I can't wait for The Kids Are All Right [Harmony, Sept.] to hit bookstore shelves—you'll leap to your feet with happiness on finishing this affecting family memoir. The Welch siblings start out in a typical suburban upbringing, but along the way... life happens. They're devastated when their adored dad passes away, only to lose their mom a short time later. Suddenly we see four kids—aged 19, 16, 14 and eight—in need of homes, care, love and family. They overcome great odds to keep moving forward and stay connected. They live through hardship but remain lively and resilient. Amanda perfects high school house parties into an art form, mixes music tapes to share with her siblings and takes sister Liz clubbing in New York on school breaks. In short, they all find ways to be kids. Like Jeannette Walls's The Glass Castle, Diana, Dan, Liz and Amanda Welch have written an intense, vibrant glimpse into their lives—an extraordinary saga you'll love reading and recommending.