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The Cycling Wangdoos ($16.95) by Kelly Pulley is a rhyming tale about the importance of teamwork. (All ages)
There’s a Monster on the Loose ($16.95) by Elizabeth Gauthier, illus. by Kelly Pulley and Lisa Reed. A girl conquers her fear of the dark. (All ages)


The Fifth Codex ($14.95) by Robert Bresloff launches an adventure series about an archeologist and the Mayan culture. (12-up)


My Monster Notebook ($16.95) by John Harris, illus. by Mark Todd, introduces some lesser-known monsters from Greek mythology. (8-up)


Ballerina Cookbook ($14.99) by Janna DeVore compiles ballet-themed recipes. (6-up)

Cupcake Cakes ($14.99) by Lisa Turner Anderson tells how to use cupcakes to create cakes of various shapes. (6-up)

The Big Book of Spy Stuff ($19.99) by Bart King is a guide to the world of sabotage and espionage. (8-up)

B.F.F. Journal ($12.99) by Anita Wood, illus. by Jennifer Kalis, includes quizzes, activities, and space for best friends to express thoughts about each other. (8-up)


The Pocket Guide to Camping ($9.99) by Linda White and Katherine White features stories and activities, plus tips on camping skills and first aid. (All ages)

Pocketdoodles for Princesses ($9.99) by Anita Wood, illus. by Jennifer Kalis, offers prompts to inspire princess-themed doodles. (6-up)

Origami Zoo: 25 Fun Paper Animal Creations! ($19.99) by Paul Jackson and Miri Golan supplies easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. (8-up)


Just Perfect ($16.95) by Jane Marinsky. After trying out various animals as a playmate for their child, parents decide a human baby would be just perfect. (3-5)

Miss Etta and Dr. Claribel ($18.95) by Susan Fillion centers on Baltimore sisters who were the first Americans to collect the work of young Matisse and Picasso. (10-up)

The Fo’c’sle ($17.95) by Nan Parson Rossiter tells of naturalist Henry Beston and his Cape Cod house. (10-up)


The Noisy Noisy Farm ($12.99) by Stephanie Stansbie, illus. by Veronica Vasylenko. Animals search for a missing rooster in this book with sound chips. (1-3)

Sleepy Me! and Messy Me! ($8.99 each) by Marni McGee, illus. by Cee Biscoe, are board book tales about bedtime; and a playful bear. (1-3)

It’s Potty Time ($16.99) by Tracey Corderoy, illus. by Caroline Pedler, aims to reassure children who are uncertain about using a potty. (1-3)

Oh, Dylan! ($16.99) by Tracey Corderoy, illus. by Tina Macnaughton. Dylan waddles away from his family in this springtime tale. (2-6)

A Little Fairy Magic ($16.99) by Julia Hubery, illus. by Alison Edgson, focuses on rivalries and friendships between siblings. (3-7)

Icky Little Duckling ($16.99) by Steve Smallman, illus. by Tim Warnes, tells of the unlikely friendship between a very particular rabbit and an icky duckling. (3-7)

Little Stinker ($16.99) by Steve Smallman, illus. by Joëlle Dreidemy. The other fish are fed up with Percy’s habit of blowing stinky bubbles of gas for fun. (3-7)

The Slurpy Burpy Bear ($16.99) by Norbert Landa, illus. by Jane Chapman, offers a story about overcoming shortcomings and building friendships. (3-7)


A daisy is a daisy is a daisy (except when it’s a girl’s name) ($16.95) by Linda Wolfsgruber presents, in different languages, girls’ names that are also flowers. (All ages)

Benedict ($16.95) by Teresa Duran, illus. by Elena Val. Tired of living in a hot place, Benedict springs on his coiled tail from one habitat to another. (2-5)

What Are You Doing? ($16.95) by Elisa Amado, illus. by Manuel Monroy. When Chepito goes outside to play, he encounters various neighbors who are reading. (3-7)

City Numbers ($18.95) by Joanne Schwartz, photos by Matt Beam, portrays numbers in different forms found throughout a city. (3-up)

Migrant ($18.95) by Maxine Trottier, illus. by Isabelle Arsenault, focuses on a Mexican girl whose family travels north to work on farms each spring. (4-7)

Hound and Hare ($18.95) by Rotraut Susanne Berner, trans. by Shelley Tanaka. A hare and hound attend the same school, but never talk—until the big race. (6-9)

When Apples Grew Noses and White Horses Flew: Tales of Ti-Jean ($16.95) by Jan Andrews, illus. by Dusan Petricic, rounds up three stories about this Quebecois folktale hero. (7-10)

My Tattooed Dad ($18.95) by Daniel Nesquens, illus. by Magicomora. A boy’s father tells of exotic adventures in distant lands, inspired by his tattoos. (7-up)

Banjo of Destiny ($14.95) by Cary Fagan, illus. by Selçuk Demirel. Jeremiah has everything he wants, except for the instrument his parents forbid him to play. (9-12)

Mother Number Zero ($16.95) by Marjolijn Hof. Fay creates havoc at home when he sets out to find his birth mother, who escaped the war in Bosnia. (9-12)

High Riders, Saints and Death Cars: A Life Saved by Art ($24.95) by Nicholas Herrera. The author, a folk artist, explains how art transformed his life. (10-up)


Groundwood Guides issues Gangs by Richard Swift ($18.95, 14-up).

Gryphon House


The Budding Chef, edited by Kate Kuhn,and The Budding Gardener, edited by Mary B. Rein ($9.95 each), offer 50 activities for parents and children to do together in the kitchen; and garden. (3-10)


hardie grant/LITTLE HARE BOOKS

(IPG/Trafalgar Square, dist.)

Guess Who Says Moo? ($9.99) by Leonie Shearing is a lift-the-flap book introducing farm animals. (up to 3)

Fun Bums ($11.99) by Danielle McDonald is a split-page book featuring animal posteriors. (3-5)

No More Kisses! ($16.99) by Margaret Wild, illus. by Nina Rycroft. A baby who has had enough kisses and cuddles is chased around the garden by his friends. (3-5)

One Sheep, Two Sheep ($10.99) by Patricia Byers, illus. by Tamsin Ainsley, is a counting book featuring children dressed up as animals. (3-5)

Me and My Dad ($16.99) by Sally Morgan, illus. by Matt Ottley. At the beach, a boy discovers the one thing his father is afraid of. (3-5)

Why I Love Australia ($16.99) by Bronwyn Bancroft. Words and images celebrate this country. (3-5)

Count Them While You Can... ($16.99) by Anne Bowman showcases 10 endangered animals. (5-7)


Stubborn Little Pony ($7.99) by Kyle Mewburn, illus. by Heath McKenzie. Lonely since moving to the city and longing for a pet, Jake is asked to look after a pony. (5-7)

Effie the Outrageous Elf ($7.99) by Tiffany Mandrake, illus. by Martin Chatterton. Effie joins the circus and acts naughty when the circus folk ignore her. (7-9)

HARLEQUIN TEENThe Girl in the Steel Corset

($17.99) by Kady Cross. A servant girl from London is swept into a world where a villain is using automatons to commit crimes. (13-18)


Here Lies Bridget ($9.99) by Paige Harbison. After crashing her car and landing in limbo, a mean girl must face people she’s wronged. (13-18)

One Hundred Candles ($9.99) by Mara Purnhagen. When a party game gone awry unleashes angry spirits on her school, Charlotte must find a way to banish them. (13-18)

Outside In ($9.99) by Maria Snyder is a sequel to Inside Out. (13-18)

In the Arms of Stone Angels ($9.99) by Jordan Dane. A girl tries to save her institutionalized best friend, who’s locked in a nightmare vision quest. (13-18)

The Goddess Test ($9.99) by Aimée Carter. In this modern retelling of the Persephone myth, Hades offers a teen a deal that may save her dying mother. (13-18)

Paperback Series

Soul Screamers adds My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent ($9.99, 13-18). The Iron Fey continues with The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa ($9.99, 13-18).


