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Lemming’s First Christmas by Jamesie Fournier, illus. by Tim Mack (Oct. 8, $12.95 board book, ISBN 978-1-77227-543-8). When Lemming overhears some children singing about Christmas, she can’t help but wonder about the traditions of this new-to-her holiday. Ages up to 5.

Sea Snooze by Sarabeth Holden, illus. by Emma Pedersen (Sept. 3, $17.95, ISBN 978-1-77227-518-6). Two siblings sail off to dreamland by visiting the Arctic Ocean to bid goodnight to the animals there. Ages 3–5.

Dad, I Miss You by Nadia Sammurtok, illus. by Simji Park (Sept. 17, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77227-482-0). Told in the alternating voices of a boy and his father, this book takes a look at the emotional toll of a child being sent to a residential school. Ages 6–8.

The Giant and the Grizzly Bear by Rosemarie Avrana Meyok, illus. by Thamires Paredes (Oct. 1, $17.95, ISBN 978-1-77227-519-3). In a traditional story from the Western Arctic, a kind giant adopts a human boy and gives him the job of watching for grizzly bears while the giant sleeps. Ages 6–8.

The Troll Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Huginn þór Grétarsson, illus. by Vladimiro Rikowski (Oct. 1, $12.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-77227-517-9), is an Icelandic fairy tale about a troll named Little Bo who is afraid of the dark. Ages 6–8.


Animals Illustrated takes wing with Raven by Monica Ittusardjuat, illus. by Kagan McLeod (Sept. 10, $14.95, ISBN 978-1-77227-523-0), ages 6–8.

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First You: A Jataka Tale by Red Wing, illus. by Akanit Dachani (Aug. 1, $12.95, ISBN 978-1-64217-207-2). A young elephant’s wish to return his selfless mother’s love moves the king to release him from capture. Ages 4–8.

Peng & the Dragon Princess by Dana Green, illus. by Blue Cedar (Aug. 1, $12.95, ISBN 978-1-64217-120-4). Out of compassion and a respect for life, the Buddha helped save the dragons and peng birds from extinction. Ages 4–8.

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Indiginerds, edited by Alina Pete (Aug. 27, $20 paper, ISBN 978-1-63899-133-5), is an anthology of comics by First Nations cartoonists about their experiences as Indigenous people today, balancing traditional ways of knowing with modern pop culture. Ages 12 and up.


Inscrutable Doctor Baer by Jerzy Drozd, a fantasy adventure series following a collector and protector of arcane treasures, begins with The Inscrutable Doctor Baer and the Case of the Two-Faced Statue by (Oct. 8, $15 paper, ISBN 978-1-63899-143-4), ages 8–12.


Birth of the Chosen One: A First Nations Retelling of the Christmas Story by Terry Wildman, illus. by Hannah and Holly Buchanan (Sept. 3, $18, ISBN 978-1-5140-0702-0), presents the Christmas story told using an Indigenous translation of the Christian Scriptures and illustrations by Native artists. Ages 4–8.

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The Night Animals by Sarah Ann Juckes, illus. by Sharon King-Chai (Dec. 1, $8.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-68464-948-8). A lonely girl embarks on an adventure with a new friend to follow the invisible ghost animals she sees, believing they have a message for her. Ages 9–11.

A Tricky Kind of Magic by Nigel Baines (Dec. 1, $11.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-68464-907-5). Cooper follows a talking rabbit to a land of magic where he hopes to be reunited with his late father who was a renowned magician. Ages 10–12.


Let’s Explore expands with Farm by Georgie Taylor (Aug. 1, $12.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-68464-770-5), ages 3–5. Gina Kaminski is back for Gina Kaminski Rescues the Giant by Craig Barr-Green, illus. by Francis Martin (Dec. 1, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-68464-788-0), ages 4–7. Adventuremice by Philip Reeve, illus. by Sarah McIntyre, skates along with Mice on the Ice (Dec. 1, $7.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-68464-855-9) and Mice on the Moon (Dec. 1, $7.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-68464-856-6), ages 5–8. Nibbles, featuring a monster who loves to chomp books, launches with Nibbles the Very Hungry Book Monster by Emma Yarlett (Dec. 1, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-68464-789-7), ages 5–8. Bear Grylls Outdoor Skills Handbook by Bear Grylls delivers Campfire Cooking (Aug. 1, $5.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-68464-919-8), Dangerous Animals (Aug. 1, $5.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-68464-918-1), and Dangers and Emergencies (Aug. 1, $5.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-68464-916-7), ages 7–11. Joy by Jenny Valentine, illus. by Claire Lefevre, about a 10-year-old girl who always finds the silver lining in any situation, kicks off with A Girl Called Joy (Dec. 1, $7.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-68464-922-8), Love from Joy (Dec. 1, $7.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-68464-923-5), and Planet Joy (Dec. 1, $7.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-68464-924-2), ages 9–11.

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Mad at Dad by Janie Hao (Oct. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-1026-3). A girl gets mad at her father and tries various ways to calm herself down. Ages 2–6.

The Dragon Slayer by Tatyana Feeney (Oct. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-0889-5). Princess Freya, who wants to slay dragons just like a knight, meets a dragon looking to replace his diet of crunchy knights with some “sweet and tender” princesses. Ages 3–7.

What Lolo Wants by Cristina Oxtra, illus. by Jamie Bauza (Oct. 1, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-0836-9). When Maria notices that her lolo—her grandfather—is having trouble remembering people and words, she uses their shared passion for drawing to help him communicate. Ages 3–7.

The Hawk Shadow by Jan Bourdeau Waboose, illus. by Karlene Harvey (Sept. 3, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-1084-3). Indigenous traditions help two Anishinaabe siblings avert disaster as they make their way through the bush to go fishing. Ages 4–7.

Veena and the Red Roti: A Story of Hope During Partition by Namita Moolani Mehra, illus. by Beena Mistry (Sept. 3, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-0735-5). A child finds comfort in familiar traditions when she and her family make a daring nighttime escape across borders during Partition in 1947. Ages 4–8.

Wind Is a Dance by Debra Kempf Shumaker, illus. by Josée Bisaillon (Oct. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-0875-8). Readers encounter all types of wind, from breezes to tornadoes, in this poetic picture book. Ages 4–8.

Puffin and Penguin by Helaine Becker, illus. by Kevin Sylvester (Oct. 1, $16.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-0654-9). New kid Puffin is buddied up with busy, cool kid Penguin on the first day of school and they end up bonding over the school play. Ages 6–9.

A Guide to Grief by Cole Imperi, illus. by Bianca Jagoe (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-0965-6), helps readers navigate the overwhelming emotions and big questions that come with loss. Ages 10–14.

If We Tell You by Nicola Dahlin (Oct. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-1147-5). Teen twins are on a mission to find their missing parents and uncover their real identities after witnessing the death of two uninvited guests at a neighborhood barbecue. Ages 12–15.


Alex’s Field Guides by Elina Ellis greets Is This a Tiger? (Sept. 3, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-0675-4), ages 4–8. CitizenKid adds One Hen and Then: The Story of a Small Loan and a Big Dream by Katie Smith Milway and Mary Beth Leatherdale, illus. by Tequitia Andrews (Sept. 3, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-1126-0), ages 5–8; and You Can Be an Activist: How to Use Your Strengths and Passions to Make a Difference by Charlene Rocha and Mary Beth Leatherdale, illus. by Drew Shannon (Sept. 3, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-5253-0840-6), ages 10–14. Head-to-Head History issues The Pharaoh vs. the Felines by J.F. Fox, illus. by Anna Kwan (Oct. 1, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-0652-5), ages 5–8. Steve the Horse by Kelly Collier, a graphic novel series inspired by picture book A Horse Named Steve, debuts with Steve, a Pretty Exceptional Horse (Sept. 3, $16.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-1299-1), ages 6–9. And Rover and Speck return in It’s a Gas! by Jonathan Roth (Oct. 1, $16.99, ISBN 978-1-5253-0568-9), ages 7–10.

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The Dragon Atlas: Legendary Dragons of the World by Anna Claybourne, illus. by Pham Quang Phuc (Oct. 1, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-5102-3060-6), takes readers around the globe to discover the facts behind this fierce creature of myth and legend. Ages 6–8.

Dinopedia: An Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Beasts by Tom Jackson, illus. by Good Wives and Warriors (Oct. 15, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-5102-3066-8), is a fact-packed guide to dinosaurs. Ages 7–9.

Seven Small Inventions That Changed the World by Roma Agrawal, illus. by Jisu Choi (Sept. 3, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-5102-3076-7), explores how the nail, the wheel, the spring, the magnet, the lens, the pump, and string have led to myriad technological advances throughout history. Ages 9–11.


Harriet Hurry-Up and the Oh-So-Slow Day! by Allia Zobel Nolan (Aug. 6, $14.99, ISBN 978-0-8254-4857-7). With her Gran’s help, impatient Harriet is learning to trust God’s timing and find the blessings he puts in every single day. Ages 4–7.

Amon’s Mission: A Family Story About Spreading the Good News by Arnold Ytreeide (Sept. 17, $18.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-8254-4873-7) delivers a biblical fiction narrative about the challenges faced by 16-year-old Amon in the early days of the church. Ages 8–12.

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Survive in the Wild, inviting readers to pretend to experience an animal’s life and behaviors, launches with What Will the Wolf Do? by Darcy Halverson, illus. by Amber Rahe (Oct. 8, $17.95, ISBN 978-1-960084-34-7), ages 4–8.


The Brighter I Shine by Kamee Abrahamian, illus. by Lusine Ghukasyan (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-915244-83-3). An Armenian child celebrates their birthday and embraces the stories of their ancestors, keeping their memories alive. Ages 5–9.

Freedom Braids by Monique Duncan, illus. by Oboh Moses (Sept. 10, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-915244-80-2). Young Nemy hopes she has found a path to escape in this tale inspired by the true story of enslaved African women in Colombia who braided maps in their hair to guide people to freedom. Ages 5–9.

The Language of Flowers by Shyala Smith, illus. by Aaron Asis (Sept. 10, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-915244-86-4). Juhi uses the language of flowers she has learned while helping her Appa in his flower shop to express her grief when her favorite customer dies. Ages 5–9.

Step into My Shoes by Alkisti Halikia, illus. by Fotini Tikkou (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-915244-92-5). Matou passes a mosque on her way home from school and can’t resist trying on some of the shoes she finds outside, wondering about the lives of the shoes’ owners. Ages 5–9.


Not Sheep! by Molly McNamara Carter, illus. by Oksana Mychka (Sept. 17, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-960137-48-7). Wiggly baby animals in nests, dens, and burrows find their own ways to settle down for bed. Ages 3–8.

Fly Ladybug, Fly! by Katie Zimbaluk, illus. by Carmen Corrales (Oct. 15, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-960137-59-3). With help from friends, a ladybug with only one wing finds a creative solution to help her fly. Ages 3–10.

New Question for Mouse by Fynisa Engler, illus. by Ryan Law (Aug. 6, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-960137-33-3). As Mouse navigates foster care, a classmate poses a question about his unconventional family. Ages 3–10.

Charlie & Emmet—School Day by Lori Ries, illus. by Thomas Bender (Sept. 3, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-960137-54-8). On the first day of school, Charlie worries about her teacher and friends, while Emmet, visible only to Charlie, questions his very existence. Ages 4–8.

Ghost Writer by Stephanie Wildman, illus. by Estafania Razo (Sept. 3, $21.99, ISBN 979-8-89266-010-5). Twins Flor and Roberto, along with big brother Luis, celebrate Halloween and Día de los Muertos, honoring their late dog, Julio, through a blend of traditions. Ages 5–10.

A Tale of Bread and Thread by Maxine Rose Schur, illus. by Cristina de Liso (Aug. 20, $22.99, ISBN 978-1-958302-43-9). One couple is given a special assignment to prepare for the king’s visit, but their beastly mishaps terrify the village and threaten the town’s fate. Ages 5–10.

Anything Girl by Verita E. Pax, illus. by Tincy Paulose (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-960137-37-1). Torn between her love for the color pink like her mother and her passion for math like her father, Kat finds guidance from her favorite person, Pop-Pop. Ages 5–12.

A Web of Christmas Love by Steppie Morris, illus. by Paul Wembabazi (Oct. 8, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-958302-01-9). A curious spider, exploring a Christmas-filled room, encounters a brilliant Light that unveils a friend to all creatures. Ages 5–12.

I’m Still Elody Elizabeth by Molly McNamara Carter, illus. by Shahrzad Salehi (Nov. 5, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-960137-56-2). A very shy girl faces the challenge of talking to her crush and overcoming her stage fright to get into a summer music academy. Ages 8–13.


The Fairytale Cookbook Series serves up A Place at the Table by Patricia Dewitt-Grush, illus. by Dewitt-Grush and Robin DeWitt (Nov. 19, $21.99, ISBN 979-8-89266-002-0), ages 5–10. And Before by Carter, illus. by Denitsa Shopova, adds After (Jan. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-960137-62-3), ages 8–13.

