Librarian and blogger Angie Manfredi’s The Other F Word, a 2019 Amulet release, delivers “a revolutionary message about fat acceptance and self-love,” PW’s starred review said, through contributions from “31 intersectional and diverse voices.” The book, which will be reissued in paperback next May, is one of several forthcoming titles for children and young adults that explain and affirm body types and experiences of all stripes. (All books are available now except where noted.)

Body Talk

Edited by Kelly Jensen. Algonquin, ages 14 and up.

Thirty-seven writers, performers, and other public figures share what it’s like to live in their particular bodies, touching on gender identity, disability, and more. In “Thin,” for instance, cartoonist Yao Xiao illustrates the cultural expectations about body size she confronted growing up, while novelist Rachael Lippincott, in “Scoliosis, Spinal Fusion, and Stomach Punches,” discusses her diagnosis.

I Am Not a Label

Cerrie Burnell, illus. by Lauren Mark Baldo. Quarto, ages 6–12.

Short biographies of 34 historical and contemporary individuals, such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Peter Dinklage, Frida Kahlo, and Demi Lovato, comprise this colorful volume, which details their achievements as well as how they overcame physical or mental health challenges.

Let’s Talk About It

Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan. Random House Graphic, Mar. 2021. Ages 14 and up.

Presented in graphic novel form, this guide by married couple Moen and Nolan, creators of the sex ed–focused webcomic Oh Joy Sex Toy, walks teens through the complicated territory of relationships, anatomy, body image, and more.

Love Your Body

Jessica Sanders, illus. by Carol Rosetti. Frances Lincoln, ages 8–12.

“This thoughtfully compiled guide to body positivity and self love,” PW’s review said, “is meant to comfort, guide, and empower.” Rosetti’s illustrations “give context and power to the resonant messages of self-acceptance and individuality, celebrating a multitude of experiences.”


Puberty Is Gross but Also Really Awesome

Gina Loveless, illus. by Lauri Johnston. Rodale Kids, Mar. 2021. Ages 10 and up.

Covering a range of adolescent experiences and issues—body development and gender identity, acne and mental health—Loveless, a magazine researcher and fact checker who writes for the Men’s Health website, breaks down scientific information, delves into biological studies, and offers tips from experts.

The Self-Love Revolution

Virgie Tovar. Instant Help, ages 13 and up.

“In this important guide written specifically for girls of color,” PW’s starred review said, Tovar, who lectures on fat discrimination and body issues, “skillfully blends calls to action, relatable personal anecdotes, and clear explanations of the forces that guide individuals’ understanding of themselves.”


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