Cat Secrets ($16.99) by Jef Czekaj. Cats try to keep their closely guarded secrets from readers. (3-6)

CookieBot! ($16.99) by Katie Van Camp, illus. by Lincoln Agnew, stars the characters from Harry and Horsie—plus one hungry robot. (3-6)

I’m a Shark ($16.99) by Bob Shea is a story about overcoming one’s fears. (3-6)

Clink ($16.99) by Kelly DiPucchio, illus. by Matthew Myers. An old, rusty robot finally finds a home. (4-7)

Purple Little Bird ($14.99) by Greg Foley. A finicky bird goes on a journey to learn if there’s anything better in the world than his purple home. (4-7)

Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator! ($17.99) by Mo Willems relays the adventures of a girl and her plush alligator. (4-8)

Just Being Audrey ($16.99) by Margaret Cardillo, illus. by Julia Denos, pays tribute to Audrey Hepburn. (4-8)

Invisible Inkling ($14.99) by Emily Jenkins, illus. by Harry Bliss, launches a series about a boy and his invisible friend. (7-10)

How Lamar’s Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy ($16.99) by Crystal Allen. An avid bowler struggles to emerge from the shadow of his basketball star brother. (8-12)

Jeremy Bender vs. the Cupcake Cadets ($15.99) by Eric Luper is a debut middle-grade novel about friendship and baked goods. (8-12)

The Trouble with Chickens ($14.99) by Doreen Cronin, illus. by Kevin Cornell. A retired search-and-rescue dog tries to locate a hen’s missing chick. (8-12)

Vesper ($16.99) by Jeff Sampson. A teen must discover who’s committing the murders in her town—and what’s causing her to turn into a monster. (12-up)

Bumped ($16.99) by Megan McCafferty. A virus renders everyone over age 18 infertile in this dystopian novel. (14-up)

Compulsion ($16.99) by Heidi Ayarbe relays the story of a teenage boy with obsessive compulsive disorder. (14-up)


The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place adds The Hidden Gallery by Maryrose Wood, illus. by Jon Klassen ($15.99, 8-12). And The Carrie Diaries continues with Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell ($18.99, 14-up).


We Are America ($16.99) by Walter Dean Myers, illus. by Christopher Myers, spotlights the struggles, ideals, and hope of Americans. (7-12)


Perfect Square ($16.99) by Michael Hall celebrates how creativity can change the way one looks at a basic shape. (up to 5)

If You’re Hoppy ($16.99) by April Pulley Sayre, illus. by Jackie Urbanovic, gives an animal twist to a familiar song. (2-5)

Little Bea ($12.99) by Daniel Roode. Bea buzzes through her neighborhood helping friends. (2-5)

That’s How! ($16.99) by Christoph Niemann reveals how airplanes, trucks, boats, and other vehicles work. (2-5)

Little White Rabbit ($16.99) by Kevin Henkes. A curious rabbit hops through the world before landing safely at home. (2-7)

The Neighborhood Sing-Along ($17.99) by Nina Crews. Illustrated with photos, this companion to The Neighborhood Mother Goose presents 34 songs. (3-8)

Pirates of the Sea! ($16.99) by Brandon Dorman focuses on pirates. (4-8)

Junonia ($15.99) by Kevin Henkes. In this illustrated novel, a girl hunts for the perfect seashell—and the perfect vacation. (8-12)

True... Sort Of ($16.99) by Katherine Hannigan offers a story about friendship, school, and discovering where you belong. (8-12)

The Unseen World of Poppy Malone #1: A Gaggle of Goblins ($16.99) by Suzanne Harper launches a series starring the daughter of paranormal investigators. (8-12)

Entwined ($17.99) by Heather Dixon. In this retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, the eldest fights to save her family from ancient dark magic. (12-up)

Nightspell ($16.99) by Leah Cypess. A girl is determined to save her sister in this novel of ancient magic, vengeance, and unbreakable bonds. (12-up)

Fury of the Phoenix ($17.99) by Cindy Pon. An evil spirit haunts Ai Ling from beyond the grave in this sequel to Silver Phoenix. (14-up)

A Touch Mortal ($17.99) by Leah Clifford. Caught in a war between Heaven and Hell and in love with a conflicted angel, Eden is stalked by the Fallen. (14-up)


Amelia Bedelia is back in Go West, Amelia Bedelia! by Herman Parish, illus. by Lynn Sweat ($17.99, 5-9). The Six Crowns adds Trundle’s Quest by Allan Jones, illus. by Gary Chalk ($15.99, 7-10). The Secret Zoo gains Secrets and Shadows by Bryan Chick ($16.99, 9-12). Rage of the Fallen joins The Last Apprentice by Joseph Delaney, illus. by Patrick Arrasmith ($17.99, 10-up). And The Ivy offers Secrets by Lauren Kunze ($16.99, 14-up).


Dude ($14.99) by Lisa Pliscou, illus. by Tom Dunne. Written in the style of Dick and Jane, this tale about Dude and Betty has a “surfer-dude” theme. (All ages)

Rain Brings Frogs ($9.99) by Maryann Cocca-Leffler encourages looking at the bright side of life. (up to 7)

No Dogs Allowed! ($16.99) by Anne Davis brings back feline friends Bud and Gabby. (3-7)

A Pet for Petunia ($12.99) by Paul Schmid. Petunia longs for a pet skunk. (3-7)

Zoomer’s Summer Snowstorm ($16.99) by Ned Young. Zoomer knows what to do when a snow cone becomes a snowstorm. (3-7)

Quacky Baseball ($16.99) by Peter Abrahams, illus. by Frank Morrison, is a tale of ball-playing ducklings. (3-8)

The Story of the Leprechaun ($12.99) by Katherine Tegen, illus. by Sally Anne Lambert. This tale of a shoemaking leprechaun and a greedy man reveals why leprechauns hide a pot of gold at rainbow’s end. (3-8)

This Is the Game ($16.99) by Diane Z. Shore, illus. by Owen Smith. This companion to This Is the Dream pays tribute to the history of baseball. (3-8)

Ants in Your Pants, Worms in Your Plants! ($16.99) by Diane deGroat. Gilbert the opossum goes green in this tale celebrating Earth Day. (4-8)

Because ($16.99) by Richard Torrey. Jack has a new favorite word in this follow-up to Almost and Why? (4-8)

Charlie the Ranch Dog ($16.99) by Ree Drummond, illus. by Diane deGroat, centers on a perpetually hungry basset hound. (4-8)

A Child’s Garden of Verses ($17.99) by Robert Louis Stevenson, illus. by Barbara McClintock, presents these poems with new art. (4-8)

Dear Tabby ($16.99) by Carolyn Crimi, illus. by David Roberts. A feline offers advice to neighborhood pets. (4-8)

The Invisible Man ($16.99) by Arthur Yorinks, illus. by Doug Cushman. What would happen if a wish to be invisible came true? (4-8)

Looking for the Easy Life ($16.99) by Walter Dean Myers, illus. by Lee Harper. The monkeys of Monkey Island search for the easy life. (4-8)

The Next Door Bear ($16.99) by Eugene Yelchin. A girl discovers the power of a small act of kindness. (4-8)

This Plus That ($14.99) by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illus. by Jen Corace, uses arithmetic to reveal how some things in life add up. (4-8)

When I Grow Up ($17.99) by Al Yankovic, illus. by Wes Hargis. A boy imagines all the things he might be when he grows up. (4-8)

Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile ($16.99) by Gloria Houston, illus. by Susan Condie Lamb. This companion to My Great-Aunt Arizona centers on a librarian who drove a bookmobile to bring books to her Appalachian neighbors. (6-9)

Cinderella Smith ($14.99) by Stephanie Barden, illus. by Diane Goode, introduces a girl known for losing her shoes. (8-12)

Inside Out and Back Again ($15.99) by Thanhha Lai was inspired by the author’s childhood experience of fleeing Vietnam as a refugee and settling in Alabama. (8-12)

Max Quick ($15.99) by Mark Jeffrey. Originally published online, this is a story about what happens when time stops for everyone but a small group of kids. (8-12)

Racing in the Rain ($15.99, paper $5.99) by Garth Stein adapts The Art of Racing in the Rain, his bestselling adult novel about a man, his daughter, and his dog. (8-12)

A Tale of Two Castles ($16.99) by Gail Carson Levine, illus. by Greg Call, is a tale involving a shape-shifting ogre, a dragon detective, and an aspiring actress. (8-12)

A True Princess ($15.99) by Diane Zahler. In a kingdom looking for a true princess, Lilia searches for a magical jewel to save her friend from evil enchantment. (8-12)

Mission Unstoppable ($16.99) by Dan Gutman launches the Genius Files series, about the adventures of 12-year-old twins Coke and Pepsi. (8-12)

Fly Trap ($16.99) by Frances Hardinge is the sequel to Fly by Night. (10-up)

The Glorious Adventures of the Sunshine Queen ($16.99) by Geraldine McCaughrean. Misfits traveling down the Missouri River discover the true meaning of friendship and family. (10-up)

Jake Ransom and the Howling Sphinx ($16.99) by James Rollins is a follow-up to Jake Ransom and the Skull King’s Shadow. (10-up)