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The Home We Make by Maham Khwaja, illus. by Daby Zainab Faidhi (Oct. 8, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-62014-957-7), tells the story of a family forced to flee their home due to violence. Ages 5–10.

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Mercedes Sosa: Voice of the People by Aixa Pérez-Prado (Sept. 17, $20.95, ISBN 978-0-89239-470-8) introduces one of Latin America’s most beloved singers and political activists. Ages 7–10.

Title in Spanish

Mercedes Sosa: La voz del pueblo by Aixa Pérez-Prado (Sept. 17, $20.95, ISBN 978-0-89239-495-1), ages 7–10.

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A Two-Placed Heart by Doan Phuong Nguyen, illus. by Olga Lee (Sept. 24, $24.95, ISBN 978-1-64379-642-0). Afraid that her sister (and maybe even she herself) could lose sight of their Vietnamese identity, 12-year-old Bom writes a poetic memoir to help them both remember. Ages 9–13.

Twin Flames by Olivia Abtahi (Aug. 27, $24.95, ISBN 978-1-64379-043-5). On estranged twins Leila and Bianca’s 18th birthday, Leila suddenly gains a djinn’s superpowers, and realizes she must work with her sister to save their town. Ages 12 and up.


Good Game: A Sesame Street Guide to Being a Good Sport by Charlotte Reed (Sept. 10, $9.99 paper, ISBN 979-8-7656-2919-2). Elmo and other friends from Sesame Street guide readers through the principles of good sportsmanship. Ages 4–8.

We Shall Not Be Denied: A Timeline of Voting Rights and Suppression in America by Cayla Bellanger Degroat and Cicely Lewis (Sept. 10, $11.99 paper, ISBN 979-8-7656-2918-5) helps readers learn more about voting and understand why the right to vote is so important. Ages 9–14.


Zooniverse by Nova Weetman, illus. by Chris Kennett, about two friends’ magical animal mash-ups, kicks off with The Speedy Spidersaurus (Aug. 1, $9.99 paper, ISBN 979-8-7656-1175-3), ages 8–11.


Bear’s Big Idea by Sandra Nickel, illus. by Il Sung Na (Sept. 10, $18.99, ISBN 979-8-7656-1017-6). Bear combines all of his adventures with his pal Fish into one brand-new idea for what to do. Ages 4–8.

Slippery, Spicy, Tingly: A Kimchi Mystery by Yangsook Choi (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 979-8-7656-1018-3). Kimchi-loving Keo wonders why his visiting halmoni digs a big hole in the backyard while preparing to make the traditional dish. Ages 5–9.

The Doll Test: Choosing Equality by Carole Boston Weatherford, illus. by David Elmo Cooper (Nov. 5, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-7284-7793-0). Narrated by dolls, this book tells the little-known story of two Black psychologists who used Black and white dolls in their research about the effects of school segregation on children. Ages 7–11.

The Mistakes That Made Us: Confessions from Twenty Poets, edited by Irene Latham and Charles Waters, illus. by Mercè López (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-7284-9210-0). Twenty poets share real-life blunders they made as young people, and a short prose explanation of what happened afterward. Ages 7–11.

Make a Little Wave by Kerry O’Malley Cerra (Oct. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-7284-9322-0). When shy Savannah discovers her friend’s family is involved in inhumanely killing endangered sharks for profit, she forces herself out of her comfort zone to stand up for the sharks. Ages 11–14.

The Rule of Three by Heather Murphy Capps (Aug. 6, $19.99, ISBN 979-8-7656-0829-6). After mysterious wisps of smoke surround him at travel baseball tryouts, biracial kid Wyatt discovers it’s connected to a painful family history. Ages 11–14.

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Here Goes Nothing by Emma K. Ohland (Nov. 5, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-7284-8765-6) is a reimagining of Much Ado About Nothing in which 18-year-old Beatrice wrestles with complicated feelings about her neighbor and questions about her identity. Ages 13–18.

They Thought They Buried Us by NoNieqa Ramos (Sept. 10, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-7284-9232-2). Horror fan and scholarship recipient Yuiza tries to uncover the sinister secrets at the prestigious boarding school where they are one of only a few students of color. Ages 14–18.


Good Night, Belly Button by Lucie Brunellière (Sept. 10, $11.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-77657-586-2). Baby is ready to sleep, so it’s time to say good night—all the way from toes to nose—in this novelty book. Ages 4–5.

Bear’s Lost Glasses by Leo Timmers (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-77657-594-7). Nearsighted, cheerful Bear finds a parade of remarkable animals when he goes walking to find his glasses. Ages 4–6.

Cake for Everyone by Tjong-Khing Thé (Aug. 6, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-77657-593-0). A group of animals chase their stolen picnic in this wordless look-and-find adventure. Ages 4–7.

Around the World with Friends by Philip Waechter (Aug. 6, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-77657-598-5). Raccoon’s adventure becomes even more thrilling and magnificent when he’s joined by friends. Ages 4–8.

A Rainy Dragon Day by Julie Völk (Aug. 6, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-77657-579-4). A child’s rainy day indoors turns into a fantastical journey to dragonland when Fred the elegant dragon arrives in need of a bathroom. Ages 4–8.

One Wise Sheep: An Untraditional Christmas Story by Ulrich Hub, illus. by Jörg Mühle (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-77657-595-4), retells the nativity story from the point of view of the sheep. Ages 6–10.

The Remarkables: The Most Incredible Children I’ve Met—So Far! by Clotilde Perrin (Sept. 10, $24.99, ISBN 978-1-77657-504-6) introduces 38 imaginary children with various superpowers. Ages 6–11.


The Pinchers are back in The Pinchers and the Dog Chase by Anders Sparring, illus. by Per Gustavsson (Sept. 10, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-77657-587-9), ages 6–10.

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The Wolf in Underpants stars in
The Wolf in Underpants and the Hazelnut-Cracker by Wilfrid Lupano, illus. by Mayana Itoïz (Sept. 10, $8.99 paper, ISBN 979-8-7656-1987-2), ages 7–11. Mystery Science Detectives by Chi-Hyeon Ahn, illus. by Gyung-Hyo Kang, about an after-school club that solves mysteries using the power of science, blasts off with The Case of the Forest Fingers (Sept. 10, $16.99 paper, ISBN 979-8-7656-2752-5), ages 9–12. And Power Button by Zack Soto, illus. by Soto and Jason Fischer-Kouhi, presses on with Second Strike (Nov. 5, $17.99 paper, ISBN 979-8-7656-2803-4), ages 9–14.


Hanukkah Hippity-Hop by Barbara Kimmel, illus. by Ana Zurita (Oct. 1, $9.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-7656-0456-4), celebrates Hanukkah with prompts for fun physical movement for readers to follow. Ages 1–4.

Shabbat Shalom, Grover! by Joni Kibort Sussman, illus. by Tom Leigh (Oct. 1, $9.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-7284-9285-8). Grover and his friends prepare for Shabbat. Ages 1–4.

Baila the Klopper by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod, illus. by Shirley Waisman (Sept. 10, $19.99, ISBN 979-8-7656-0334-5). Baila klops (Yiddish for bangs) on all the village doors every morning, to make sure everyone gets to synagogue on time. Ages 4–8.

Charley and Seymour’s Hanukkah Miracle by Melody Howard Ritt, illus. by Nia Gould (Oct. 1, $19.99, ISBN 979-8-7656-0451-9). When Charley Chipmunk forgets to bring the candles to Seymour Squirrel’s Hanukkah celebration, the aroma of latkes frying in oil helps the best friends miraculously find a way to light the menorah. Ages 4–8.

Miri’s Moving Day by Adam R. Chang and Stephanie Wildman, illus. by Dream Chen (Nov. 5, $19.99, ISBN 979-8-7656-0301-7). On moving day, Miri’s grandfathers, Yeh Yeh and Zayde, have special gifts to remind Miri of what “home” really means. Ages 4–8.

An Etrog from Across the Sea by Deborah Bodin Cohen and Kerry Olitzky, illus. by Stacey Dressen McQueen (Aug. 6, $19.99, ISBN 979-8-7656-0449-6). Rachel’s Papa promises to bring home the most perfect etrog for Sukkot from across the sea, but she worries when his ship is delayed. Ages 4–10.

Perfect Match: The Story of Althea Gibson and Angela Buxton by Lori Dubbin, illus. by Amanda Quartey (Sept. 10, $19.99, ISBN 979-8-7656-0300-0), tells the story of two women, one in the U.S. and one in the U.K., who faced discrimination in the tennis world and joined forces in 1956. Ages 6–11.

Rebecca’s Prayer for President Lincoln by Jane Yolen, illus. by Laura Barella (Sept. 10, $19.99, ISBN 979-8-7656-0299-7). Everyone at Rebecca’s synagogue starts to sing the Kaddish, the Jewish prayer for the dead, when news breaks that President Lincoln has been killed. Ages 6–11.

Violin of Hope by Ella Schwartz, illus. by Juliana Oakley (Nov. 5, $19.99, ISBN 979-8-7656-0419-9), follows a violin taken from a Jewish family by the Nazis that years later finds its way back into a musician’s hands, filling concert halls with the music of hope. Ages 6–11.


I Fuel: How Energy Powers Our Busy World by Kelly Rice Schmitt, illus. by Jam Dong (Oct. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-7284-7683-4). Readers discover where fuel comes from and how we use it, in this book told from the first-person perspective of the fuel. Ages 5–9.

Rats to the Rescue: The Unlikely Heroes Making Cambodia Safe by Scott Riley and Sambat Meas, illus. by Huy Voun Lee (Sept. 10, $19.99, ISBN 979-8-7656-0798-5), looks at how human deminers are working with specially trained HeroRATs to locate landmines and make Cambodia safe for everyone. Ages 6–10.

Stokes: The Brief Career of the NBA’s First Black Superstar by Ty Chapman and John Coy, illus. by Lonnie Ollivierre (Oct. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-7284-9249-0), spotlights 6’7” Morris Stokes, who took the NBA
by storm before experiencing a career-ending injury during a game in 1958. Ages 7–11.


Fighting Censorship: A Handbook for Pushing Back on Book Bans by Christina Ellis et al. (Nov. 5, $18.99 paper, ISBN 979-8-7656-2998-7), gives readers actionable advice for how to combat book bans in schools and public libraries. Ages 11 and up.

A Deathly Compendium of Poisonous Plants: Wicked Weeds and Sinister Seeds by Rebecca E. Hirsch (Oct. 1, $18.99 paper, ISBN 979-8-7656-2524-8) delves into nature’s deadliest plants and their fascinating histories as implements of medicine, warfare, and foul play. Ages 12 and up.


Queer History Project welcomes The Gender Binary Is a Big Lie: Infinite Identities Around the World by Lee Wind (Aug. 6, $19.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-7284-1454-6) uses historical evidence and primary sources to explore gender roles and identities. Ages 11 and up.

Levine Querido

Chooch Helped by Andrea L. Rogers, illus. by Rebecca Lee Kunz (Oct. 8, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-64614-454-9). A Cherokee girl struggles to make space for her younger brother as the family integrates him into their cultural traditions. Ages 4–8.

Coming Home: A Hopi Resistance Story by Mavasta Honyouti (Nov. 5, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-64614-457-0). Master Hopi woodcarver Honyouti shares the story of his grandfather’s experience at a residential boarding school and how he returned home to pass Hopi traditions down to future generations. Ages 4–8.

Makers by Young Vo (Aug. 6, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-64614-449-5). Two apprentice boat makers—one who’s trapped by perfectionism, the other who’s always falling for the next new idea—both have to work together to fulfill their dream of crossing the sea. Ages 4–8.

On a Chariot of Fire: The Story of India’s Bene Israel by Erica Lyons, illus. by Siona Benjamin (Sept. 3, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-64614-434-1), features an unfamiliar side of the Hanukkah story, following the Bene Israel community, as they flee Israel in the second century B.C.E. to find a new home in India. Ages 4–8.

The Art Thieves by Andrea L. Rogers (Sept. 3, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-64614-378-8). A Cherokee tenager in 2052 post-climate-apocalypse Texas meets a time-traveling art thief and has to make a terrible choice for her and her family. Ages 12 and up.

The Forbidden Book by Sacha Lamb (Oct. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-64614-456-3). In this novel set in the Pale of Settlement, 17-year old Sorel runs away the night before her wedding; to keep from being discovered, she takes on the male identity of Isser Jacobs—a real person who people want to see dead. Ages 12 and up.


Frank and the Puppy by Martha Brockenbrough, illus. by Jon Lau, ramps up with Frank and the Big Mistake (Nov. 5, $14.99, ISBN 978-1-64614-460-0), ages 6–9.

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Ediciones Levine Querido

Title in Spanish

Alebrijes: Cuentista by Donna Barba Higuera, trans. by Aurora Humarán (Sept. 10, $10.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-64614-416-7), ages 10–14.

