In W. Bruce Cameron's novel, A Dog's Purpose (Forge, July 6), the narrator, a dog who travels through four incarnations to find his purpose, is a dog's dog—wonderfully voiced and utterly charming. Because Cameron has done his homework on dog breeds and behavior, his narration is completely believable, and the novel rises above the genre to become a fable for humans. Cameron dedicates his book to the folks who rescue dogs, and we see what diverse beginnings a puppy can have: a covert, no-kill rescue operation; a puppy mill; a fancy breeder; a humane society. Although I learned a lot about dogs and how they're treated, Cameron is never didactic. Exciting storytelling and a deftly twisting plot made the book impossible to put down. There is so much to enjoy in this often moving book, but it's the voice of the dog narrator that has stayed with me, making me want to recommend it to everyone.