The Secret Journeys of Jack London, Book One: The Wild ($15.99) by Christopher Golden, illus. by Greg Ruth, launches a series based on London’s life. (10-up)

The Silver Bowl ($16.99) by Diane Stanley is a fantasy about a cursed royal family and the servant girl who must save them. (10-up)

Take Me to the River ($15.99) by Will Hobbs. Rafting on the Rio Grande, two cousins encounter a hurricane and a fugitive kidnapper. (10-up)

Teeth ($17.99, paper $9.99) by Ellen Datlow is an anthology of vampire tales by well-known YA authors. (12-up)

Darkness Rising: The Gathering ($17.99) by Kelly Armstrong is the debut book in a series set in the same world as the Darkest Powers novels. (12-up)

Delirium ($17.99) by Lauren Oliver features a star-crossed romance in a world where love is forbidden. (14-up)

Desires of the Dead ($16.99) by Kimberly Derting. This paranormal romance is a follow-up to The Body Finder. (14-up)

I Am Number Four: Movie Tie-in Edition ($17.99) by Pittacus Lore relates the adventures of six alien teens hiding on Earth. (14-up)

Something Deadly This Way Comes ($16.99) by Kim Harrison concludes the trilogy that began with Once Dead, Twice Shy and Early to Death, Early to Rise. (14-up)


My First I Can Read welcomes Biscuit and the Lost Teddy Bear by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, illus. by Pat Schories; and Little Critter: A Green, Green Garden and Just Helping My Dad by Mercer Mayer ($16.99 each, paper $3.99, 3-5). Splat the Cat returns in Splish, Splash, Splat! by Rob Scotton ($16.99, 3-7). Fancy Nancy is back in Aspiring Artist and Stellar Stargazer! by Jane O’Connor, illus. by Robin Preiss Glasser ($12.99 each, 4-7). And new I Can Read Books 1 are Dixie by Grace Gilman, illus. by Sarah McConnell; Ducks in a Row by Jackie Urbanovic; Fancy Nancy and the Mean Girl and Fancy Nancy: Splendid Speller by Jane O’Connor, illus. by Robin Preiss Glasser; and Splat the Cat: Good Night, Sleep Tight and Splat the Cat Sings Flat by Rob Scotton ($16.99 each, paper $3.99, 4-8).

Joining I Can Read Books 2 are Dizzy Dinosaurs by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illus. by Barry Gott; Marley: Farm Dog and Messy Dog by John Grogan, illus. by Richard Cowdrey; and Pony Scouts: At the Show and Back in the Saddle by Catherine Hapka, illus. by Anne Kennedy ($16.99 each, paper $3.99, 4-8). Pinkalicious continues with Silverlicious by Victoria Kann ($17.99, 5-8). Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures adds The Flying Chinese Wonders by Jeff Brown, illus. by Macky Pamintuan ($15.99, paper $4.99, 7-10). The Zombie Chasers continues with Undead Ahead by John Kloepfer, illus. by Steve Wolfhard ($15.99, 8-12). Baseball Greats welcomes Best of the Best by Tim Green ($16.99, 8-12). Big Nate Boredom Buster by Lincoln Peirce is a new Big Nate title ($10.99, 8-12). The Super Sluggers introduces Wing Ding by Kevin Markey ($15.99, 8-12). Seekers gains Spirits in the Stars by Erin Hunter ($16.99, 10-up). Omen of the Stars joins Hunter’s Warriors ($16.99, 10-up). And Wicked Lovely concludes with Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr ($16.99, 12-up).


Freddy! Deep-Space Food Fighter and King of Flurg ($5.99 each) by Peter Hannan launch a series about a boy whose family is abducted by aliens. (7-11)

The Rotten Adventures of Zachary Ruthless #1 ($5.99) by Allan Woodrow, illus. by Aaron Blecha. A boy deals with laser beams and zombies in this series launch. (8-12)

Paperback Series

My First I Can Read greets Batman Classic: Batman Phonics Fun by Lucy Rosen, illus. by Rick Farley ($12.99, 3-5). I Can Read Books 1 offers Sid the Science Kid: Earth Day Fun by Jennifer Frantz and I’m Not Afraid of the Dark! by Cari Meister ($3.99 each, 4-8). Joining I Can Read Books 2 are Spider-Man: Spider-Man versus Hydro-Man by Susan Hill, illus. by Andie Tong; Superman Classics: Escape from the Phantom Zone by John Sazaklis, illus. by Steven Gordon; and Superman versus Mongul and Transformers: Hunt for the Decepticons: Training Day by Michael Teitelbaum ($3.99 each, 4-8). My Weird School Daze presents Ms. Leakey Is Freaky! by Dan Gutman, illus. by Jim Paillot ($3.99, 7-10). Kallik’s Adventure joins Seekers by Erin Hunter, illus. by Bettina Kurkoski ($6.99, 8-12). And Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales continues with Resolve by Melissa Marr ($9.99, 13-up).


Paperback Series

New Marley titles by John Grogan, illus. by Richard Cowdrey, are Marley Springs Ahead! ($6.99, 2-6); and Thanks, Mom and Dad! ($3.99, 3-7). Splat the Cat stars in Where’s the Easter Bunny? by Rob Scotton ($6.99, 2-6). Batman Classics offers Batman and the Toxic Terror by Jodi Huelin, illus. by Steven Gordon; and Starro and Stripes Forever by Gina Vivinetto, illus. by Rick Farley ($3.99 each, 3-7). And Rio tie-ins are Birds of a Feather by Susan Korman and Greetings from Rio! by Benjamin Harper ($3.99 each, 3-7); The Movie Storybook by Jodie Huelin ($8.99, 3-7); and The Junior Novel by Lexa Hillyer ($5.99, 8-12).

New Spider-Man Classics are I Am Spider-Man by Joe Merkel, illus. by Andie Tong; and Spider-Man and the Movie Mystery by Heather Alexander, illus. by Sanford Greene ($3.99 each, 3-7). Transformers releases Hunt for the Decepticons: Prime Target by Susan Korman ($3.99, 3-7). Pinkadoodles joins Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann ($12.99, 3-12). Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter is back in Just a Little Luck ($3.99, 4-7). Fancy Nancy’s Marvelous Mother’s Day Brunchby Jane O’Connor, illus. by Robin Preiss Glasser ($6.99, 4-8)joins Fancy Nancy. And I Can Read Books 2 welcomes Rio: Blu and Friends and Learning to Fly by Catherine Hapka ($3.99 each, 4-8).


The Berlin Boxing Club ($17.99) by Robert Sharenow. A boy in 1930s Berlin forms a bond with a boxing champion. (12-up)

Blood & Flowers ($16.99) by Penny Blubaugh. An outlaw theater troupe is forced to escape to the Faerie realm when the mortal world becomes too dangerous. (12-up)

Cloaked ($16.99) by Alex Flinn. This romantic adventure incorporates the themes of several familiar fairy tales. (12-up)

Father of Lies ($16.99) by Ann Turner is a fictional retelling of the Salem witch trials from the perspectives of a girl and the devil. (12-up)

Hereafter ($17.99) by Tara Hudson presents a love story featuring a ghost girl and a living boy. (12-up)

Illusions ($16.99) by Aprilynne Pike is a follow-up to Wings and Spells. (12-up)

Lark ($15.99) by Tracey Porter involves coming to terms with the loss of a girl. (12-up)

The Last Little Blue Envelope ($16.99) by Maureen Johnson. In this sequel to 13 Little Blue Envelopes, Ginny has another romantic European adventure. (12-up)

Pink ($16.99) by Lili Wilkinson. A teen assumes a new personality to figure out who she really wants to be. (12-up)

Rival ($16.99) by Sara Bennett Wealer. In this first novel, former best friends confront the events that destroyed their friendship. (12-up)

Starcrossed ($17.99) by Josephine Angelini is a debut novel involving star-crossed lovers, paranormal abilities, and a blood feud dating back to ancient Greece. (12-up)

Steel ($16.99) by Carrie Vaughn presents a high-seas, time-travel adventure. (12-up)

Through Her Eyes ($16.99) by Jennifer Archer is a supernatural drama in which ghosts have stories to tell. (12-up)

Unearthly ($17.99) by Cynthia Hand. In this launch to a trilogy about angels, a girl must choose between fulfilling her purpose and following her heart. (12-up)

Viola in the Spotlight ($16.99) by Adriana Trigiani is a sequel to Viola in Reel Life. (12-up)

Die for Me ($16.99) by Amy Plum. In this paranormal romance involving the undead, Kate must choose between normal life and the love of her life. (14-up)

Kick ($16.99) by Walter Dean Myers and Ross Workman. Myers and a debut teen author offer a novel about a boy who’s a great friend and soccer player—and a felon. (14-up)

Subway Girl ($16.99) by P.J. Converse. In this romance, two teens connect despite a language barrier. (14-up)


Evernight releases Afterlife by Claudia Gray ($16.99, 12-up). The Charmed Return by Frewin Jones joins Faerie Path ($16.99, 12-up). And The Vampire Diaries: The Return issues Midnight by L.J. Smith ($17.99, 12-up).