Levine Querido/Em Querido

Aiko and the Planet of Dogs by Ainhoa Cayuso, illus. by Christoffer Ellegaard, trans. by Irene Vázquez (Oct. 8, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-64614-464-8). An intrepid girl astronaut stumbles upon a planet full of dogs—the descendants of the brave canine cosmonauts. Ages 4–8.

Quill the Forest Keeper by Marije Tolman, trans. by David Colmer (Aug. 13, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-64614-452-5). Young hedgehog Quill tries to keep the forest clean while the rest of the world rushes around him. Ages 4–8.

The Legend of Tiger and Tail-Flower by Lee Gee Eun, trans. by Aerin Park (Sept. 10, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-64614-459-4), centers a grumpy tiger and a mysterious (and mischievous) tail flower who become best friends in the forest. Ages 7–10.

Mishka by Edward Van De Vendel and Anoush Elman, illus. by Annet Schaap, trans. by Nancy Forest-Flier (Nov. 12, $15.99, ISBN 978-1-64614-458-7). An Afghan refugee girl makes a new home with her family in the Netherlands and takes care of their new pet bunny, Mishka. Ages 7–10.

The Curse of Madame Petrova by Marjolijn Hof, illus. by Annette Fienieg, trans. by Bill Nagelkerke (Sept. 24, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-64614-453-2). Twins separated since birth reunite to unravel the prophecy given by mysterious Madame Petrova, predicting that the twins would one day be the cause of each other’s demise. Ages 10–14.

Little Bee

Already, All the Love by Diana Farid, illus. by Shar Tuiasoa (Dec. 3, $12.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-4998-1565-8), encourages parents to slow down and celebrate all the ways that their baby is already perfect rather than worrying about the future. Ages up to 3.

Love Letters: An Alphabet of Affirmations, illus. by Alanna Flowers (Aug. 27, $14.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-4998-1494-1), offers affirmations from A to Z. Ages up to 5.

Miles Comes Home by Sarah S. Brannen, illus. by Forrest Burdett (Nov. 11, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-4998-1473-6). Ryan is adopted by his two fathers and welcomed into the family by his new sister in this story celebrating LGBTQ families. Ages 3–6.

Ping-Pong Shabbat: The True Story of Champion Estee Ackerman by Ann D. Koffsky, illus. by Abigail Rajunov (Sept. 10, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-4998-1609-9), tells the true story of ping-pong champ Ackerman, who had to choose between honoring the Jewish Sabbath or playing a gold-medal match at the U.S. National Table Tennis Championships. Ages 4–8.

Toypurina: Tongva Leader, Medicine Woman, Rebel by Cheyenne M. Stone and Glenda Armand, illus. by Katie Dorame (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-4998-1466-8), explores the life and legacy of Toypurina, a Tongva medicine woman who led a revolt against the San Gabriel mission in 1785. Ages 4–8.


Delish Delights dishes up You Deserve Everything by Steph Stilwell (Oct. 29, $9.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-4998-1712-6), ages up to 3. It’s Your Year, Baby, illus. by Ariel Hsu, grows with It’s Your Year, Baby Snake (Nov. 12, $8.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-4998-1592-4) and It’s Your Year, Baby Tiger (Nov. 12, $8.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-4998-1591-7), ages up to 3. Little Languages greets I Love You, Baby (Dec. 10, $7.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-4998-1715-7), ages up to 3. Mother Moon Board Books by Mother Moon, illus. by Leah Giles, gains Showing I Love You (Nov. 5, $8.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-4998-1629-7), ages up to 3. Our Neighborhood, a board book series celebrating the cultures of every family and neighbor, debuts with Excited for Eid by Marzieh Abbas Ali, illus. by Anoosha Syed (Dec. 31, $9.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-4998-1625-9), Friday Fun by Marzieh Abbas Ali, illus. by Anoosha Syed (Dec. 10, $9.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-4998-1626-6), and Rosh Hashanah: New Year, Gather Near by Leah Weber, illus. by Taryn Johnson (Aug. 6, $9.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-4998-1665-5), ages up to 3. And Band Camp marches on with Out of Sync by Brian “Smitty” Smith (Sept. 3, $16.99, ISBN 978-1-4998-1520-7), ages 6–9.

Little Island

Mighty Mindsets: How Mindfulness Can Help Your Child with Life’s Ups and Downs by Niamh Doyle, illus. by Carol Betera (Aug. 20, $12.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-912417-86-5), helps readers build new habits and ways of thinking, understand their emotions, and become happier and more resilient. Ages 5–8.

Chasing the Shy Town by Erika McGann, illus. by Toni Galmés (Oct. 8, $11.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-915071-51-4). Senan, his no-nonsense grandmother, and next-door friend Joshua set off to find the elusive Shy Town, a hidden place whose inhabitants are obsessed with perfection. Ages 6–9.

Trigger by C.G. Moore (Sept. 10, $12.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-915071-53-8) is a novel in verse about a teenage boy who is sexually assaulted in an attack that he struggles to remember. Ages 14–18.

Little Press

Broommates: A Brewing Boundary Battle by Lynne Marie and Brenda Sturgis Reeves, illus. by Nico Ecenarro (Sept. 17, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-956378-27-6). Two witchy sisters with drastically different personalities share a room and must meet in the middle on how to decorate. Ages 4–6.

Wonder of the Woods by Bonnie Kelso (Sept. 17, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-956378-21-4). A girl explores the wooded area near her home and encounters a variety of animals that are curious about their new visitor. Ages 4–6.


Goat & Turkey by Kim A. Larson, illus. by Gozde Eyce, featuring a fainting goat who befriends an excitable turkey, begins with Goat’s Boat Won’t Float (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-956378-23-8), ages 5–8.

Little, Brown

All the Books by Hayley Rocco, illus. by John Rocco (Oct. 8, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-51274-9). When chipmunk Piper Waterstone gets her first library card, she unlocks a world of books—and learns the magic of sharing them. Ages 4–8.

And She Was Loved: Toni Morrison’s Life in Stories by Andrea Davis Pinkney, illus. by Daniel Minter (Jan. 7, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-18236-2), is part love letter and part biography in praise of the award-winning author. Ages 4–8.

At Our Table by Patrick Hulse, illus. by Madelyn Goodnight (Oct. 8, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-53705-6), celebrates the diversity of America coming together as one for Thanksgiving celebrations. Ages 4–8.

Beacon of Hope by Doreen Rappaport, illus. by Tonya Engel (Jan. 7, $19.99, ISBN 978-0-316-39783-4), explores the life of Nobel Peace Prize winner and the first Black U.S. president, Barack Obama. Ages 4–8.

Brown Girl, Brown Girl by Leslé Honoré, illus. by Cozbi A. Cabrera (Jan. 7, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-31403-9). Based on Blaxican poet and activist Honoré’s viral poem, this book journeys through the past, present, and future of brown and Black girls. Ages 4–8.

Dance Fast by AR Cribbins (Oct. 8, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-53938-8). Bizzy works to craft the perfect regalia for dancing with all her friends and family as they take part in her community’s Pomo traditions. Ages 4–8.

The Day We Got Lost by Faith Pray (Aug. 20, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-54117-6). As a dysfunctional family’s woodland hike leads them through many twists and turns, they realize that even getting lost is better when they’re together. Ages 4–8.

Doña Fela’s Dream: The Story of Puerto Rico’s First Female Mayor by Monica Brown, illus. by Rosa Ibarra (Sept. 3, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-17835-8), tells the story of this enterprising woman who broke barriers in the 1940s and stopped at nothing to make the island of Puerto Rico a better home for all. Ages 4–8.

Go Tell It: How James Baldwin Became a Writer by Quartez Harris, illus. by Gordon C. James (Jan. 7, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-48393-3), is a picture book biography of Baldwin, a boy who fell in love with stories and later became a celebrated novelist, essayist, playwright, poet, and activist. Ages 4–8.

The Helping Sweater by Rachel Más Davidson (Nov. 12, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-51619-8). When Maya’s cat pulls a thread loose from her beloved sweater and it begins to unravel, Maya uses her sweater to help folks in her community throughout the day. Ages 4–8.

How Sweet the Sound by Kwame Alexander, illus. by Charly Palmer (Jan. 14, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-44249-7), takes a closer look at the history of Black music in America. Ages 4–8.

Mama’s Roti by Raakhee Mirchandani, illus. by Shreya Gupta (Oct. 29, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-33946-9). Told through alternating perspectives of a family in America and a family in India, this book explores the origins and symbolism of roti—a round Indian flatbread. Ages 4–8.

A Mouse Family Christmas by Deborah Underwood, illus. by Leah Hong (Oct. 8, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-46718-6). On Christmas Eve, Hugo the mouse and his family hatch a plan to bring some of the joy from upstairs to the lonely man downstairs. Ages 4–8.

Raven’s Ribbons by Tasha Spillett-Sumner, illus. by Daniel Ramirez (Jan. 14, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-42216-1). Raven tells his grandmother about his wish to have a ribbon skirt of his own to wear for their community’s traditional round dance. Ages 4–8.

Up Periscope! How Engineer Raye Montague Revolutionized Ship-
by Jennifer Swanson, illus. by Veronica Miller Jamison (Nov. 19, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-56548-6), spotlights Montague, a hidden figure who created the first comprehensive computer program to design ships for the U.S. Navy. Ages 4–8.

You Will Always Have Me by Todd Parr (Sept. 24, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-37622-8) celebrates unconditional love and support in its many forms. Ages 4–8.

The Empty Place by Olivia A. Cole (Nov. 12, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-316-44942-7). Henry travels to a parallel world to try and understand her father’s mysterious disappearance in and re-emergence from the nearby forest. Ages 8–12.

Every Story Ever Told by Ami Polonsky (Oct. 29, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-316-57097-8). Stevie survives a mass shooting at a festival in her town and in the aftermath finds herself collecting other stories of trauma, resilience, and hope that may show her a path forward to recovery. Ages 8–12.

Greatness by Regis and Kahran Bethencourt (Jan. 14, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-49117-4). When Nasir and Imani step into their Grandma’s studio, she uses photographs to introduce them to famous Black figures and what makes them special. Ages 8–12.

Instafamous by Erika J. Kendrick (Oct. 1, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-316-56602-5). Aspiring diva Lyric, whose mother is a superstar, strains the bonds with family and her BFFs when she tries to earn an audition for a TV music competition. Ages 8–12.

The Millicent Quibb School of Etiquette for Young Ladies of Mad Science by Kate McKinnon (Oct. 1, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-316-55473-2). Educator Millicent Quibb enlists three outcast sisters on a mission to save their town from an evil group of mad scientists, in this book from Saturday Night Live alum McKinnon. Ages 8–12.

Monster Movie! by Chuck Wendig (Sept. 10, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-316-57259-0). Ethan must face his many fears to rescue his town from a cursed videotape—before “The Scariest Movie Ever Made” devours his friends and family. Ages 8–12.

Spellbound Solstice by Alexandria Rogers (Oct. 22, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-316-52383-7). When two young enchanters team up to break a centuries-old family curse, they accidentally put their community at risk. Ages 8–12.

Tale of the Flying Forest by R.M. Romero, illus. by E.K. Belsher (Oct. 15, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-316-53948-7). When a raven tells Anne that she has a long-lost twin brother, she sets off to find him, discovering that the flying forest from her favorite fairy tale book is real. Ages 8–12.

Tessa Miyata Is So Unlucky by Julie Abe (Aug. 20, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-316-44882-6). Tessa and her best friend Jin learn that they’ve been chosen to attend the Academy of Gods—to battle immortals on behalf of the Unlucky God. Ages 8–12.

Will by Jewell Parker Rhodes (Jan. 14, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-316-29933-6). In 1888, a young Black family sets out on a journey from Texas to Oklahoma, racing hundreds of others to the place where land is free—if they can get to it fast enough. Ages 10 and up.

Represent: The Unfinished Fight for the Vote by Michael Eric Dyson and Marc Favreau (Sept. 10, $19.99, ISBN 978-0-7595-5706-2) is a narrative nonfiction exploration of American democracy from 1776 through today, introducing historical and contemporary figures who have fought for their right to vote. Ages 12 and up.

The Wild Huntress by Emily Lloyd-Jones (Oct. 8, $19.99, ISBN 978-0-316-56814-2). Three unlikely allies—a trickster, a prince, and a wild huntress—are bound together in a deadly, magical competition. Ages 12 and up.

Everything Glittered by Robin Talley (Sept. 24, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-56531-8). Seventeen-year-old Gertrude enlists her best friends to find who murdered their controversial headmistress in this queer historical thriller set in 1927 Washington, D.C. Ages 14–18.

I Was Told There Would Be Romance by Marie Arnold (Oct. 15, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-56800-5). When 15-year-old Fancy learns that her BFF, Tilly, has received a coveted invite to the biggest social event of the school year and has a secret boyfriend, she’s determined to find her own happily ever after. Ages 14–18.

Ida, in Love and in Trouble by Veronica Chambers (Sept. 10, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-50016-6). This historical novel centers Ida B. Wells as she navigates society parties and prejudices to become a civil rights crusader. Ages 14–18.

