Me Cheeta: My Life in Hollywood [Ecco, Mar.] chronicles the ups and downs of Tarzan's best pal, the beloved chimp who enthralled millions of American cinephiles. Now retired to Palm Springs, Cheeta reflects on his long life in a tell-all autobiography filled with startling revelations and shocking details regarding the treatment of animal actors and the intimate lives of various Hollywood stars. Despite his claim that he's taking the high road, Cheeta dishes the dirt and settles many scores. He knows where the bodies are buried, and this book is not for the faint of heart. The charismatic chimp rises above his own inner demons and self-destructive impulses to provide fresh insights as he vividly re-creates his Hollywood past. Cheeta's narrative is actually the classic immigrant autobiography, albeit one enlivened by incredible high jinks, poignant moments, tales of scandalous hedonism and stormy relationships. I certainly hope there's a biopic in the works.