Where I Belong ($8.99) by Gwendolyn Heasley. When her father loses his job, a spoiled city girl must move to the country. (12-up)

Beastly Movie Tie-in Edition ($8.99) by Alex Flinn features movie tie-in cover art. (14-up)

Paperback Series

The Amanda Project continues with Revealed by Amanda Valentino ($8.99, 12-up). And The Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s Diaries by L.J. Smith issues Bloodlust and The Craving ($9.99 each, 14-up).


Mamá and Me ($16.99) by Arthur Dorros, illus. by Rudy Gutierrez. A mother and daughter share a special bond in this companion to Papá and Me. (4-8)

Ten Little Puppies/Diez perritos ($16.99) by Alma Flor Ada, illus. by Ulises Wensell, offers a bilingual rendition of this song. (4-8)

SkateFate ($15.99) by Juan Felipe Herrera tells the story of Lucky Z, a former skateboarder who finds triumph and power through his voice. (12-up)

Title in Spanish

Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann ($17.99, 5-8).

Series in Spanish

Fancy Nancy adds Nancy la Elegante y la perrita popoff(Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy) by Jane O’Connor, illus. by Robin Preiss Glasser ($16.99, 4-7).


Goldie and the Three Hares ($16.99) by Margie Palatini, illus. by Jack E. Davis, gives a classic tale a twist. (4-7)

Summer Jackson: Grown Up ($16.99) by Teresa E. Harris, illus. by AG Ford, introduces a seven-year-old who is sure she’s ready to be a grownup. (4-7)

Before You Came ($16.99) by Patricia MacLachlan and Emily MacLachlan, illus. by David Diaz. A mother celebrates life before and after her daughter’s birth. (4-8)

A Dog’s Way Home ($16.99) by Bobbie Pyron. A girl and her dog are determined to find each other after they are separated. (8-12)

Falcon Quinn and the Crimson Vapor ($16.99) by Jennifer Finney Boylan. In this fantasy, Falcon must learn where he belongs in the world of Monsters. (10-14)

Illegal ($16.99) by Bettina Restrepo tells of a Mexican teenage girl’s life as an illegal immigrant in Texas. (12-up)

The Trust ($16.99) by Tom Dolby is a sequel to Secret Society. (12-up)

Angelfire ($17.99) by Courtney Allison Moulton. A teen discovers she has the soul of an ancient reaper slayer and falls in love with her guardian angel. (14-up)

Divergent ($17.99) by Veronica Roth launches a dystopian trilogy about unexpected romance and a deeply flawed “perfect” society. (14-up)


Septimus Heap stars in Darke by Angie Sage ($17.99, 9-up). Michael Grant’s Gone continues with Plague ($17.99, 12-up). And Vampire Kisses releases Cryptic Cravings by Ellen Schreiber ($16.99, 12-up).


The Fourth Stall ($15.99) by Chris Rylander. Two schoolmates operate a problem-solving business from the boys’ bathroom. (8-12)

Juniper Berry ($15.99) by M.P. Kozlowsky, illus. by Erwin Madrid. This first novel presents a fairy tale of terror. (10-up)


The Archer Legacy issues The Emerald Casket by Richard Newsome, illus. by Jonny Duddle ($16.99, 8-12).


(IPG/Trafalgar square, dist.)


Collins Junior World Atlas ($12.99) by Stephen Scoffham includes topographical-based mapping, photos, data files, and map keys. (9-12).


(IPG/Trafalgar square, dist.)


Clumsies Make a Mess of the Big Show ($6.99) by Sorrel Anderson. Howard’s evil boss wants him to sing at the big show—but Howard can’t sing. (7-9)

Liberty and the Dream Ride ($7.99) by Stacy Gregg. Riding her pony in an elite competition, Issie fears she’s out of her league. (9-12)


(Ideals, dist.)

101 First Words and 101 First Words: Animals ($5.99 each). Photos illustrate these books introducing words. (2-4)

Fantastical Spot What! and Wacky World Spot What! ($14.99 each) by Nick Bryant and Rowan Summers. Kids use 3D glasses to find hidden items. (4-up)

Thomas & Friends: Numbers (Write, Slide & Learn) ($9.99). Readers fill in the blanks after finding missing numbers, and slide a tab to check their answers. (5-up)


Spring Is Here! ($16.95) by Will Hillenbrand. Mole devises a plan when he can’t wake up Bear to celebrate spring’s arrival. (3-6)

New Red Bike! ($16.95) by James E. Ransome. Sam’s new bike goes missing after he stops by Sam’s house to show it off. (3-6)

The Croaky Pokey! ($14.95) by Ethan Long. Frog friends play a variation on the hokey pokey dance. (3-6)

Dog in Boots ($17.95) by Greg Gormley, illus. by Roberta Angaramo. Inspired by his favorite story about a cat with fantastic boots, Dog heads to the shoe store. (3-6)

I Like You the Best ($16.95) by Carol Thompson. A pig and a rabbit learn a lesson after hurting each other’s feelings. (3-6)

In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb ($16.95) by Marion Dane Bauer, illus. by Emily Arnold McCully. After a lion ushers in a stormy March, a lamb brings warm spring weather. (4-8)

The Little Plant Doctor: A Story About George Washington Carver ($16.95) by Jean Marzollo, illus. by Ken Wilson-Max, introduces the work of this scientist. (4-8)

No Fair Science Fair ($14.95) by Nancy Poydar. Though all the good ideas are already taken, a bird outside the window inspires Otis’s science fair project. (4-8)

The Story of Esther: A Purim Tale ($16.95) by Eric A. Kimmel, illus. by Jill Weber, tells of a mighty king, a scoundrel, a wise uncle, and a clever heroine. (4-8)

Foxy and Egg ($17.95) by Alex T. Smith. When Foxy invites Egg to dinner, hoping to put her guest on the menu, the hostess gets a surprise. (4-8)

Gorillas ($17.95) by Gail Gibbons examines these primates’ habits and habitats. (4-8)

Happy Endings: A Story About Suffixes ($16.95) by Robin Pulver, illus. by Lynn Rowe Reed, is a companion to Punctuation Takes a Vacation and other word books. (4-8)

I Am the Book ($16.95), selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illus. by Yayo, compiles 13 poems celebrating reading. (4-8)

April Fool, Phyllis! ($16.95) by Susanna Leonard Hill, illus. by Jeffrey Ebbeler, is a companion to Punxsutawney Phyllis. (4-8)

Roscoe and the Pelican Rescue ($14.95) by Lynn Rowe Reed. Two cousins and a dog rescue an oil-covered pelican on a Louisiana beach. (4-8)

Ben Franklin: His Wit and Wisdom from A-Z ($16.95) by Alan Schroeder, illus. by John O’Brien, offers an alphabetical tribute to this founding father. (6-10)

Basketball Belles: How Two Teams and One Scrappy Player Put Women’s Hoops on the Map ($16.95) by Sue Macy, illus. by Matt Collins, centers on Agnes Morley, who made basketball history as a player at Stanford in 1896. (6-10)

Irena Sendler and the Children of the Warsaw Ghetto ($18.95) by Susan Goldman Rubin, illus. by Bill Farnsworth, focuses on this Polish social worker who spirited Jewish children out of the Warsaw ghetto during WWII. (6-10)

Mysterious Bones: The Story of Kennewick Man ($17.95) by Katherine Kirkpatrick, illus. by Emma Stevenson. This examination of forensic anthropology focuses on a skeleton found in Washington State in 1996. (8-12)

Your Friend in Fashion, Abby Shapiro ($17.95) by Amy Axelrod. In this coming-of-age novel, a young fashion designer sends letters and drawings to Jackie Kennedy. (8-12)

Possum Summer ($17.95) by Jen K. Blom, illus. by Omar Rayyan. While her father is off fighting in Iraq, a girl raises an orphaned possum and returns him to the wild. (8-12)

All the World’s a Stage: A Novel in Five Acts ($16.95) by Gretchen Woelfle, illus. by Thomas Cox. A boy working in a London theater helps to build Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. (10-14)

Where I Belong ($17.95) by Gillian Cross. A Somali refugee who works as a model to help her family learns that her kidnapped brother is being held for ransom. (12-up)