Immortal Dark (deluxe limited ed.) by Tigest Girma (Sept. 3, $19.99, ISBN 978-0-316-57038-1). Kidan, an orphaned heiress, infiltrates an arcane society at an elite university and lives with the vampire she suspects killed her family and kidnapped her sister. Ages 14–18.


Celebrate the Seasons by Renée Kurilla sleds along with It’s Winter! (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-57013-8), ages 4–8. New to Chez Bob by Bob Shea is Pizza for Birds (Aug. 13, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-49445-8), ages 4–8.

Festive Feuds ramps up with Turkey vs. Santa by Todd Tarpley, illus. by Giovanni Abeille (Sept. 17, $10.99, ISBN 978-0-316-57455-6), ages 4–8. The Proudest Blue by Ibtihaj Muhammad, illus. by Hatem Aly, greets The Boldest White: A Story of Hijab and Community (Sept. 24, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-7595-5571-6), ages 4–8. Skeletown welcomes Más. ¡Menos! by Rhode Montijo (Aug. 6, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-316-46504-5), ages 4–8.

A Be Smart About Book adds (Be Smart About) Screen Time! Stay Grounded, Set Boundaries, and Keep Safe Online by Rachel Brian (Nov. 19, $15.99, ISBN 978-0-316-57554-6), ages 8–12. Cuphead by Ron Bates issues Cuphead (Sept. 24, $14.99 hardcover, ISBN 978-0-316-42991-7), ages 8–12. The Door of No Return by Kwame Alexander continues with Black Star (Sept. 24, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-316-44259-6), ages 8–12. New to Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend is Silverborn: The Mystery of Morrigan Crow (Jan. 28, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-316-34839-3), ages 8–12. The Pumpkin Princess by Steven Banbury, about one girl’s journey to the land of the undead and the unexpected family she finds along the way, launches with The Pumpkin Princess and the Forever Night (Sept. 3, $8.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-316-57299-6), ages 8–12. Which Way to Anywhere by Cressida Cowell issues Which Way Around the Galaxy (Sept. 17, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-316-53908-1), ages 8–12. The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes rolls along with Games Untold (Nov. 12, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-57371-9), ages 12 and up. And Belladonna by Adalyn Grace concludes with Wisteria (Aug. 20, $19.99, ISBN 978-0-316-56938-5), ages 14–18.

Little, Brown/LB Ink

Stand Up! by Tori Sharp (Oct. 1, $12.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-316-53893-0). Best friends Clay and Kyle are eager to bring their comedic talents into the spotlight but struggle to find the right venue for their humor. Ages 8–12.

Halfway There: A Graphic Memoir of Self-Discovery by Christine Mari (Oct. 15, $17.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-316-41672-6) follows Mari’s college
year abroad in Japan, as she attempts to reconcile both sides of her mixed-race identity. Ages 14–18.

Mismatched: A Modern Graphic Retelling of Emma by Anne Camlin, illus. by Isadora Zeferino (Sept. 3, $17.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-316-70410-6). A teen social media star learns he can’t control everything in this queer graphic novel adaptation that relocates Jane Austen’s Emma to a modern-day high school in Queens, N.Y. Ages 14–18.


Peach and Plum appear in Double Trouble! by Tim McCanna (Aug. 6, $7.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-316-56964-4), ages 5–8. Andy Warner’s Oddball Histories by Warner returns with Spices and Spuds: How Plants Made Our World by Andy Warner (Nov. 5, $12.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-316-49827-2), ages 8–12.

Little, Brown/Ottaviano

One Day at a Time: A Story About Healing from Divorce by Rachel Ip, illus. by Natelle Quek (Jan. 28, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-57756-4). When Poppy and Robin’s parents get divorced, the two discover that even the biggest changes get easier with time. Ages 3–6.

Togo to the Rescue: How a Heroic Husky Saved the Lives of Children in Alaska by Mélisande Potter, illus. by Giselle Potter (Oct. 15, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-33544-7), tells the true story of Togo, the heroic Siberian Husky who traveled through a terrifying blizzard to help deliver life-saving medicine to children in 1925 Nome, Alaska. Ages 4–8.

Winter Magic by Robert Burleigh, illus. by Wendell Minor (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-56049-8), rejoices in the seasonal beauty of winter and holiday cheer. Ages 4–8.

Almost Underwear: How a Piece of Cloth Traveled from Kitty Hawk to the Moon and Mars by Jonathan Roth (Aug. 20, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-52554-1). Via historic photos with graphic illustration, Roth delivers the true story of the piece of cloth involved in the Wright brothers’ first flight, Neil Armstrong’s moon landing, and the 2021 Mars helicopter mission. Ages 5–9.

Royal Heirs Academy by Lindsey Duga (Jan. 14, $12.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-316-57866-0). This contemporary YA novel unfolds in the gossip-filled halls of an elite boarding school where four teens compete to inherit the European kingdom of Ashland. Ages 14–18.


Little Red revs its engine with Little Red, Autumn on the Farm by Will Hillenbrand (Sept. 3, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-57164-7), ages 3–7. The Knight Owl by Christopher Denise soars along with Knight Owl and Early Bird (Oct. 15, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-56452-6), ages 4–8. Bulldozer and Friends by Elise Broach, illus. by Kelly Murphy, an early chapter book series following a bulldozer living in a human world, starts up with Bulldozer’s Big Rescue (Jan. 21, $6.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-316-56417-5), ages 6–8. And True Survival begins with Fatal Forecast: An Incredible True Story of Courage in a Savage Storm by Michael J. Tougias (Oct. 22, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-55621-7), ages 9–14.

Little, Brown/Patterson

Fox Is Coming! by James Patterson and Joe Kulka (Oct. 15, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-316-57283-5). A group of chicks hides from a crafty fox, but not for reasons one might think. Ages 3–5.


Middle School goes to the head of the class with Too Uncool for School by James Patterson and Martin Chatterton (Jan. 20, $14.99, ISBN 978-0-316-41082-3), ages 8–12. And Time Travel Twins, chronicling the exploits of 12-year-old twins who just learned they are time travelers, blasts off with The Time Travel Twins by Patterson and Tad Safran (Sept. 9, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-316-44701-0), ages 8–12.

Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet Kids sails along with A Treasury of Traditional Tales (Sept. 24, $22.99, ISBN 978-1-83758-301-0), illus. by Teo Georgiev; Mysterious World (Oct. 1, $22.99, ISBN 978-1-83758-304-1), and Your Ultimate Travel Adventure List (Oct. 22, $22.99, ISBN 978-1-83758-306-5), ages 9–12.



Mighty Moods greets There’s a Robot in My Socks by Meredith Rusu, illus. by Martín Morón (Sept. 17, $19.99, ISBN 978-0-8294-5709-4), ages 4–6.

Macmillan/Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Stay Angry, Little Girl by Madeleine L’Engle, illus. by Michelle Jing Chan (Aug. 6, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39083-9). Inspired by a quote from A Wrinkle in Time, this book encourages girls to share their ideas and emotions. Ages 3–5.

The Days After Christmas by Maggie C. Rudd, illus. by Elisa Chavarri (Sept. 3, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39016-7), offers a reminder that magic and cheer can still be found even after the holiday decorations are put away. Ages 3–6.

One Light by Christie Matheson, illus. by Anuska Allepuz (Sept. 24, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-374-38980-2). In this tale about sparking change, a mouse that ignites a light on a stormy night inspires others to do the same. Ages 3–6.

We Don’t Eat Our Neighbors by Daniel J. Mahoney (Aug. 6, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39126-3). An alligator family runs into trouble when their son can’t curb his appetite for their new human neighbors. Ages 4–7.

Yvonne Clark and Her Engineering Spark by Allen R. Wells, illus. by Deandra Hodge (Jan. 7, $19.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39135-5). Based on a true story, this book tells of a curious girl who became one of the first Black female engineers for NASA. Ages 4–7.

All the Greatness in You by Tameka Fryer Brown, illus. by Alleanna Harris (Nov. 5, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39101-0). A mother describes all she admires about her son in this ode to milestones and independence. Ages 4–8.

Claudette Colvin: I Want Freedom Now! by Claudette Colvin and Phillip Hoose, illus. by Bea Jackson (Nov. 12, $19.99, ISBN 978-0-374-38973-4), recounts this civil rights icon’s 1955 refusal to give up her bus seat as a teenager, months before Rosa Parks. Ages 4–8.

My So-Called Family by Gia Gordon (Nov. 12, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39205-5). A girl beginning middle school stars in this novel about foster care, self-advocacy, and realizing that a found family is a real family. Ages 8–12.

Slouch by Christina Wyman (Oct. 22, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39190-4). In this follow-up to Jawbreaker, a tall seventh-grade girl who doesn’t want to stand out navigates friends, family, self-esteem, and boundaries. Ages 8–12.

Greta by J.S. Lemon (Sept. 10, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39217-8). Greta’s body begins changing in a very different way from everyone else’s in this novel about friendship, healing, and transcendent beauty. Ages 10–14.

Malcolm Lives: The Official Biography of Malcolm X for Young Readers by Ibram X. Kendi (Jan. 7, $22.99, ISBN 978-0-374-31186-5) offers a portrait of Malcolm X and of the American social and political landscape during the civil rights movement. Ages 10–14.

Monster Tree by Sarah Allen (Sept. 3, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39097-6). Linus must protect his neighborhood from a malevolent tree while dealing with the recent loss of his father. Ages 10–14.

Something Like Right by H.D. Hunter (Aug. 20, $20.99, ISBN 978-0-374-38998-7). This story of a biracial Black and white boy’s life-altering year reveals the systemic inequality in racialized communities. Ages 12 and up.

Under the Same Stars by Libba Bray (Oct. 1, $24.99, ISBN 978-0-374-38894-2). This historical mystery examines truth, rebellion, reconciliation, and what must be sacrificed for a better world. Ages 12 and up.

Visitations by Corey Egbert (Nov. 19, $25.99, ISBN 978-0-374-30842-1). Inspired by true events, this graphic novel weaves together family dynamics, mental illness, and religion. Ages 12 and up.

Flamboyants: The Queer Harlem Renaissance I Wish I’d Known by George M. Johnson, illus. by Charly Palmer (Sept. 24, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39124-9), compiles 14 essays about Black and queer icons from the Harlem Renaissance. Ages 14–18.


If Animals Kissed Good Night introduces If Animals Celebrated Easter by Ann Whitford Paul, illus. by David Walker (Jan. 7, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39058-7), ages 2–6. I Am presents I Quit by Kristen Tracy, illus. by Federico Fabiani (Oct. 22, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39219-2), ages 3–6. I Can Help releases I Can Help in the Neighborhood by David Hyde Costello (Oct. 29, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-374-39133-1), ages 3–6. Between My Hands by Mitali Perkins, illus. by Naveen Selvanathan (Sept. 17, $19.99, ISBN 978-0-374-38898-0), joins Between Books, ages 4–8. Team Chu welcomes Team Chu and the Wild Ghost Chase by Julie C. Dao (Sept. 10, $19.99, ISBN 978-0-374-38885-0), ages 10–14. And Tegan and Sara return in Crush by Tegan Quin and Sara Quin, illus. by Tillie Walden (Oct. 1, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-374-31304-3), ages 10–14.

Macmillan/Feiwel and Friends

Painting the Sky with Love: A Celebration of Love and Community by Mary E. Haque, illus. by Tatiana Gardel (Nov. 5, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-82860-6). A child opens her arms to the sky, “painting it” with love. Ages 2–5.

How to Pee Your Pants: The Right Way by Rachel Michelle Wilson (Oct. 15, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-91017-2) offers a space to laugh through this embarrassing incident. Ages 3–5.

5 More Sleeps ’Til Halloween by Jimmy Fallon, illus. by Rich Deas (Sept. 3, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-85779-8). The creators of 5 More Sleeps ’Til Christmas count down to trick-or-treat night. Ages 3–6.

Desi, Mami, and the Never-Ending Worries by Eva Mendes, illus. by Abbey Bryant (Sept. 17, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-86743-8). A girl and her mother work together to quash scary bedtime thoughts. Ages 3–6.

Oshún and Me: A Story of Love and Braids by Adiba Nelson, illus. by Alleanna Harris (Jan. 14, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-89115-0), delivers an ode to family, identity, and the beauty of braided hair. Ages 3–6.

All Food Is Good Food by Molli Jackson Ehlert, illus. by Fanny Liem (Aug. 13, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-85445-2), pays homage to all the types of food that nourish the body and please the palate. Ages 4–8.

Legendary Cakes: A Story of Têt, the Vietnamese New Year by Kerisa Greene (Jan. 7, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-32589-1). Two siblings learn the story behind the traditional Têt cakes that their Bà makes. Ages 4–8.

The Sunflowers: Vincent van Gogh’s Search for Beauty by Zahra Marwan (Sept. 17, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-85963-1). Refecting the artist’s life, this book tells a story of finding friendship and creating a safe community. Ages 4–8.

