Welcome to our spring 2014 children’s announcements issue, in which we examine the state of the industry from several angles. Our features include a graphic overview of the children’s market—charts and graphs depicting who’s buying, what they’re buying, where they’re buying, and in which formats—and a look at the ways booksellers are reshaping their stores to better accommodate readers of children’s books. We also speak with YA author E. Lockhart and get the lowdown on her spring novel, We Were Liars; and we solicit “if I only knew then what I know now” advice from a host of children’s book professionals. All this, plus our A-to-Z listings of publishers’ offerings. Just turn the page and spring ahead!

About Our Cover Artist

Our cover artist may be familiar to readers for her artistic contributions to the New Yorker—including 2001’s "New Yorkistan" cover, which she created with Rick Meyerowitz—and for her illustrated blogs for the New York Times, “And the Pursuit of Happiness” and “The Principles of Uncertainty.” In addition to the collected versions of those blogs, Kalman has several other adult books to her credit—among them, her 2005 illustrated version of Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style. At the same time, she’s been creating picture books for decades, beginning with 1987’s Stay Up Late, based on the Talking Heads song by David Byrne. Her recent children’s titles include Looking at Lincoln (2012) and Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything (Jan. 2014), both from Penguin/Paulsen, and Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler (Little, Brown, 2012). Her latest collaboration with Handler, Girls Standing on Lawns, will be published by MoMA in May.

Points of Sale: Tips for Children’s Booksellers

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YA Novelist E. Lockhart’s Sleight of Hand

Children’s Books: A Shifting Market

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