The Price of Loyalty ($17.95) by Mike Castan. Manny makes a decisive move after his group of middle school friends begins feeling like a gang. (12-up)

The End of the Line ($17.95) by Angela Cerrito. A boy in a prisonlike reformatory reflects on the horrifying events that landed him there. (12-up)

Alice in Time ($17.95) by Penelope Bush. A self-centered teen gets a chance to fix her disastrous life when she is spirited back in time. (12-up)

Out of Shadows ($17.95) by Jason Wallace. At a Zimbabwe boarding school in 1983, a boy finds himself torn between his black roommate and bitter white bullies. (15-up)


Tweak Tweak ($14.99) by Eve Bunting, illus. by Sergio Ruzzier. Little Elephant goes for a walk with her mother. (up to 3)

Tallulah’s Tutu ($16.99) by Marilyn Singer, illus. by Alexandra Boiger, reveals that ballet is about more than just the tutu. (4-8)

Ten Moonstruck Piglets ($16.99) by Lindsay Lee Johnson, illus. by Carll Cneut. Baby animals are entranced by the moonlight in this bedtime tale. (4-8)

Those Darn Squirrels and the Cat Next Door ($16.99) by Adam Rubin, illus. by Daniel Salmieri, is a tongue-in-cheek companion to Those Darn Squirrels. (4-8)

Cousins of Clouds: Elephant Poems ($16.99) by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer, illus. by Sean Addy and Megan Halsey, offers poems about pachyderms. (5-8)

Emma Dilemma: Big Sister Poems ($16.99) by Kristine O’Connell George, illus. by Nancy Carpenter, consists of poems about the relationship between two sisters. (6-9)

First Garden: The White House Garden and How It Grew ($16.99) by Robbin Gourley looks at Michelle Obama’s garden and includes recipes. (6-9)

Tales for Very Picky Eaters ($14.99) by Josh Schneider offers a take on a common childhood issue. (6-9)

Roots and Blues: A Celebration ($17.99) by Arnold Adoff, illus. by R. Gregory Christie, celebrates blues music and its creators. (8-12)

Space, Stars, and the Beginning of Time: What the Hubble Telescope Saw ($17.99) by Elaine Scott examines the expanding universe through this telescope’s lens. (8-12)

Okay for Now ($16.99) by Gary Schmidt. Love, creativity, and survival are themes of this companion to the Newbery Honor book, The Wednesday Wars. (10-14)

Tom Thumb: The Remarkable True Story of a Man in Miniature ($20) by George Sullivan recounts the life of this individual. (10-14)

Jane Austen: A Life Revealed ($18.99) by Catherine Reef studies Austen’s life. (12-up)

The Year We Were Famous ($16.99) by Carole Estby Dagg is based on the true story of a mother and daughter who walked across the U.S. to save their farm in 1896. (12-up)



The Lipstick Laws ($8.99) by Amy Holder explores the question: how much is popularity worth? (12-up)

The Cellar ($8.99) by A.J. Whitten. This retelling of Romeo and Juliet stars zombies. (12-up)

My Misadventures as a Teenage Rock Star ($8.99) by Joyce Raskin, illus. by Carol Chu, shows how rock ’n’ roll changed one teen’s life. (12-up)

Rage ($8.99) by Jackie Morse Kessler. In this paranormal fantasy, a teen cutter discovers her own power and refuses to be defeated by the world. (12-up)


Dead Is wraps up with Dead Is Not an Option by Marlene Perez ($7.99, 12-up). And The Discovery concludes Ghost Huntressby Marley Gibson ($8.99, 12-up).


Follow Me ($16.99) by Tricia Tusa pays tribute to colors and nature. (4-8)

Monkey: A Trickster Tale from India ($16.99) by Gerald McDermott rounds out this Caldecott artist’s collection of trickster tales. (4-8)

No Sleep for the Sheep! ($16.99) by Karen Beaumont, illus. by Jackie Urbanovic, presents a picture book filled with animal sounds. (4-8)

The Voyage of Turtle Rex ($16.99) by Kurt Cyrus. This companion to Tadpole Rex focuses on prehistoric sea creatures. (4-8)

The Little Red Pen ($16.99) by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel, illus. by Stevens. This tale of teamwork stars some opinionated school supplies. (6-9)

Suddenly in the Depths of the Forest ($15.99) by Amos Oz is a fable about tolerance and acceptance, denial, loneliness, and remembrance. (10-14)

The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group ($16.99) by Catherine Jinks is a sequel to The Reformed Vampire Support Group. (12-up)

Those That Wake ($16.99) by Jesse Karp. Two teens struggle to create a future in a world ravaged, both physically and by corporate greed. (12-up)

The Vespertine ($16.99) by Saundra Mitchell. Dark visions interrupt Amelia’s summer in Victorian Baltimore. (12-up)


43 Old Cemetery Road continues with Till Death Do Us Bark by Kate Klise, illus. by M. Sarah Klise ($15.99, 9-12).


Where Is Your Home? and Where Is Your Mama? ($5.99 each) by Vincent Balas and Lucie Durbiano are board books with sliding tabs. (up to 3)


Curious Baby Curious George offers My Favorite Things and My First Book of Color, art by H.A. Rey ($8.99 each, up to 3). Curious George returns in Parade Day ($7.99, up to 3); Curious George on the Go! ($6.99, up to 3); Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George ($8.99, 3-7); and Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise ($13.99, paper $3.99, 4-8), all with art by H.A. Rey. And Send-A-Story issues Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers; Won’t You Be My Kissaroo? by Joanne Ryder, illus. by Melissa Sweet; I Like You by Sandol Stoddard Warburg, illus. by Jacqueline Chwast; and No Matter What by Debi Gliori ($4.99 each, 3-7).

Paperback Series

Curious George stars in Dinosaur Tracks ($3.99, hardcover $12.99, 4-8); and Curious George Rain or Shine ($4.99, 4-8). And Susan Meddaugh’s Martha Speaks adds Fireworks for All, Martha Camps Out, and Pool Party ($3.99 each, hardcover $12.99, 4-8); Thief of Hearts ($3.99, hardcover $12.99, 5-7); and Martha and Skits Out West and White House Dog ($5.99 each, hardcover $14.99, 6-9).


Friends: True Stories of Extraordinary Animal Friendships ($16.99) by Catherine Thimmesh examines unlikely animal friends. (4-8)

Loon Baby ($16.99) by Molly Beth Griffin, illus. by Anne Hunter. A baby loon becomes separated from his mother. (4-8)

The Loud Book! ($12.99) by Deborah Underwood, illus. by Renata Liwska, is a companion to The Quiet Book. (4-8)

The Secret Box ($15.99) by Barbara Lehman is a wordless tale about secret messages left in boxes hidden in secret places. (4-8)

These Hands ($16.99) by Margaret H. Mason, illus. by Floyd Cooper. Joseph learns of the discrimination encountered by his African-American grandfather. (4-8)

Time for a Bath, Time to Eat, and Time to Sleep ($12.99 each) by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, illus. by Jenkins, spotlight animal habits. (4-8)

Queen of the Falls ($18.99) by Chris Van Allsburg tells the story of Annie Edson Taylor, who went over Niagara Falls in a barrel at the turn of the 20th century. (6-9)

Bless This Mouse ($15.99) by Lois Lowry, illus. by Eric Rohmann, centers on a resilient colony of church mice. (9-12)

The Lemonade Crime ($15.99) by Jacqueline Davies is a sequel to The Lemonade War. (9-12)

Rescuing Rover: Saving America’s Dogs ($16.99) by Raymond Bial addresses pet overpopulation. (9-12)

Far from Shore: Chronicle of an Open Ocean Voyage ($17.99) by Sophie Webb examines how and why scientists study deep-sea creatures. (9-12)

Awaken ($16.99) by Katie Kacvinsky. In the plugged-in, tuned-out world of 2060, Madeline meets a boy who shows her a better way to live. (12-up)

The Betrayal of Maggie Blair ($16.99) by Elizabeth Laird. A teen in 17th-century Scotland is accused of being a witch. (12-up)

Trickster’s Girl ($16) by Hilari Bell is a novel set a century after 9/11, in a high-tech, high-security world threatened by bioterrorism. (12-up)


Knights’ Tales presents The Adventures of Sir Gawain the True by Gerald Morris, illus. by Aaron Renier ($14.99, 6-9). Nathaniel Fludd: Beastologist returns in The Unicorn’s Tale by R.L. LaFevers, illus. by Kelly Murphy ($14.99, 6-9). Dodsworth stars in Dodsworth in Rome by Tim Egan ($14.99, 6-9). Just Grace returns in Just Grace and the Terrible Tutu by Charise Mericle Harper ($15, 6-9). And Scientists in the Field adds The Manatee Scientists: Saving Vulnerable Species by Peter Lourie ($18.99, 9-12).


