog is fed up with Cat’s copying, but when Cat stays away, Dog realizes that playing alone is less fun. (3-7)

Paperback Series

Tales with a Twist by Andrew Fusek Peters presents Monkey’s Clever Tale, illus. by Amanda Montgomery-Higham; The Tiger and the Wise Man, illus. by Diana Mayo; Bear and Turtle and the Great Lake Race, illus. by Alison Edgson; The Ant and the Big Bad Bully Goat and Dingo Dog and the Billabong Storm, illus. by Anna Wadham; and Rabbit Cooks Up a Cunning Plan, illus. by Bruno Robert (book and CD $9.99 each, 3-7).



Pirate Treasure of the Onyx Dragon ($6.99) by Alison Gilligan. The discovery of a fragment from a mysterious diary sends a brother and sister on a search for a sunken pirate ship. (7-12)

Paperback Series

Dragonlarks welcomes Dragon Day and Search for the Dragon Queen by Anson Montgomery and Lost Dog by R.A. Montgomery ($7.99 each, 5-8).


(IPG, dist.)

Caillou: Look and Find ($12.95) by Anne Paradis, illus. by Eric Sévigny. This board book features out-of-place objects to find and teaches the numbers 1 to 10. (3-up)


Confetti adds Caillou: Happy Easter! by Mélanie Rudel-Tessier, illus. by Pierre Brignaud ($6.95, 2-up).

Paperback Series

Ecology Club debuts with Caillou: The Magic of Compost and Caillou: Every Drop Counts by Sarah Margaret Johanson, illus. by Eric Sévigny ($5.95 each, 3-up). And Big Dipper releases Caillou: Broken Castle and Caillou: The Prince by Joceline Sanschagrin, illus. by Pierre Brignaud ($3.95 each, 3-up).


Shoot for the Moon: Lessons on Life from a Dog Named Rudy ($15.99) by Corinne Humphrey is a story inspired by a rescue dog that overcame the abuse he experienced as a puppy. (All ages)

Numbers and Colors ($6.99 each) by Thierry Laval are lift-the-flap board books featuring die-cuts. (up to 3)

What Kind of Fairy Is Merry Berry? ($12.99) by Lindsey Renee, illus. by Susan Reagan, tells how this fairy earned her wings. (3-6)

His Shoes Were Far Too Tight ($16.99) by Edward Lear, edited by Daniel Pinkwater, illus. by Calef Brown, collects Lear’s nonsense poems. (4-8)

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site ($16.99) by Sherri Duskey Rinker, illus. by Tom Lichtenheld. Hardworking trucks prepare to say goodnight. (4-8)

The Big Wish ($16.99) by Carolyn Conahan. Molly believes that if she grows enough dandelions, she and her community can make the world’s largest wish. (4-8)

The Woods ($16.99) by Paul Hoppe. A boy heads into the woods to look for his missing stuffed bunny. (4-8)

Twelve Dancing Princesses ($16.99) by Brigette Barrager is a modern retelling of this Brothers Grimm tale. (4-8)

A Butterfly Is Patient ($16.99) by Dianna Hutts Aston, illus. by Sylvia Long, introduces the world of butterflies. (5-10)

Nana Takes the Reins ($14.99) by Kathleen Lane with Cabell Harris, illus. by Sarah Horne. This sequel to Nana Cracks the Case! presents a rodeo adventure. (7-10)

The Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure: Everest ($12.99) by David Borgenicht with David Morton, illus. by Yancey Labat. Readers make choices as they try to reach the peak of Everest in this book with comic book–style art. (8-12)

The Secret World of Whales ($16.99) by Charles Siebert, in conjunction with the Natural Resources Defense Council, chronicles human encounters with whales. (8-12)

How I Stole Johnny Depp’s Alien Girlfriend ($16.99) by Gary Ghislain. David falls for a girl who says she is an alien on a quest to take the actor back to her planet. (12-up)

Spinning Out ($16.99) by David Stahler Jr. After two slackers land roles in their high school’s musical, one of them spirals into mental illness. (12-up)

Dan Eldon: Safari as a Way of Life ($24.99) by Jennifer New studies this photojournalist, who died at 22 while on assignment in Somalia. (12-up)


In My... Felt Finger Puppet Books adds In My Jungle and In My Ocean by Sarah Gillingham, illus. by Lorena Siminovich ($8.99 each, up to 4).