Who Took My Lollipop? by Doug Cenko, illus. by Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn (Oct. 29, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-86758-2). An irate squirrel asks his pals about his missing lollipop in this tale of controlling one’s temper. Ages 4–8.

The Flicker by H.E. Edgmon (Sept. 24, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-87397-2). After a solar flare scorches Earth, two step-sisters must rely on each other to build a new life from the ashes. Ages 8–12.

Let It Glow by Marissa Meyer and Joanne Levy (Oct. 1, $9.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-36081-6). When twins separated at birth serendipitously reunite, they learn about their divergent holidays and hatch a plot. Ages 8–12.

Onyx & Beyond by Amber McBride (Oct. 1, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90878-0). In this novel based on her father’s life, McBride tells of a Black boy whose mother has dementia during the civil rights movement. Ages 8–12.

The Song of Orphan’s Garden by Nicole M. Hewitt (Jan. 21, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90604-5). A human girl and a giant must break free of the ancient battle between their people in order to save a magical garden. Ages 8–12.

Swing by Audrey Meeker (Oct. 22, $22.99, ISBN 978-1-250-86403-1). Izzy and Marcus are unlikely partners in a swing dance project, in this graphic novel exploring complicated friendships and gender norms. Ages 9–12.

The Beanstalk Murder by P.G. Bell (Aug. 6, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-86484-0) is a fantasy involving a witch in training, her magic-savvy archenemy, a kingdom of giants, and a murder mystery. Ages 10–14.

Shaken by James Preller (Sept. 10, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-83449-2). When a severe concussion derails a middle-school soccer star’s life, she struggles to adjust to a new normal. Ages 10–14.

We Are Hunted by Tomi Oyemakinde (Sept. 17, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-86816-9). A boy works with his family and other vacationers to escape from an island resort where all the animals have turned feral. Ages 12 and up.

Don’t Let the Forest in by CG Drews (Oct. 29, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-89566-0). In this psychological horror novel, a teen writes twisted fairy tales for the only person who can ground him in reality: a boy with perpetually ink-stained hands. Ages 13–18.

Medici Heist by Caitlin Schneiderhan (Aug. 6, $20.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90718-9). A teenage thief leads a team of misfits in a daring heist for fortune, freedom, and revenge against a corrupt Pope in Renaissance Italy. Ages 13–18.

Under the Heron’s Light by Randi Pink (Oct. 15, $20.99, ISBN 978-1-250-82037-2). Inspired by stories about the real-world Great Dismal Swamp, this fantasy explores alternate history and a family’s supernatural connections to the swamp. Ages 13–18.

Biology Lessons by Melissa Kantor (Jan. 14, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-33404-6). A teen becomes pregnant in a state where abortion is illegal in this novel about the power of friendship in a world where choice is something you must fight for. Ages 14–18.

Don’t Let It Break Your Heart by Maggie Horne (Aug. 27, $19.99,
ISBN 978-1-250-89497-7). In this story of identity, love, and friendship, will Alana decide to embrace her queerness and risk losing the life she thought she was building? Ages 14–18.

Kisses, Codes, and Conspiracies by Abigail Hing Wen (Aug. 13, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-88323-0). Tan Lee gets embroiled in a love triangle while dealing with a heist, a conspiracy, and a babysitting gig. Ages 14–18.

Perfect Girl by Tracy Banghart (Nov. 19, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90286-3). When a killer looking for the perfect girl targets Jessa, she must reject everything she’s been taught to keep herself and her friends alive. Ages 14–18.

Rani Choudhury Must Die by Adiba Jaigirdar (Nov. 12, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-84208-4). Two ex-best-friends-turned-rivals who realize they’re dating the same guy team up to beat him in a science competition. Ages 14–18.

Tangleroot by Kalela Williams (Oct. 15, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-88066-6). A teen unpeels the layers of sinister history that envelop her Virginia town, the college where her mother is president, and her ancestry. Ages 14–18.


Dogtown Books issues Mouse and His Dog by Katherine Applegate and Gennifer Choldenko, illus. by Wallace West (Sept. 17, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-34500-4), ages 8–12. R.L. Stine’s Stinetinglers continues with More Chilling Stories by the Master of Scary Tales (Aug. 27, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-83633-5), ages 8–12. Sunbearer Duology concludes with Celestial Monsters by Aiden Thomas (Sept. 3, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-82208-6), ages 13–18. And Untold Legends continues with Faeries Never Lie: Tales to Revel In by Zoraida Córdova and Natalie C. Parker (Sept. 24, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-82384-7), ages 14–18.

Macmillan/First Second

Mia and Friends: Mia Hamm and the Soccer Sisterhood That Changed History by Karlin Gray, illus. by Micheline Hess (Aug. 27, $12.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-82366-3) is the story of the teammates who made history at the 1999 Women’s World Cup championship. Ages 7–10.

Dog Trouble by Kristin Varner
(Oct. 29, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-22591-7). A boy bonds with dogs at a shelter while doing community service. Ages 8–12.

Mixed-Up by Kami Garcia, illus. by Brittney Williams (Jan. 21, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-84088-2). This graphic novel centers on a game-loving girl diagnosed with dyslexia and her devoted support network. Ages 8–12.

Monster Locker by Jorge Aguirre, illus. by Andrés Vera Martínez (Oct. 1, $22.99, ISBN 978-1-250-74974-1). In this debut volume of a graphic novel series, Pablo discovers that his locker is a portal to the monster realm. Ages 10–14.

Tiffany’s Griffon by Maddi Gonzalez and Magnolia Porter Siddell (Aug. 13, $22.99, ISBN 978-1-250-75781-4). A lonely girl must befriend her enemy when she learns that the world from a favorite book is real. Ages 10–14.

Weirdo by Tony Weaver, illus. by Jes Wibowo and Cin Wibowo (Sept. 17, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-77287-9). This graphic novel memoir centers on a preteen coping with mental health issues and self-doubt. Ages 10–14.

Ash’s Cabin by Jen Wang (Aug. 13, $25.99, ISBN 978-1-250-75405-9). A teen who feels alone stars in this novel about self-discovery, self-reliance, and choosing to live when you feel you have no place in the world.. Ages 14–18.

Song of a Blackbird by Maria Van Lieshout (Jan. 21, $25.99, ISBN 978-1-250-86981-4). With two intertwined timelines, this WWII graphic novel delivers a message about family, courage, and the power of art. Ages 14–18.

The Sweetness Between Us by Sarah Winifred Searle (Oct. 22, $25.99, ISBN 978-1-250-86319-5; $17.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-86318-8). In this graphic novel, a boy dealing with a chronic illness finds a new friend in a vampire classmate. Ages 14–18.


John Patrick Green’s InvestiGators continues with Class Action by (Sept. 24, $12.99, ISBN 978-1-250-84990-8), ages 7–10. Books of Clash adds Legendary Legends of Legendarious Achievery by Gene Luen Yang, illus. by Les McClaine and Alison Acton (Nov. 5, $26.99, ISBN 978-1-250-81631-3), ages 8–12. Cat’s Cradle wraps up with Suri’s Dragon by Jo Rioux (Nov. 19, $15.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-62541-0), ages 8–12. Squire & Knight picks up Wayward Travelers by Scott Chantler (Oct. 15, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-84689-1), ages 8–12. History Comics travels back to Ellis Island: Immigration and the American Dream by Felipe Galindo Feggo, illus. by Tait Howard (Jan. 21, $13.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-76878-0); and The Prohibition Era: America’s War on Alcohol by Jason Viola, illus. by Roger Langridge (Oct. 22, $13.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-80145-6), ages 9–13. Human Spaceflight: Rockets and Rivalry by Andy Hirsch (Oct. 22, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-250-84653-2) joins Science Comics, ages 9–13. And Asgardians welcomes Thor by George O’Connor (Oct. 8, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-250-76078-4), ages 9–14.


Merry Christmas, Dear Mars by Penny Parker Klostermann, illus. by Estrela Lourenço (Sept. 3, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-87030-8). What will Martians awaiting Santa’s arrival do when his sleigh shudders and stops? Ages 4–8.

The Science Girls by Aki (Aug. 13, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-23947-1). A group of girls have fun hypothesizing and analyzing during a curiosity-filled day. Ages 4–8.

Wildflower Emily: A Story About Young Emily Dickinson by Lydia Corry (Oct. 15, $22.99, ISBN 978-1-250-86821-3). In this book about her childhood, the poet explores the outdoors in her Massachusetts town. Ages 7–10.

Power to the Parasites! by Chelsea L. Wood, illus. by Dave Mottram (Nov. 12, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-83398-3). This examination of parasites such as tapeworms and ticks underscores how the better we understand them the less reason we have to fear them. Ages 8–12.


Everything Is Grape! by Alastair Heim, illus. by Michelle Tran (Oct. 22, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-89141-9). After two friends encounter what seems to be a grape, one is sure that everything else they see is also a grape. Ages 4–8.

The House Without Lights: A Glowing Celebration of Joy, Warmth, and Home by Reem Faruqi, illus. by Nadia Alam (Sept. 3, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90721-9). When a new family moves in, House misses being decorated for the winter holidays—but is delighted to be illuminated for Eid instead. Ages 4–8.

I Don’t Wanna Hibernate! by Anna Ouchchy, illus. by Raahat Kaduji (Jan. 7, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90322-8). It’s time to hibernate, but a groundhog tries to stay awake all winter—and almost misses Groundhog Day. Ages 4–8.

A Map for Falasteen: A Palestinian Child’s Search for Home by Maysa Odeh, illus. by Aliaa Betawi (Oct. 22, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-89670-4). A girl living in diaspora struggles to find Palestine on a map. Ages 4–8.

What Can a Mess Make? by Bee Johnson (Aug. 20, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90024-1). Two sisters playing at home leave joyful messes in their wake. Ages 4–8.

Where We Can Hear the Giants Sing by Peter Cheong (Oct. 8, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90757-8). Exploring an underwater world with a new friend,
a girl discovers she can’t forget someone back home: her mother. Ages 4–8.

The Chainbreakers by Julian Randall (Sept. 3, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-88202-8). Violet Moon must rescue her father and save her enchanted underwater world. Ages 8–12.

Chickenpox by Remy Lai (Jan. 14, $22.99, ISBN 978-1-250-86330-0). In this graphic novel, Abby is tired of being trapped at home with her four younger siblings when they all come down with chickenpox. Ages 8–12.

Read at Your Own Risk by Remy Lai (Aug. 13, $13.99, ISBN 978-1-250-32335-4). After Hannah and her friends play a game to communicate with the dead, an evil spirit crawls into the pages of her journal. Ages 8–12.

A Banh Mi for Two by Trinity Nguyen (Aug. 20, $24.99, ISBN 978-1-250-91082-0). In this sapphic romance, foodies Vivi and Lan meet while studying abroad in Vietnam and unravel their families’ histories. Ages 14–18.

Dead Girls Don’t Dream by Nino Cipri (Nov. 12, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-79140-5). When Riley is murdered and Madelyn uses magic to resurrect her, their lives become entwined in this story of finding one’s power. Ages 14–18.

Killer House Party by Lily Anderson (Oct. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90947-3). A graduation party at an abandoned mansion turns into a bloody fight for survival. Ages 14–18.


Lolo and Birdie return in I Want More!/¡Quiero más! by Angela Dominguez (Nov. 12, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-87500-6), ages 2–4. Rachel Friedman stars in Rachel Friedman and Eight Not-Perfect Nights of Hanukkah by Sarah Kapit, illus. by Genevieve Kote (Sept. 3, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-88109-0), ages 5–9. Bodega Cats cause mischief in Just Kitten Around by Hilda Eunice Burgos, illus. by Siara Faison (Jan. 21, $16.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90376-1), ages 7–10. Conjureverse presents The Deadly Fates by Dhonielle Clayton (Jan. 28, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-87482-5), ages 8–12. Doña Quixote wraps up with Flight of the Witch by Rey Terciero, illus. by Monica M. Magaña (Sept. 3, $22.99, ISBN 978-1-250-79549-6), ages 8–12. And I Am the Dark That Answers When You Call by Jamison Shea (Nov. 12, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90958-9) joins I Feed Her to the Beast, ages 14–18.

Macmillan/Neon Squid


Nature Bedtime Stories presents Secrets of the Ocean: 15 Bedtime Stories Inspired by Nature by Alicia Klepeis, illus. by Kaja Kajfez (Oct. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-68449-381-4), ages 5–8. Myth Busters releases Robots: Explore the World of Robotics and AI by Henny Admoni, illus. by Amy Grimes (Oct. 1, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-68449-379-1), ages 8–10. And Tales of introduces Tales of Ancient Egypt: Myths & Adventures from the Land of the Pyramids by Hugo D. Cook, illus. by Sona Avedikian (Oct. 1, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-68449-380-7), ages 8–10.