Paperback Series

Good Sports issues Yes, She Can!: Women Sports Pioneers by Glenn Stout ($5.99, 9-12).


IDEALS Children’s Books

The View at the Zoo ($14.99) by Kathleen Long Bostrom, illus. by Guy Francis, spotlights a trip to the zoo. (4-8)


Love My Shoes! ($7.99) by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Holli Conger. A celebration of shoes featuring 3D art. (2-5)

Madame Blue’s Easter Hullabaloo ($12.99) by Karen Poth. This VeggieTales musical board book shares the Easter message. (2-5)

Take Me Out to the Ball Game ($10.99) by Jack Norworth, illus. by Mark Meyers, is a musical board book featuring this song. (2-5)

The Story of Easter ($6.99) by Patricia Pingry, illus. by Rebecca Thornburgh, bridges the connection between the biblical story and today’s celebrations.

The Story of Jesus ($6.99) by Patricia Pingry, illus. by Kelly Pulley, offers an introduction to Jesus. (2-5)

The Story of the Ten Commandments ($6.99) by Patricia Pingry, illus. by Kelly Pulley, explains the origin of the commandments and their relevance today. (2-5)


The Mouse Who Saved Egypt ($16.95) by Karim Alrawi, illus. by Bee Willey. In this retelling of a Middle Eastern folktale, a mouse repays a pharaoh’s act of kindness when he was a boy. (3-8)



Around the World in One Shabbat: Jewish People Celebrate the Sabbath Together ($18.99) by Durga Yael Bernhard shows the many ways Shabbat is celebrated. (3-6)



Paperback Series

Animal Antics A to Z continues with Kylie Kangaroo’s Karate Kickers, Lana Llama’s Little Lamb, Maxwell Moose’s Mountain Monster, Nina Nandu’s Nervous Noggin, Oliver Otter’s Own Office, Polly Porcupine’s Painting Prizes, Quentin Quokka’s Quick Questions, and Rosie Raccoon’s Rock and Roll Raft by Barbara deRubertis, illus. by R.W. Alley ($7.95 each, 3-8). And Milo & Jazz Mysteries adds The Case of the Missing Moose by Lewis B. Montgomery, illus. by Amy Wummer ($6.95, 7-11).


It’s Tot Shabbat! ($12.95) by Naomi Danis, photos by Tod Cohen. A preschool class learns about celebrating Shabbat. (2-6)

Afikomen Mambo ($17.95, paper $7.95) by Joe Black, illustrated by Linda Prater, presents a rhyme about the afikomen hunt at the Passover seder. (4-8)

The Littlest Mountain ($17.95, paper $7.95) by Barb Rosenstock, illus. by Melanie Hall, imagines why God chose Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments. (4-8)

Jumping Jenny ($17.95, paper $7.95) by Ellen Bari, illus. by Raquel García Maciá. Jenny uses her pogo stick–jumping talent for a good cause. (5-9)

Picnic at Camp Shalom ($17.95, paper $7.95) by Jacqueline Jules, illus. by Deborah Melmon. Two girls at camp overcome a strained friendship. (5-9)

Yuvi’s Candy Tree ($17.95, paper $7.95) by Lesley Simpson, illus. by Janice Lee Porter. After escaping from Ethiopia, Yuvi finds the trees of her dreams in Israel. (5-9)


Ella’s Trip to Israel ($8.95) by Vivian Newman, illus. by Akemi Gutierrez. Ella and her stuffed monkey travel to Israel. (1-4)

The Queen Who Saved Her People ($7.95) by Tilda Balsley, illus. by Ilene Richard, retells the story of Purim. (4-up)


Ten Birds ($16.95) by Cybèle Young is a counting tale celebrating ingenuity and common sense. (All ages)

Kitten’s Summer ($14.95) by Eugenie Fernandes. What do animals do in the rain? (1-4)

Without You ($16.95) by Geneviève Côté. This companion to Me and You shows why life is sweeter when shared. (2-up)

Cinnamon Baby ($16.95) by Nicola Winstanley, illus. by Janice Nadeau, is a fable revealing a remedy for a crying baby. (3-7)

Small Saul ($16.95) by Ashley Spires tells of an unconventional young pirate. (3-7)

My Cat Isis ($16.95) by Catherine Austen, illus. by Virginie Egger. A boy compares his cat to the Egyptian goddess Isis. (3-7)

Happy Birthday, Big Bad Wolf ($16.95) by Frank Asch. The three pigs throw the wolf a surprise party. (3-7)

Watch Me Grow! ($16.95) by Deborah Hodge, photos by Brian Harris, focuses on growing food in the city. (4-7)

Witches’ Brew ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Mary Labatt, illus. by Jo Rioux. Canine detective Sam suspects that his new neighbors may be witches. (7-10)

Wise at Heart: Children and Adults Share Words of Wisdom ($18.95) by Brody Hartman, Richard Steckel, and Michele Steckel, photos by Hartman, presents the words of 400 children and adults. (7-up)

This Child, Every Child: A Book About the World’s Children ($18.95) by David J. Smith, illus. by Shelagh Armstrong, discusses children’s lives and the rights they are guaranteed under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. (8-12)

Dreadful Fates: What a Shocking Way to Go! ($14.95) by Tracey Turner, illus. by Sally Kindberg, compiles stories about unusual funerals, murders, and executions. (8-12)

Totally Human: Why We Look and Act the Way We Do ($16.95) by Cynthia Pratt Nicolson, illus. by Dianne Eastman, introduces evolutionary biology and psychology. (9-13)

Mathemagic! Number Tricks ($16.95) by Lynda Colgan, illus. by Jane Kurisu, offers tricks that teach math concepts. (10-14)


Scaredy Squirrel returns in Scaredy Squirrel Has a Birthday Party by Mélanie Watt ($16.95, 4-8).


Basher ABC Kids ($17.99) by Simon Basher. Alliteration and manga-style art introduce the alphabet. (3-6)

People Around the World ($12.99) offers a lift-the-flap look at various locales and cultures. (3-6)

Animals Under the Sea ($12.99) by Deborah Chancellor, illus. by Anthony Lewis. Flaps lift to reveal aquatic life. (3-6)

The Kingfisher Children’s Bible ($14.99) by Trevor Barnes offers illustrated biblical stories. (8-12)

The Kingfisher Animal Encyclopedia ($27.99) by David Burnie is an essential animal reference. (8-12)

The Kingfisher Geography Encyclopedia ($39.99) by Clive Gifford rounds up international geographical, physical, and cultural facts. (10-14)

Title in Spanish

La Biblia Ilustrada para Niños (The Kingfisher Children’s Bible) by Trevor Barnes ($14.99, 8-12).


Basher: Go! Go! BoBo begins with Colors and Shapes by Simon Basher ($6.99, up to 4). Baby Animals introduces Pets, In the Forest, In the Jungle, and In Grasslands ($5.99 each, up to 4). Discover Science continues with Animal Disguises and Senses ($9.99 each, 5-8). I Wonder Why Penguins Can’t Fly joins I Wonder Why ($12.99, 5-8). Lifecycles debuts with Rainforest and Ocean ($12.99 each, 7-10). The Explorers gains Stars and Planets and Reptiles ($10.99 each, 7-10). Kingdom offers Extreme Rainforest and Undersea Creatures ($16.99 each, paper $8.99, 7-11). All About America launches with Colonists and Independence, Cowboys and the Wild West, Gold Rush and Riches, and Wagon Trains and Settlers ($19.99 each, paper $9.99, 9-12). Legends by Anthony Horowitz returns with Death and the Underworld and Heroes and Villains ($9.99 each, 9-12). Navigators presents Extreme Weather and Ancient Greece ($12.99 each, 9-12). Epic Adventures starts up with Epic Climbs and Epic Voyages ($19.99 each, 10-up). And Basher issues Human Body by Simon Basher ($14.99, paper $8.99, 10-up).