Paperback Series

The World Almanac for Kids Workbooks by Molly Smith, Christine Economos, and Lynn Brunellelaunches with Pre-Kindergarten ($12.99, 3-5); Kindergarten ($12.99, 4-6); 1st Grade ($12.99, 5-7); and 2nd Grade ($12.99, 6-8).


Press Here ($14.99) by Hervé Tullet. This interactive book invites readers to press dots, shake the pages, tilt the book, etc. (4-8)

Brother Sun, Sister Moon ($17.99) by Katherine Paterson, illus. by Pamela Dalton, is a reimagining of St. Francis of Assisi’s hymn, featuring cut-paper art. (4-8)


Walking Home to Rosie Lee ($17.95) by A. LaFaye, illus. by Keith Shepherd. After the Civil War, a boy walks through the South searching for his mother. (7-10)

Which Side Are You On? The Story of a Song ($17.95) by George Ella Lyon, illus. by Christopher Cardinale, tells of a song written by Ma Reece, sung by those fighting for their rights. (8-14)

Maximilian and the Mystery of the Guardian Angel: A Bilingual Lucha Libre Thriller ($12.95) by Xavier Garza. Max makes a connection to the world of Mexican wrestling that links him to the Guardian Angel. (9-12)

This Thing Called the Future ($16.95) by J.L. Powers. A teenage girl living in South Africa is caught between old Zulu ways and the 21st century. (13-17)


Crinkle Animals: Jungle, Garden, Farm, and Water ($9.95 each) by Guido van Genechten are soft cloth books featuring baby animals in various habitats. (up to 2)

Going to the Zoo with Lily and Milo and Going to the Beach with Lily and Milo ($12.95 each) by Pauline Oud describe visits to these places. (1-up)

Playing and Bathing ($5.95 each) by Liesbet Slegers are board books celebrating play; and taking a bath. (1-up)

Funny Ears, Funny Tail, and Funny Feet ($9.95 each) by Liesbet Slegers. These split-page board books encourage children to give animals different body parts. (18 mos.-up)

My Daddy ($12.95) by Guido van Genechten is a board book portraying a boy spending time with his father. (2-up)

Kevin Goes to the Library and Katie Goes to the Doctor ($12.95 each) by Liesbet Slegers follow these outings. (2-up)

The Big Baby Book ($12.95) by Guido van Genechten spotlights various babies. (2-up)

Because You Are My Friend ($17.95) by Guido van Genechten. A polar bear searches for the perfect friend. (3-up)

Kai-Mook ($16.95) by Guido van Genechten. Animals celebrate the birth of a baby elephant. (3-up)

Every Girl Is a Princess ($14.95) by Mylo Freeman. This book with flaps introduces princesses from all over the world. (3-up)

Ricky Is Brave ($15.95) by Guido van Genechten. Is Ricky brave enough to sleep outdoors? (4-up)

Lucky’s Little Feather ($15.95) by Peggy van Gurp stars an unfailingly optimistic mouse. (4-up)

Super Albert ($15.95) by Thierry Robberecht and Philippe Goossens centers on a superhero who is also an ordinary child, sometimes afraid of the dark. (4-up)

Thankyouplease ($15.95) by Pierre Winters and Barbara Ortelli. Nina is often impolite until she discovers the magic that can result from practicing good manners. (5-up)


(Lerner, dist.)

Colo’s Story: The Life of One Grand Gorilla ($18.95, paper $8.95) by Nancy Roe Pimm spotlights the world’s oldest living gorilla and the first born in a zoo. (10-14)



Icky Sticky, Hairy Scary Bible Stories ($14.99) by Jonathan Schkade offers poems revealing how God helps us out of our messes. (5-up)


Paperback Series

The Habitats of Baby Animals debuts with six titles by Bobbie Kalman, including Baby Animals in Desert Habitats and Baby Animals in Ocean Habitats ($6.95 each, 5-8). Twelve books by Gerry Bailey launch Smithsonian Prehistoric Zone, among them Parasaurolophus, illus. by Gabe McIntosh; Sabre-Tooth Tiger, illus. by Trevor Reaveley; and Triceratops and Velociraptor, illus. by Karen Carr ($8.95 each, 5-8). Tadpoles continues with 12 books, including A Cake for Dinner by Sue Graves, Bill’s Bike by Andy Blackford, George the Knight by Leon Read, and The Lost Broomstick by Ann Bryant ($6.95 each, 5-8). My World adds 16 titles by Kalman, among them It Looks Like a Dog, I Like to Play, Which Season Is It? and Night Animals ($5.95–$6.95 each, 5-8). And there are six additions to My Path to Math, including Beginner Word Problems, Patterning, and What Comes in Sets? ($6.95 each, 5-8).