Macmillan/Odd Dot

Pop-Up Planetarium by Lynn Brunelle, illus. by Sarah Dennis (Oct. 8, $24.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90697-7). Designed to be used inside or outdoors, this book rounds up 28 stories of the stars. Ages 6–10.

Numbermania: A Visual Exploration of 0 to 100 by Scott Lape, illus. by Víctor Medina (Oct. 8, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90304-4), reveals how numbers are used in history, language, and science. Ages 6–12.

The Ultimate Driving Book: The Essential Guide for First-Time Drivers and Car Owners by Emma Carlson Berne, illus. by Shaw Nielsen (Aug. 27, $16.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-29060-1). Featuring full-color illustrations, this manual is aimed at beginning and seasoned drivers. Ages 14–18.


Build-a-Bear presents A Wish from the Heart (Nov. 5, $12.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-250-34466-3) and Friends Forever: A Read-and-Explore Book to Find Your Perfect Pal! (Sept. 24, $12.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-250-33172-4) by Build-a-Bear Workshop, illus. by Anna Jones, ages up to 3. World of Eric Carle welcomes Little Book of Thanks from Brown Bear and Friends by Eric Carle (Aug. 27, $9.99, ISBN 978-1-250-88150-2), ages up to 3. Little Seasons welcomes Autumn Leaves by Mirka Hokkanen (Sept. 3, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-88561-6), ages 2–6. The Fall Festival Fiasco joins Math Mysteries by Aaron Starmer, illus. by Marta Kissi (Sept. 10, $8.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-84179-7), ages 8–11. And Apprentice Academy enrolls Knights: The Unofficial Guide to the Heroic Arts by Hal Johnson, illus. by Cathrin Peterslund (Aug. 6, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-80834-9), ages 9–12.

Macmillan/Roaring Brook

A Taste of Home by Richard Ho, illus. by Sibu T.P. (Aug. 20, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-83417-1). A boy on a culinary tour of New York City stars in this celebration of culture, community, and the food that binds us all together. Ages 3–6.

The Wolfpack Way by Abby Wambach, illus. by Debby Rahmalia (Oct. 8, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-76685-4). In this book based on Wachbach’s adult title, Wolfpack, the U.S. soccer Olympic gold medalist encourages readers to be their true selves, dream big, and work together to change the world. Ages 3–7.

Before You Were Here: Where We Come From, What We’re Made Of, and How We Got Here by Scott Westerfeld, illus. by Jessica Lanan (Sept. 10, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-79932-6). Blending a tale of new life with the science of the universe, this story offers an ode to parents’ love for their child. Ages 3–8.

The Most Boring Book Ever by Brandon Sanderson, illus. by Kazu Kibuishi (Sept. 24, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-84366-1). An ordinary boy is having an ordinary afternoon while an adventure unfolds around him involving pirates, dragons, and other perils. Ages 4–8.

The Star in You by Katrina Moore, illus. by Amber Ren (Oct. 15, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-85145-1). This tale celebrating the potential inside each of us spotlights a child on her first day at a new school. Ages 4–8.

Gabby Torres Gets a Billion Followers by Angela Dominguez (Jan. 14, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90137-8) launches a graphic novel series about a girl navigating fourth grade and social media. Ages 6–9.

What Is Color? The Global and Sometimes Gross Story of Pigments, Paint, and the Wondrous World of Art by Steven Weinberg (Aug. 20, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-83341-9). This illustrated guide to color examines the origins of today’s pigments. Ages 6–10.

Banned Books, Crop Tops, and Other Bad Influences by Brigit Young (Sept. 17, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90151-4). A rule-following Jewish girl and a girl with a bad reputation whose escapades become scary join forces against book banning and censorship. Ages 8–12.

Kwame Crashes the Underworld by Craig Kofi Farmer (Sept. 10, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-90026-5). In this fantasy, Kwame is hurled into the Ghanaian underworld to help his late grandmother save humanity. Ages 8–12.

Uprooted: A Memoir About What Happens When Your Family Moves Back by Ruth Chan (Sept. 10, $22.99, ISBN 978-1-250-85533-6) is a graphic memoir featuring a girl who feels lonely and out of place when her family relocates from Toronto to Hong Kong. Ages 8–12.

Interabled: True Stories About Love and Relationships from Squirmy and Grubs and Other Interabled Couples by Shane Burcaw and Hannah Burcaw (Jan. 14, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-62071-2) presents love stories about interabled couples. Ages 12 and up.

Leap by Simina Popescu (Nov. 12, $24.99, ISBN 978-1-250-83829-2). In this graphic novel, two dancers at a conservative performing-arts school experience friendship, first love, and losing track of one’s dreams. Ages 14–18.


Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty returns in Party Animal (Jan. 14, $13.99, ISBN 978-1-250-88479-4), ages 7–10. Hispanic Star introduces Bad Bunny by Claudia Romo Edelman and Ann Dávila Cardinal, illus. by Alexandra Beguez (Sept. 3, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-33966-9), ages 8–12. Chronicles of Never After wraps up with Never After: The End of the Story by Melissa de la Cruz (Dec. 3, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-86631-8), ages 10–14. And Our Deadly Designs by Kalyn Josephson (Nov. 12, $20.99, ISBN 978-1-250-81238-4) concludes This Dark Descent Duology, ages 14–18.

Macmillan/Tor Teen

The Lies We Conjure by Sarah Henning (Sept. 17, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-84106-3) is a supernatural thriller involving 13 witches, a murder, and two non-magical sisters trapped in a deadly game of Clue. Ages 13–18.


Death Games closes with She Waits for You Beyond the Dark by Kristen Simmons (Sept. 24, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-85116-1), ages 13–18. And The Whispering Night by Susan Dennard (Nov. 19, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-33948-5) finishes up The Luminaries, ages 13–18.


Jasmine Is Haunted by Mark Oshiro (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-250-33729-0). In this queer Latinx novel, a girl at the center of a vortex of supernatural activity must come to terms with her own history in order to face her internal and external ghosts. Ages 8–12.


Academy for the Unbreakable Arts presents Kelcie Murphy and the Race for the Reaper’s Key by Erika Lewis (Sept. 10, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-250-20837-8), ages 8–12. And Piper’s Story by W. Bruce Cameron (Mar. 4, $16.99, ISBN 978-1-250-21353-2) is a new Puppy Tale, ages 8–12.


When Haru Was Here by Dustin Thao (Sept. 3, $20, ISBN 978-1-250-76206-1). Eric confronts his reality when one of the imaginary scenarios he creates to deal with his friend’s death becomes real. Ages 12 and up.

The Rival by Emma Lord (Jan. 21, $20, ISBN 978-1-250-90402-7). After academic rivals Sadie and Seb land at the same college, the two bond over a cause while still trying to crush each other. Ages 12 and up.

The Debutantes by Olivia Worley (Oct. 29, $14 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-88146-5). In New Orleans, the Queen debutante at last year’s Mardi Gras ball was found dead—and now this year’s Queen goes missing. Ages 13–18.

Dust by Alison Stine (Dec. 3, $20, ISBN 978-1-250-87873-1). A teen who is hard of hearing finds community and hope amid the extreme and changing climate in the Colorado Bloodless Valley. Ages 13–18.

For She Is Wrath by Emily Varga (Oct. 29, $20, ISBN 978-1-250-87738-3). In this fantasy retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo, a girl seeks revenge against those who betrayed her—including the boy she once loved. Ages 13–18.

Mysterious Ways by Wendy Wunder (Aug. 27, $20, ISBN 978-1-250-77020-2). Maya, who instantly knows everything about others at first glance, wonders if her power can be used for good. Ages 13–18.

Not for the Faint of Heart by Lex Croucher (Nov. 26, $20, ISBN 978-1-250-84723-2) is a queer historical romance about the granddaughter of Robin Hood and the girl she’s accidentally kidnapped. Ages 13–18.

One House Left by Vincent Ralph (Aug. 27, $12 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-88218-9). When Nate’s family moves from a house on a cursed street to another town, he finds that new ghost stories merge with the old. Ages 13–18.

The Rules of Royalty by Cale Dietrich (Dec. 10, $14 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-88777-1). Two princes from neighboring countries fall into a whirlwind romance in this queer spin on The Princess Diaries. Ages 13–18.

Some Like It Cold by Elle McNicoll (Oct. 1, $13 paper, ISBN 978-1-250-33553-1). After a teen returns to her hometown to say goodbye, a budding filmmaker starts to looks like a good reason to stay. Ages 13–18.

What the Woods Took by Courtney Gould (Dec. 10, $20, ISBN 978-1-250-34067-2). Troubled teens in a wilderness therapy program become stranded in a forest full of monsters eager to take their place. Ages 13–18.

Where Shadows Meet by Patrice Caldwell (Jan. 28, $20, ISBN 978-1-250-81534-7). In the aftermath of a war among vampires, humans, and the gods that created them, a princess searches for a captured friend. Ages 13–18.


Guardians of Dawn continues with Ami by S. Jae-Jones (Aug. 6, $20, ISBN 978-1-250-19145-8), ages 12 and up. Guardian of the Scroll introduces Scroll of Heaven by Shannon Lee and Fonda Lee (Jan. 7, $20, ISBN 978-1-250-90267-2), ages 13–18. And Secrets of the Nile concludes with Where the Library Hides by Isabel Ibañez (Nov. 12, $20, ISBN 978-1-250-82299-4), ages 13–18.


Little Wolf’s Howl by Nelly Buchet, illus. by Mathias Ball (Sept. 17, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-958325-18-6). After Little Wolf becomes separated from her family, Whale, Goose, and Bear help her find her way back home. Ages 3–8.

The Tractor Squad by Heather D. Torres, illus. by Gary Laib (Sept. 3, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-958325-20-9), offers two stories featuring vehicles and farmyard animals at work and play. Ages 3–8.

The Dogs Next Door by Patricia Carlin (Oct. 8, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-958325-23-0). Playful, rough-around-the-edges mutts move in next door to a girl. Ages 4–8.

Rafa and the Wrong Legs by Angie Lucas, illus. by Ana Sanfelippo (Sept. 24, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-958325-22-3). When Rafa leaves his mother’s side in the supermarket to chase a berry, he becomes lost in a sea of legs. Ages 4–8.


The Adventures of Penguin and Panda adds Winterfest by Brenda Maier, illus. by Fanni Mézes (Oct. 1, $9.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-958325-16-2), ages 6–9. And Sophie is back in Frankenstein’s Hound (Oct. 15, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-958325-25-4) and Jurassic Bark (Oct. 15, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-958325-14-8) by Brian Anderson, ages 8–12.

Mayo Clinic Press KIDS

The ABCs of Taking Care of Me by Ellie Rose, illus. by Esme Lee (Oct. 8, $8.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88770-303-9). Set in a busy home, this ABC book emphasizes the importance of caring for oneself and others. Ages 3–7.

Human 2.0: A Celebration of Human Bionics by Patrick Kane, illus. by Samuel Rodriguez (Aug. 1, $14.99 paper, ISBN 979-8-88770-192-9), outlines advances in medical engineering and offers a glimpse into the future. Ages 8–12


Feelings Forecast issues Naomi’s Sad Day (Aug. 1, $9.99 paper, ISBN 979-8-88770-212-4), Olive’s Angry Day (Aug. 1, $9.99 paper, ISBN 979-8-88770-217-9), and Javi’s Excited Day (Aug. 1, $9.99 paper, ISBN 979-8-88770-232-2) by Megan Borgert-Spaniol, illus. by Laura Deo, ages 8–12.

Milk & Cookies


Decide & Survive introduces Agent 355: Can You Win the Revolution? by Ryan G. Van Cleave (Aug. 6, $9.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-63819-181-0), The Attack on Pearl Harbor: Can You Stop the Invasion? by Jarret Keene (Aug. 6, $9.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-63819-179-7), and Can You Change Pompeii’s Fate? by Sylvia Whitman (Aug. 6, $9.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-63819-180-3), all illus. by Mike Anderson, ages 8–10.

Milky Way

All Kinds of Things/Todo tipo de cosas by Bernadette Gervais (Oct. 15, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-990252-36-5). Featuring words in both English and Spanish, this book brings together objects that share common traits, but are typically not grouped together. Ages 2–5.

Milo the Knight by Grégoire Laforce, illus. by Charlotte Parent (Nov. 15, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-990252-35-8). After a knight suffers an identity crisis, a court jester helps him shed his armor and discover his true self. Ages 4–8.

Hekla and Laki by Marine Schneider (Sept. 17, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-990252-31-0). In this story inspired by two Icelandic volcanoes, a pair of creatures with opposite personalities form an attachment that binds them in life—
and in death. Ages 6–9.

Moon Dust

Magic Child: A Bedtime Ritual by Sarah Beck, illus. by Nicole Revy (Sept. 17, $12.99, ISBN 978-1-956712-20-9), brings the tools of grounding, breathwork, and protection into a bedtime routine to help caretakers and children manifest a calm environment. Ages up to 3.