Brain Busters ($5.99) by Susie Brooks and Sandy Ransford, offers puzzles in four categories: Mental, Word, Number, and Memory. (7-10)

Paperback Series

Questions releases The Book of What? and The Book of Who?, illus. by Ray Bryant ($7.99 each, 5-8). Knights & Castles and Killer Creatures are new to Navigators ($8.99, 9-12). Kingfisher Knowledge adds Wonders of the World by Philip Steele and Speed Machines by Miranda Smith ($8.99 each, 9-12). And Gifted features Speak No Evil ($7.99, 10-14).

kregel publications


Amon’s Adventure: A Family Story for Easter ($16.99) by Arnold Ytreeide takes families from the beginning of Lent to the culmination of the season. (7-12)

Paperback Series

Circle C Beginnings adds Andi’s Fair Surprise and Andi’s Scary School Days by Susan Marlow, illus. by Leslie Gammelgaard ($4.99 each, 6-8).

kregel/candle books

The Story of Easter ($7.99) by Tim Dowley, illus. by Steve Whitlow. This board book covers the Easter story from Palm Sunday through Jesus’ appearances to his disciples. (3-up)

Build Your Own Noah’s Ark ($12.99) by Karen Williamson, illus. by Bill Bolton. This board book contains a model for construction. (3-up)

Candle Bible for Kids ($16.99) by Juliet David, illus. by Jo Parry, contains some 50 retold stories (5-up)

Solomon’s Temple Model ($14.99) by Tim Dowley, illus. by Peter Pohle. This guide to Solomon’s temple includes a model. (7-9)


Candle Discovery adds Look Inside the Bible—Life of Jesus by Tim Dowley, illus. by John Rabou ($11.99, 7-9).


(Consortium, dist.)

We’re Off to Make ‘Umrah ($10.95) by Sana Munshey, illus. by Eman Saleem. A family travels to Mecca to perform this religious ritual for the first time. (3-6)

Cinderella: An Islamic Tale ($14) by Fawzia Gilani, illus. by Shireen Adams. Faith and goodness are rewarded in this interpretation of the fairy tale. (5-10)


Ibrahim Khan and the Mystery of the Haunted Lake ($7.50) by Farheen Khan. Two friends solve the mystery of an alleged ghost terrifying classmates on a school trip. (5-10)



Friend Power ($17.95) by Trish Marx, photos by Ellen Senisi, examines friendships among children both in the U.S. and in China. (5-10)

Hot, Hot Roti for Dada-Ji ($17.95) by F. Zia, illus. by Ken Min. A boy who wants to discover if his grandfather still has mythic powers makes a batch of roti. (5-10)

The Mangrove Tree: Planting Trees to Feed Families ($19.95) by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore, illus. by Roth, focuses on Gordon Sato, who planted mangrove trees to make desert and salt-water land productive. (6-11)

Only the Mountains Do Not Move: The Maasai Story of Culture and Conservation ($18.95) by Jan Reynolds explains how Maasai in Kenya are adapting to environmental changes. (6-11)

A Full Moon Is Rising ($19.95) by Marilyn Singer, illus. by Julia Cairns, compiles poems about full moon celebrations and beliefs. (6-up)

Under the Mesquite ($18.95) by Guadalupe Garcia McCall. A Mexican girl struggles with adult responsibilities as her mother battles cancer. (12-up)


(Ingram, dist.)

Oliver ($12.95) by Christopher Franceschelli. This novelty book stars an egg. (1-up)

Umbrella ($16.95) by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert. In this wordless tale, an umbrella carries a dog on a journey around the world. (2-up)


Winter in Wartime ($9.95) by Jan Terlouw. As WWII draws to a close, a teen becomes involved with the Resistance after helping a wounded British soldier. (12-up)

Plastic Soup ($21.95) by Jesse Goossens examines the results of dumping trash in the ocean and outlines solutions. (12-up)

It’s a Wonderful Life ($9.95) by Jesse Goossens. A teen from Europe discovers a new life in smalltown America. (12-up)


Big Bouffant ($16.95) by Kate Hosford, illus. by Holly Clifton-Brown. Annabelle wants a hairstyle that will let her stand out on the first day of school. (5-8)

Mudkin ($16.95) by Stephen Gammell. A girl playing in the mud fancies herself a queen. (5-8)

Sarah Emma Edmonds Was a Great Pretender: The True Story of a Civil War Spy ($17.95) by Carrie Jones, illus. by Mark Oldroyd, tells of this Union spy. (7-11)

The Great Moon Hoax ($16.95) by Stephen Krensky, illus. by Josée Bisaillon, examines this 1835 hoax through the eyes of a New York City newsboy. (7-11)

The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon ($20.95) by Carla Killough McClafferty showcases statues of Washington that are part of a touring museum exhibit. (8-12)


Dino-Sports adds Dino-Basketball by Lisa Wheeler, illus. by Barry Gott ($16.95, 5-9).


Everything I Was ($17.95) by Corinne Demas. After her family’s change of fortune, a girl must exchange her privileged city life for simple country living. (11-16)

Lost in the River of Grass ($17.95) by Ginny Rorby. Struggling to survive in the Everglades with a boy she barely knows, Sarah overcomes her prejudices. (12-up)

Savannah Grey ($17.95) by Cliff McNish. A teen develops special powers to contend with a monster determined to destroy the world. (12-up)

What Can’t Wait ($17.95) by Ashley Hope Pérez. Can a teen from a struggling immigrant family achieve her dream of going to college? (12-up)



Mallory returns in Mallory’s Guide to Boys, Brothers, Dads, and Dogs by Laurie Friedman, illus. by Jennifer Kalis ($15.95, 7-11). And Alien Agent welcomes Alien Envoy by Pamela F. Service, illus. by Mike Gorman ($16.95, 9-12).

Paperback Series

Surviving Southside issues Bad Deal by Susan J. Korman, Beaten and Recruited by Suzanne Weyn, Benito Runs by Justine Fontes, and Plan B and Shattered Star by Charnan Simon ($7.95 each, 11-18).

lerner/graphic universe

Paperback Series

Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox are back in What a Team! by Brigitte Luciani, illus. by Eve Tharlet ($6.95, 5-9). Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Detective stars in The Ferret’s a Foot by Colleen AF Venable, illus. by Stephanie Yue ($6.95, 7-11). History’s Kid Heroes introduces The Baseball Adventure of Jackie Mitchell, Girl Pitcher vs. Babe Ruth by Jean L.S. Patrick, adapted by Emma Carlson Berne; The Prison-Ship Adventure of James Forten, Revolutionary War Captive by Marty Rhodes Figley, adapted by Amanda Doering Tourville; The Rooftop Adventure of Minnie and Tessa, Factory Fire Survivors by Holly Littlefield, adapted by Tourville; and The Rescue Adventure of Stenny Green, Hindenburg Crash Eyewitness by Candice Ransom, adapted by Emma Carlson Berne, all illus. by Ted Hammond and Richard Pimentel Carbajal ($8.95 each, 8-11). Chicagoland Detective Agency offers The Maltese Mummy by Trina Robbins, illus. by Tyler Page ($6.95, 9-14). And My Boyfriend Is a Monster debuts with I Love Him to Pieces by Evonne Tsang, illus. by Janina Görrissen; and Made for Each Other by Paul D. Storrie, illus. by Eldon Cowgur ($9.95 each, 12-18).


Six Sheep Sip Thick Shakes: And Other Tricky Tongue Twisters ($16.95) by Brian P. Cleary, illus. by Steve Mack, presents 24 challenging phrases. (5-10)

Play Ball, Jackie! ($16.95) by Stephen Krensky, illus. by Joe Morse. A young Brooklyn Dodgers fan attends Jackie Robinson’s first game in the major leagues. (7-10)

Cool! Whoa! Ah and Oh!: What Is an Interjection? ($16.95) by Brian P. Cleary, illus. by Brian Gable, spotlights this part of speech. (7-11)

A Land of Big Dreamers: Voices of Courage in America ($16.95) by Neil Waldman pays tribute to 13 Americans who have stood up for equality and justice. (8-11)


(IPG, dist.)

Paperback Series

The Fairy Houses adds Forest Secrets by Tracy Kane and Kelly Sanders, illus. by Kane ($8.95, 7-11).