Vehicles on the Move has six additions, among them Bicycles: Pedal Power and Boats on the Water by Lynn Peppas and Deep-diving Submarines by Molly Aloian ($8.95 each, 5-8). Spotlight on My Country offers Spotlight on Brazil, Spotlight on Italy, Spotlight on South Africa, and Spotlight on the Philippines by Bobbie Kalman ($8.95 each, 5-8). Text Styles starts up with How to Tell a Fable, How to Tell a Folktale, How to Tell a Legend, and How to Tell a Myth ($8.95 each, 8-11). Five volumes launch All Around the U.S., including What’s in the Midwest? and What’s in the Southeast? ($8.95 each, 8-11). Crabtree Connections adds 18 volumes, among them Ancient Greek Adventureby Angela Royston, Deep Sea Exploration by Richard Spilsbury, Inventors’ Secret Scrapbook by Chris Oxlade, and Who’s Who in WWII by Alison Hawes ($8.95 each, 8-11). And Disaster Alert! releases five revised editions, plus the new Gulf Oil Spill by Lynn Peppas ($8.95 each, 8-11).

Infantry Soldiers, Police Officers, Support Helicopter Pilots, and War Correspondents by Antony Loveless join The World’s Most Dangerous Jobs ($8.95 each, 8-11). Among the six books launching Chemtastrophe! are Chemistry Around the House by Erin Knight, Environmental Chemistry by Rachel Eagen, and Kitchen Chemistry by Jon Eben ($8.95 each, 10-14). Forms of Government debuts with five volumes, including What Is a Democracy?, What Is a Monarchy?, and What Is an Oligarchy? ($9.95 each, 10-14). Life in the Ancient World begins with six titles, among them Arts and Culture in the Ancient World, Government in the Ancient World, and Technology in the Ancient World ($8.95 each, 10-14). And The Science of Nutrition launches with six books, including Why We Need Carbohydrates, Why We Need Minerals, and Why We Need Proteins ($9.95 each, 10-14).

Paperback Series in French

Petit Monde Vivant (Small Living World) adds six titles, including Les souris (Mice) by Kelley MacAulay and Bobbie Kalman ($9.95, 3-9); Des animaux de toutes sortes (Many Kinds of Animals) by Molly Aloian and Kalman ($9.95, 5-9); and Les écrevisses (The Life Cycle of a Crayfish) by Kalman and Rebecca Sjonger ($9.95, 6-12).


(IPG, dist.)

Flea Circus ($14.95) by Mónica Carretero. Small insects decide to change their lives and create a circus. (5-7)

Roly-Polies ($14.95) by Mónica Carretero. A family of seemingly insignificant animals creates a world full of art, joy, and humor. (5-7)

Little Cloud Lamb ($14.95) by Ana A. de Eulate, illus. by Mónica Carretero. This tale of a lamb whose body is a cloud deals with accepting differences and coping with the loss of a loved one. (7-9)

Yago’s Heartbeat ($15.95) by Conchita Miranda, illus. by Mónica Carretero. Unconditional love and communication without words are themes of this story about the friendship between a child in a wheelchair and a snail. (7-9)


New Handbooks are Fairy Handbook and Pirate Handbook by Mónica Carretero ($14.95 each, 5-7).

Titles in Spanish

Circo de pulgas (Flea Circus) and La familia Bola (Roly-Polies) by Mónica Carretero ($14.95 each, 5-7); Cuerpo de nube (Little Cloud Lamb) by Ana A. de Eulate, illus. by Carretero ($14.95, 7-9); and Los latidos de Yalo (Yago’s Heartbeat) by Conchita Miranda, illus. by Carretero ($15.95, 7-9).

Series in Spanish

Manual de hadas (Fairy Handbook) and Manual de piratas (Pirate Handbook) by Mónica Carretero join Handbooks ($14.95 each, 5-7).