The Witch’s Ladder: A Counting 1-10 Book by Andrea Stein, illus. by Felishia Henditirto (Oct. 1, $12.99, ISBN 978-1-956712-22-3), is a counting book introducing magical symbols and knot magic. Ages up to 3.


Wheel of the Year rolls on with Sam & the Samhain Scare by Kathleen Converse, illus. by Hanna Sultanova (Aug. 13, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-956712-12-4), ages 4–7.


The Gift of Baptism by Roger Hutchison (Jan. 7, $17.95, ISBN 978-1-64065-754-0) presents an illustrated poetic rendering of the promise made at Baptism. Ages 3–12.



Sports Heroes welcomes Patrick Mahomes: The Story of the Football Superstar by Welbeck Children’s Books (Aug. 13, $8.95, ISBN 978-1-83935-292-8), ages 8–12.

National Geographic Kids

Big Words for Little Astronauts: The Stellar Dictionary Every Space Explorer Needs by Lisa M. Gerry (Oct. 8, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-4263-7644-3), offers a dictionary for space-loving kids. Ages 3–7.

Beyond Infinity: Exploring the Secrets of the Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope by Stephanie Warren Drimmer (Oct. 15, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-4263-7678-8). Illustrated with photos taken by the Webb Space Telescope, this book explains how the telescope was build and how it works. Ages 8–12.


5,000 Awesome Facts issues 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!): Updated and Expanded! (Oct. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-4263-7613-9), ages 8–12. Greeking Out adds Greeking Out Heroes and Olympians by Kenny Curtis and Jillian Hughes (Sept. 17, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-4263-7627-6), ages 8–12. And Weird but True gains Weird but True! Star Wars: 300 Epic Facts from a Galaxy Far, Far Away.... (Aug. 6, $9.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-4263-7528-6), ages 8–12.


Scareground by Angela Kecojevic (Aug. 6, $14.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-915584-62-5). A spooky fairground in Victorian London is the setting of this novel of dark magic, forbidden adventures, and family secrets. Ages 8–12.

Terra Electrica: The Guardians of the North by Antonia Maxwell (Oct. 22, $14.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-915584-11-3) launches a dystopian adventure series set in a near-future, post-melt Arctic. Ages 8–12.

Looking for Lucie by Amanda Addison (Oct. 1, $14.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-911107-68-2). A teen explores her heritage and family history in this novel about identity, self-discovery, and new friendship. Ages 14–18.


Misty Mole stars in Misty Mole Goes Screen-Free by Yasmin El-Rouby, illus. by Ishy Walters (Sept. 17, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-911107-65-1), ages 4–8.

Nobrow/Flying Eye

A Mouse Called Julian by Joe Todd-Stanton (Oct. 1, $9.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-83874-214-0) offers a take on the fable of “The Lion and the Mouse.” Ages up to 5.

The Good Night Garage by Tori Kosara, illus. by Meg Hunt (Sept. 3, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-83874-903-3). Seven vehicles perform nighttime jobs to keep the city running smoothly. Ages 3–7.

Oh! Look, a Boat! by Andrew J. Ross (Sept. 3, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-83874-218-8). In this tale of adventure and expanding horizons, a curious mouse climbs aboard a boat and accidentally sets out to sea. Ages 3–7.

Hilda and Twig: Hide from the Rain by Luke Pearson (Nov. 5, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-83874-156-3). In this debut book in a large-panel format, a storm interrupts Hilda and Twig’s forest adventure. Ages 5–9.

Wildlife in the Balance: The Species That Shape Earth’s Ecosystems by Sharon Wismer, illus. by Terri Po (Aug. 6, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-83874-875-3), examines how animals and plants play crucial roles in various habitats and affect their environments. Ages 7–9.

Into the Volcano: The Science, Magic and Meaning of Volcanoes by Catherine Ard, illus. by Wenjia Tang (Sept. 3, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-83874-883-8), explains the science of volcanoes, their various forms in nature, and the myths and stories they have inspired. Ages 7–11.

Shackleton’s Journey (10th anniversary ed.) by William Grill (Sept. 3, $23.99, ISBN 978-1-83874-129-7). This edition of a visual account of Shackleton’s journey to Antarctica contains new bonus material. Ages 7–11.

Ditching Saskia by John Moore, illus. by Neetols (Oct. 1, $19.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-83874-155-6). This graphic novel interweaves themes of the supernatural, identity, grief, and accepting flaws in those we love. Ages 12 and up.


Can I Sleep Here? offers Can I Sleep Here? Baby Dolphin (Aug. 6, $9.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-83874-893-7) and Can I Sleep Here? Baby Monkey (Jan. 7, $9.99 board book, ISBN 978-1-83874-221-8) by Ella Bailey, ages up to 5. Monster Support Group picks up The Creature’s Origin by Laura Suárez (Oct. 1, $12.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-83874-134-1), ages 7–9. Obsessive About Octopuses by Owen Davey (Aug. 6, $12.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-83874-874-6) joins About Animals, ages 7–11. Cactus Kid faces the ultimate showdown in Rumble at the Rodeo by Emmanuel Guerrero (Oct. 1, $15.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-83874-125-9), ages 8–12. Sam Bosma’s Fantasy Sports continues with The Green King (Oct. 1, $12.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-83874-167-9), ages 12 and up. And An Illustrated History presents An Illustrated History of Urban Legends by Adam Allsuch Boardman (Sept. 3, $21.99, ISBN 978-1-83874-910-1), ages 14–18.

North Country

October Is Having a Party! by Caitlin Friebel (Aug. 15, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-4930-8110-3). As the season changes, October invites forest animals to a party, and all bring contributions to the celebration. Ages 4–8.

North Star


My Amazing Skin gains How We Heal by Adam Schmitt, illus. by Michelle Simpson (Aug. 1, $9.95 paper, ISBN 979-8-9887277-1-2), ages 4–8.

North Star/Flux

Mighty Millie Novak by Elizabeth Holden (Aug. 20, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-63583-103-0). Despite social angst, her parents’ divorce, and friendship trials, Millie pursues her goals in roller derby and love. Ages 12 and up.

Lonely Places by Kate Anderson (Oct. 29, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-63583-101-6). A teen must face her own childhood trauma to access a sinister world and rescue her sister before she’s lost forever. Ages 14–18.

North Star/Jolly Fish

In the Winter by Lauren Kukla (Nov. 12, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-963802-00-9) celebrates the beauty of winter and how it brings people together with warmth that comes from human connection. Ages 4–8.


The Little Christmas Tree by Thomas Meyer, trans. by Marshall Yarbrough, illus. by Philippe Goossens (Oct. 8, $19.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4541-1). A tiny Christmas tree, afraid no family will want him, learns that the size of one’s heart matters most. Ages 4–8.

Picture Day at Dino Play by Sean Julian (Sept. 10, $19.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4552-7). The cast of Norman’s First Day at Dino Day Care return in this story about how a creative solution can make for a perfect picture day. Ages 4–8.

Wacky Witches and Their Peculiar Familiars by April Suddendorf (Sept. 10, $19.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4548-0). Rhymes showcase wacky witches and their odd animal companions. Ages 4–8.

Wish You Were Here: Postcards from Franz Kafka by Bernadette Watts (Sept. 10, $19.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4556-5) tells the legend of the postcards Kafka wrote to comfort a girl who lost her beloved doll. Ages 4–8.

Worm’s Lost & Found by Jule Wellerdiek, trans. by David Henry Wilson (Oct. 8, $19.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4557-2). A worm with a knack for finding things loses his hat in this tale about the joy of finding things when you least expect it. Ages 4–8.

The Gray City by Torben Kuhlmann, trans. by David Henry Wilson (Sept. 17, $22.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4554-1). Friends help a girl who moves to a city where everything is gray bring color back to the world. Ages 6–10.

Let’s Get Festive! Celebrations Around the World by Joanna Konczak, trans. by Kate Webster, illus. by Ewa Poklewska-Koziello (Sept. 10, $27.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4570-1), showcases 36 annual celebrations. Ages 6–10.


Band of Bugs adds Goth Moth by Kai Lüftner, trans. by Tim Mohr, illus. by Wiebke Rauers (Oct. 8, $19.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4555-8), ages 4–8. And Genius Animals continues with Genius Ears: A Curious Animal Compendium by Lena Anlauf, trans. by Marshall Yarbrough, illus. by Vitali Konstantinov (Sept. 10, $24.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4562-6), ages 6–12.

NorthSouth/Ediciones Nortesur

Haicuba/Haikuba: Haikus About Cuba in Spanish and English by Carlos Pintado and Lawrence Schimel, illus. by Juan José Colsa (Sept. 10, $19.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4568-8). Haikus written in both Spanish and English celebrate Cuba’s culture, nature, and traditions. Ages 4–8.

Titles in Spanish

El pez arcoíris by Marcus Pfister, trans. by David Bowles (Oct. 8, $19.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4572-5); ¡Sigamos subiendo! by Baptiste Paul, trans. by Roque Raquel Salas Rivera, illus. by Jacqueline Alcántara (Oct. 8, $19.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4566-4); and ¡Viva el aguacate! by Taltal Levi, trans. by Achy Obejas (Sept. 10, $19.95, ISBN 978-0-7358-4565-7), ages 4–8.

Norton Young Readers

In Praise of Mystery by Ada Limón, illus. by Peter Sís (Oct. 1, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-324-05400-9). This poem by the U.S. Poet Laureate celebrates humankind’s endless curiosity and all that is left to discover beyond the stars. Ages 4–8.

Sea Without a Shore: Life in the Sargasso by Barb Rosenstock, illus. by Katherine Roy (Sept. 10, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-324-01607-6). A piece of seaweed reveals the complex and vibrant ecosystem of the Sargasso Sea. Ages 4–8.

The Oddball Book of Armadillos by Elizabeth Shreeve, illus. by Isabella Grott (Sept. 3, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-324-05218-0). Pairs of modern and ancient armadillos illuminate the evolution of these creatures. Ages 7–10.

White House Clubhouse: White House on Fire! by Sean O’Brien (Oct. 8, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-324-05307-1). First Daughters Marissa and Clara travel back in time to James Madison’s presidency to save the nation and George Washington’s portrait. Ages 8–12.

Many Things Under a Rock: The Mysteries of Octopuses (young readers ed.) by David Scheel, illus. by Laurel “Yoyo” Scheel (Jan. 14, $18.99, ISBN 978-1-324-01999-2), adapts this examination of octopuses. Ages 10–14.

Nosy Crow

Love Always Everywhere by Sarah Massini (Sept. 3, $9.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88777-084-0). Text and art celebrate love in its many forms. Ages up to 5.

The Bear, the Book, and the Blanket by Lou Peacock, illus. by Ged Adamson (Nov. 5, $18.99, ISBN 979-8-88777-100-7). Ten bunnies find the special things Baby needs to settle down for sleep. Ages 2–5.

Cat Chat: How Cats Tell Us How They Feel (Sept. 3, $14.99, ISBN 979-8-88777-101-4) and Puppy Talk: How Dogs Tell Us How They Feel (Sept. 3, $14.99, ISBN 979-8-88777-102-1) by Jess French, illus. by Penelope Dullaghan, explain how to read these pets’ body language. Ages 2–5.

D Is for Dog by En Lynas, illus. by Sara Ogilvie (Oct. 1, $14.99, ISBN 979-8-88777-108-3), introduces an eclectic cast of canines. Ages 2–5.

The Great Big Christmas Tree Hunt by Ekaterina Trukhan (Oct. 1, $8.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88777-082-6). In this lift-the-flap tale, Polar Bear sets off to find the perfect Christmas tree. Ages 2–5.

If It’s Christmas and You Know It... by Katrina Charman, illus. by Angie Rozelaar (Sept. 3, $9.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88777-087-1). Kids participate in holiday activities in this sing-along book with sliders. Ages 2–5.

Number Train by Jonathan Emmett, illus. by Ingela P. Arrhenius (Sept. 3, $17.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88777-061-1). Animals star in this fold-out counting book with wheels. Ages 2–5.

I Love You More by Clare Helen Welsh, illus. by Kristin Howdeshell and Kevin Howdeshell (Nov. 3, $8.99, ISBN 979-8-88777-083-3). This tale of unconditional love encourages kids to explore change and growth. Ages 4–8.

Marvelous Margot by Lou Peacock, illus. by Ingela P. Arrhenius (Sept. 3, $18.99, ISBN 979-8-88777-091-8). On her way to deliver the cake she made for Oscar, Margot shares the treat with friends she meets. Ages 4–8.

Pascal, the Very Hungry Penguin by Nishani Reed, illus. by Junissa Bianda (Sept. 10, $17.99, ISBN 979-8-88777-058-1). When a penguin samples Nabil’s biryani rice, he decides to leave the zoo and go home with him. Ages 4–8.

Anne of Green Gables, illus. by Isabelle Follath (Sept. 3, $24.99, ISBN 979-8-88777-085-7), is a gift-book retelling of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic, adapted for early readers. Ages 7–10.