The Priest with Dirty Clothes ($18) by R.C. Sproul is based on the biblical story of high priest Joshua. (8-12)


I Love My Mom ($12.99) by Sophie Piper, illus. by Melanie Mitchell. Baby animals reveal why they love their mothers. (3-5)

Just Because ($14.99) by Rebecca Elliott. A boy describes the fun he has with his older sister. (3-7)

An Angel to Watch Over Me ($9.99) by Sophie Piper, illus. by Sophie Allsop, collects prayers and blessings. (5-7)

Mrs. Noah’s Vegetable Ark ($14.99) by Elena Pasquali, illus. by Steve Lavis, offers an environmental take on this biblical tale. (5-7)

My Very Own Book of Prayers ($7.99) by Su Box, illus. by Carolyn Cox, includes traditional and new prayers. (5-7)

Peace on Earth ($9.99) by Sophie Piper compiles poems and prayers to inspire children to work for peace in their own worlds. (5-7)

Mr. Aesop’s Story Shop ($14.99) by Bob Hartman, illus. by Jago Silver, retells 10 fables chosen for their relevance to children’s lives today. (7-9)

Journey into the Bible ($14.99) by Lois Rock, illus. by Andrew Rowland, is a guide to biblical people, places, and events. (7-12)

Stories for a Fragile Planet ($16.99) by Kenneth Steven, illus. by Jane Ray, compiles stories underscoring the need to take care of the world. (7-12)


Penny Loves Pink ($15.99) by Cori Doerrfeld. With a baby brother on the way, Penny learns that there might be something—or someone—she loves even more than pink. (3-6)

Look! A Book! ($16.99) by Bob Staake. Die-cuts help readers find hidden items. (3-6)

Me... Jane ($15.99) by Patrick McDonnell offers a portrait of Jane Goodall as a child. (3-6)

The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage ($16.99) by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, illus. by Christine Davenier. In this sequel to The Very Fairy Princess, Geraldine channels her inner sparkle to save the ballet recital. (3-6)

Chamelia ($16.99) by Ethan Long spotlights a chameleon who loves to stand out. (3-6)

Hogwash! ($16.99) by Karma Wilson, illus. by Jim McMullan. Can a farmer trick his mud-covered pigs into getting clean? (3-6)

Along a Long Road ($16.99) by Frank Viva takes readers on a bicycle ride. (3-6)

Arthur Turns Green ($16.99) by Marc Brown. As he contemplates ways to save the planet, is Arthur actually turning the color green? (6-9)

Clara Lee and the Apple Pie Dream ($14.99) by Jenny Han, illus. by Julia Kuo. A girl hopes her variable luck will work in her favor for the big contest. (8-12)

When Bob Met Woody ($17.99) by Gary Golio, illus. by Marc Burckhardt, tells of Bob Dylan’s pivotal first encounter with Woody Guthrie. (8-12)

Bird in a Box ($16.99) by Andrea Davis Pinkney, illus. by Sean Qualls. The lives of three kids whose hero is boxer Joe Louis converge. (8-12)

The Relic Hunters ($15.99) by Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis is the second novel in the Grey Griffins: The Clockwork Chronicles trilogy. (8-12)

Smells Like Treasure ($15.99) by Suzanne Selfors. Homer and Dog have a new adventure in this sequel to Smells Like Dog. (8-12)

Moonshadow: The Nightmare Ninja ($15.99) by Simon Higgins is a follow-up to Moonshadow: Rise of the Ninja. (8-12)

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life ($15.99) by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts, illus. by Laura Park. Rafe plots to break every rule his school has. (8-12)

13 Curses ($15.99) by Michelle Harrison. Trapped in the fairy realm, Red strikes a bargain in this sequel to 13 Treasures. (10-up)

You Killed Wesley Payne ($16.99) by Sean Beaudoin. A teenage PI must outwit cops and cliques to solve a high school murder. (12-up)

The Midnight Palace ($17.99) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. In 1930s Calcutta, an English lieutenant saves newborn twins from a threat that returns 16 years later. (12-up)

I’ll Be There ($17.99) by Holly Goldberg Sloan. The life of Sam, raised by a father who keeps the family on the move, changes when he meets Emily. (12-up)

Forgotten ($17.99) by Cat Patrick. When a girl has disturbing visions, she realizes it’s time to learn about the past she can’t remember. (12-up)

I Am J ($16.99) by Cris Beam. J, a teen who believes he’s a boy who was mistakenly born as a girl, decides to be who he really is. (15-up)

We All Fall Down: Living with Addiction ($17.99) by Nic Sheff is a follow-up to Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines. (15-up)

Huntress ($17.99) by Malinda Lo. When nature is out of balance in the Kingdom, only one of two teens—one with magic, the other without—can solve the crisis. (15-up)

Bitter End ($17.99) by Jennifer Brown. Alex must make a choice after falling for a boy at school who becomes increasingly threatening. (15-up)

She Loves You, She Loves You Not... ($17.99) by Julie Anne Peters. A teen must leave her girlfriend behind when she moves away with the mother she barely knows. (15-up)


Maximum Ride by James Patterson continues with Angel ($17.99, 10-up). And The Saga of Larten Crepsley adds Ocean of Blood by Darren Shan ($16.99, 15-up).

Paperback Series

Hop tie-ins are Chicks Versus Bunnies by Kirsten Mayer ($4.99, 3-6); Meet the Easter Bunny! by Lucy Rosen ($3.99, 3-6); and The Chapter Book by Annie Auerbach ($4.99, 8-12). Transformers Movie 3 has four tie-ins by Kirsten Mayer ($4.99-$5.99 each, 3-6), plus Mayer’s The Junior Novel ($5.99, 8-12). Super Hero Squad gains Captain America to the Rescue! by Lucy Rosen and Magneto Versus Wolverine by Chris Strathearn ($3.99 each, 3-6). Matt Christopher’s Sports Series continues with Out at Second, Hook Shot Hero, and Great Moments in American Auto Racing ($4.99 each, 8-12). And Haruhi Suzumiya by Nagaru Tanigawa presents The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya ($8.99, 15-up).


Pocket Kisses ($7.99) by Willa Perlman. This lift-the-flap book reminds children that a mother’s love is always nearby. (3-up)

You Are My Little Cupcake ($6.99) by Amy Sklansky, illus. by Talitha Shipman, is a board book that emphasizes parents’ love for their children. (3-up)


The Time-Traveling Fashionista ($17.99) by Bianca Turetsky, illus. by Sandra Suy. A teen who tries on a vintage gown finds herself on board the Titanic. (12-up)

The Magnolia League ($16.99) by Katie Crouch. After learning about the secrets of a Southern debutante society, Alex wonders if her mother’s death was accidental. (15-up)

Spoiled ($16.99) by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. When her mother dies, Molly discovers her father is a movie star and joins Beverly Hills celebrity life. (15-up)


Monster High welcomes The Ghoul Next Door by Lisi Harrison ($16.99, 12-up). There’s No Place Like Home joins Secrets of My Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita ($16.99, 12-up). And The Daughters offers The Daughters Take the Stage by Joanna Philbin ($16.99, 12-up).


Red Riding Hood ($9.99) by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, based on the screenplay by David Leslie Johnson. In this movie tie-in, a teen lands at the center of a mystery after her sister is apparently killed by a wolf. (15-up)

Paperback Series

The Clique by Lisi Harrison adds A Tale of Two Pretties ($9.99, 12-up). Harrison’s Alphas issues Top of the Feud Chain ($9.99, 12-up). And Glee by Sophia Lowell presents Foreign Exchange ($9.99, 15-up).



But I Love Him ($9.95) by Amanda Grace. Ann’s life as a high-achieving student and athlete changes when she meets a haunted, violent boy. (13-up)

After Midnight ($9.95) by Lynn Viehl. A teen falls for the heir to a vampire clan whose members are enemies of her family. (13-up)

The Iron Witch ($9.95) by Karen Mahoney. Donna races to save her best friend, who has been abducted by wood elves. (13-up)

What We Keep Is Not Always What Will Stay ($9.95) by Amanda Cockrell. Angie ponders the role of God after she falls for a soldier wounded in Afghanistan. (13-up)

Popular ($9.95) by Alissa Grosso. The leader of a high school clique being torn apart by lies and secrets harbors the biggest secret of all. (13-up)

Shadow Walkers ($9.95) by Brent Hartinger. A teen teams up with another astral traveler to track down his brother’s kidnappers. (13-up)

Playing Hurt ($9.95) by Holly Schindler. Chelsea, an injured basketball player, meets an ex-hockey player haunted by his own tragedy. (13-up)

Then I Met My Sister ($9.95) by Christine Hurley Deriso. Summer unearths painful family secrets after reading her dead sister’s diary. (13-up)

Chasing AllieCat ($9.95) by Rebecca Fjelland Davis. Sadie’s friend disappears after they encounter a badly beaten priest while training for a bike race. (13-up)

Sirenz ($9.95) by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman. Arguing at a shoe sale, two teens find themselves at the mercy of Hades, who enlists their services. (13-up)



Loon Island ($9.95) by Donna Firby Gamache. A family vacation leads to a dangerous confrontation. (12-up)

Paperback Series

Grim Hill continues with Forest of Secrets by Linda DeMeulemeester ($10.95, 9-12). Trouble at Impact Lake joins Archaeolojesters by Andreas Oertel ($10.95, 9-12). And Divided Realms debuts with Captured and The Darkening by Maggie Wood ($12.95 each, 12-up).