A World of Dogs: A Celebration of Fascinating Facts and Amazing Real-Life Stories for Dog Lovers by Carlie Sorosiak, illus. by Luisa Uribe, (Sept. 3, $19.99, ISBN 979-8-88777-096-3), traces the evolutionary history of canines and presents stories of contemporary dog heroes. Ages 8–12.


Let’s Go Home welcomes Let’s Go Home, Baby Bunny by Carolina Búzio (Sept. 3, $10.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88777-063-5), ages up to 3. Joining Tummy Time are Farm (Oct. 1, $10.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88777-062-8) and Savanna (Oct. 1, $10.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88777-092-5) by Louise Lockhart, ages up to 3. And Make Tracks zooms on with Johnny Dyrander’s Emergency (Sept. 3, $10.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88777-060-4) and Trains (Sept. 3, $10.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88777-059-8), ages 2–5.

Suki Cat, an adventurous feline, debuts in Suki Cat: Astronaut (Sept. 3, $9.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88777-089-5), and Suki Cat: Dancer (Sept. 3, $9.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88777-090-1) by Grace Habib, ages 2–5. How to Be A... introduces How to Be a Detective and Other Crime-Fighting Jobs by Alexandra Beever, illus. by Sol Linero (Oct. 1, $17.99, ISBN 979-8-88777-080-2), ages 7–10. Chinese Zodiac by Kate McLelland (Nov. 5, $12.99 board book, ISBN 979-8-88777-099-4) is a new Press Out and Decorate title, ages 7–10. And Dungeon Runners continues with Hero Trial by Kieran Larwood, illus. by Joe Todd-Stanton (Sept. 3, $17.99, ISBN 979-8-88777-107-6), ages 8–12.


Title in Spanish

Gracias by Jarvis (Sept. 3, $17.99, ISBN 978-84-19974-04-4), ages 3–8.


Egalitè issues Daniela the Pirate and the Evil Cyclops by Susanna Isern, illus. by Gómez (Sept. 10, $16.99, ISBN 978-84-10074-29-3), ages 4–8. Additions to Somos8 are The Great Big Animal Race by José Carlos Román, illus. by Julio Antonio Blasco (Nov. 12, $16.99, ISBN 978-84-10074-22-4); Greta’s Cloud by David Hernández Sevillano, illus. by Luisa Vera (Oct. 1, $17.99, ISBN 978-84-10074-36-1); Matthew’s Birthday Party by Pato Mena (Sept. 17, $17.99, ISBN 978-84-10074-18-7); and Sheep Number 19 by Blanca Lacasa, illus. by Jorge Martín (Oct. 15, $17.99, ISBN 978-84-19607-76-8), ages 3–8; and Mommy Crumbs by José Andrés, illus. by Anna Font (Nov. 5, $17.99, ISBN 978-84-19607-38-6), ages 4–9.

Series in Spanish

Somos8 adds ¿Cómo baja Papá Noel por la chimenea? by Mac Barnett, illus. by Jon Klassen (Sept. 24, $16.99, ISBN 978-84-19607-53-9); El cumpleaños de Mateo by Pato Mena (Sept. 17, $17.99, ISBN 978-84-10074-16-3); La gran carrera de los animales by José Carlos Román, illus. by Julio Antonio Blasco (Nov. 12, $16.99, ISBN 978-84-10074-20-0); La nube de Greta by David Sevillano, illus. by Luisa Vera (Oct. 1, $17.99, ISBN 978-84-10074-34-7); La oveja 19 by Blanca Lacasa, illus. by Jorge Martín (Oct. 15, $17.99, ISBN 978-84-19607-73-7); Triángulo by Mac Barnett, illus. by Jon Klassen (Oct. 8, $17.99, ISBN 978-84-10074-09-5); and El Viaje de Candela by Alessandro Montagnana (Mar. 4, $17.99, ISBN 978-84-10074-40-8), ages 3–8; and Mamamigas by José Andrés, illus. by Anna Font (Nov. 5, $17.99, ISBN 978-84-19607-36-2), ages 4–9. And Egalitè presents Daniela Pirata y la malvada cíclope by Susanna Isern, illus. by Gómez (Sept. 10, $16.99, ISBN 978-84-10074-24-8), ages 4–8.

Michael O’Mara


Magical Unicorn Society by Melanie Reynard, illus. by Jazlyn Alcaide and Chris Coady, welcomes The Dark Hearts (Oct. 22, $14.99, ISBN 978-1-78929-667-9), ages 8–12.


Frankie and the Beastly Bog Song by Caitlin Rose Boyle (Aug. 27, $12.99, ISBN 978-1-63715-459-5). Frankie Fairy accompanies her scientist mother on an expedition to the bog to study the plants and animals that live there. Ages 7–10.

I Felt Myself Slipping by Ray Nadine (Sept. 10, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-63715-496-0). Two teenage aspiring Olympic gymnasts navigate school struggles, anxiety, grief, and friendships that might be something more. Ages 14–18.


The Night Mother by Jeremy Lambert, illus. by Alexa Sharpe, in which it falls to Madeline to save her town from an evil being who causes endless night, debuts with The Night Mother (Oct. 8, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-63715-494-6), ages 9–12.


This Land Is a Lullaby by Tonya Simpson, illus. by Delreé Dumont (Sept. 17, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3609-9), explores the spiritual relationship between children, ancestors, and the land. Ages 3–5.

Barefoot Skateboarders by Rina Singh, illus. by Sophie Casson (Sept. 17, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3853-6). When a skatepark is built in the tiny village of Janwaar in northern India, the local children discover the joys of a new sport, regardless of caste or gender. Ages 6–8.

Do Not Eat Like a Tiger Shark! Wacky Ways Animals Slurp, Chomp and Gulp by Etta Kaner, illus. by Heather Wilson (Aug. 13, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3813-0), compares the ways that animals and children eat and drink. Ages 6–8.

The Rock and the Butterfly by Kathy Stinson, illus. by Brooke Kerrigan (Oct. 15, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3700-3), uses a gentle metaphor to address what it’s like to lose someone you love and to find comfort in remembering them. Ages 6–8.

What Inspires by Alison Hughes, illus. by Ellen Rooney (Sept. 17, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3768-3). At the park, three friends watch the whirling maple keys and are inspired to dance, which kicks off a ripple effect of creativity. Ages 6–8.

Izzy Wong’s Nose for News by Marty Chan (Sept. 17, $14.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-4598-3937-3). Sixth grader Izzy launches her investigative podcast by trying to figure out why the girls’ washroom at her school mysteriously flooded. Ages 9–12.

Lost at Windy River: A True Story of Survival by Trina Rathgeber, illus. by Alina Pete (Oct. 15, $19.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-4598-3226-8), documents how an Indigenous girl survived nine days lost in a snowstorm in northern Canada in 1944. Ages 9–12.

Salt, Pepper, Season, Spice: All the Flavors of the World by Jacques Pasquet, illus. by Claire Anghinolfi, trans. by Ann Marie Boulanger (Oct. 15, $24.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3998-4), explores where our favorite spices, condiments, and confections come from and how they’re grown, harvested, and prepared. Ages 9–12.


Sally’s Puppy Adventures barks along with Sally’s Snow Day by Andrew Larsen, illus. by Dawn Lo (Oct. 15, $19.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3976-2), ages 3–5. Billie and Bean are back in Billie and Bean in the Mountains by Julia Hansson, trans. by B.J. Woodstein (Oct. 15, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-4114-7), ages 6–8. Coast Salish Tales adds Raven Gets Tricked by Andrea Fritz (Sept. 17, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3627-3), ages 6–8. Joining Meg and Greg by Elspeth Rae and Rowena Rae, illus. by Elisa Gutiérrez, is A Handful of Dogs (Aug. 13, $16.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-4598-3823-9), ages 6–8. Orca Echoes gains Jordan and Max, Race Day by Suzanne Sutherland, illus. by Michelle Simpson (Aug. 13, $8.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-4598-3901-4); and The Secret Office by Sara Cassidy, illus. by Alyssa Hutchings (Aug. 13, $8.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-4598-3946-5), ages 6–8. Sueño Bay Adventures by Nancy Deas, illus. by Mike Deas, continues with Crystal Cave (Aug. 13, $16.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-4598-3780-5), ages 6–8.

The Book of Screams by Jeff Szpirglas, illus. by Andrew P. Barr, issues Pages of Doom (Sept. 17, $14.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-4598-3801-7), ages 9–12. Among the new Orca Footprints titles is Wildlife Crossing: Giving Animals the Right-of-Way by Joan Marie Galat (Oct. 15, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3346-3), ages 9–12. Orca Shivers delivers Bad Bot by Pierrette Dubé, illus. by Vigg, trans. by David Warriner (Oct. 15, $12.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-4598-3983-0), and Creepy Classroom by François Gravel, trans. by David Warriner (Oct. 15, $12.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-4598-3980-9). ages 9–12. Orca Think offers All Consuming: Shop Smarter for the Planet by Erin Silver, illus. by Suharu Ogawa (Sept. 17, $26.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3597-9), and Taking Care of Where We Live: Restoring Ecosystems by Merrie-Ellen Wilcox, illus. by Amanda Key (Sept. 17, $26.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3538-2), ages 9–12. Orca Timeline sets the table for What Do We Eat? How Humans Find, Grow and Share Food by Megan Clendenan, illus. by Meegan Lim (Sept. 17, $29.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3676-1), ages 9–12. Orca Wild expands with Living Light: Conserving Bioluminescent Plants and Animals by Stephen Aitken (Oct. 15, $24.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3729-4), ages 9–12. Orca Anchor delivers Flash Flood by Gabrielle Prendergast (Aug. 13, $10.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-4598-3821-5), ages 12 and up. And Orca Soundings picks up Shock Wave by Sigmund Brouwer (Aug. 13, $10.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-4598-3962-5), ages 12 and up.

Bilingual Titles

This Land Is a Lullaby/Cistomâwasowin Ôma Askiy by Tonya Simpson, illus. by Delreé Dumont, trans. by Dorothy Thunder (Sept. 17, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3847-5), ages 3–5. Hummingbird/Aamo-Binashee by Jennifer Leason, trans. by Norman Chartrand (Oct. 15, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-3714-0), ages 6–8.


Mummy & Me: A Monster’s Tale by Danesh Mohiuddin (Oct. 15, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-595-2), follows a night in the life of a young werewolf and his Mummy. Ages 3–6.

Three City Kitties by Ashley Barron (Sept. 17, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-603-4) captures the mischievous and sweet behaviors of apartment-dwelling city kitties Nori, Yeti, and Flo. Ages 3–7.

It’s Okay, Just Ask by Monique Leonardo Carlos, illus. by Salini Perera (Oct. 15, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-614-0). As a girl and her family emigrate to a new country and face new experiences, her mother encourages her to ask questions about her concerns. Ages 4–7.

The Mango Monster by Derek Mascarenhas, illus. by Meneka Repka (Sept. 17, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-569-3). Cousins Marianne and Zoe set out to discover whether a monster is stealing mangoes from their family’s mango tree. Ages 4–7.

Squirrel-ish by Bambi Edlund (Sept. 17, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-517-4). An enterprising rat tries to camouflage himself as a squirrel, only to discover the joy of being true to himself. Ages 4–7.

The Weedflower by Elizabeth Davaze, illus. by Marianne Ferrer (Aug. 13, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-588-4). Kids in the schoolyard observe the beauty and resilience of the “flower” that has sprouted in between the concrete and rubber turf. Ages 4–7.

What About an Octopus? A Fact-Filled Underwater Adventure by Deborah Kerbel, illus. by Dawn Lo (Aug. 13, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-571-6). On a visit to the ocean, a curious girl goes searching for a seashell and meets a new eight-armed friend. Ages 4–7.

I Wonder About Worlds: Discovering Planets and Exoplanets by James Gladstone, illus. by Yaara Eshet (Oct. 15, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-572-3). A child’s stargazing excursion turns into an interstellar journey to explore faraway planets. Ages 4–8.

Katrina Hyena, Stand-Up Comedian by Sophie Kohn, illus. by Aparna Varma (Oct. 15, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-565-5). A laughing hyena yearns to be a stand-up comedian. Ages 5–8.

A Meerkat Diary: My Journey into the Wild World of a Meerkat Mob by Suzi Eszterhas (Oct. 15, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-638-6). Wildlife photographer Eszterhas shares her account of spending two weeks observing baby meerkats in Botswana’s Kalahari Desert. Ages 7–10.


Snail & Stump pal around in How to Staycation Like a Snail by Naseem Hrab, illus. by Kelly Collier (Sept. 17, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-612-6), ages 4–7. A Walk in the by Mariona Tolosa Sisteré, trans. by Susan Ouriou, continues with In the City: An Adventure for Your Senses (Aug. 13, $18.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-606-5), ages 4–7. And, new to Bee and Flea by Anna Humphrey, illus. by Mike Deas, is Bee & Flea and the Fall Fiasco (Sept. 17, $16.95, ISBN 978-1-77147-610-2), ages 6–9.

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