Reading Tina Sloan's Changing Shoes (Gotham, Sept.) is like sitting down with a best friend and reminiscing about your lives. Since we can all identify with footgear, the longtime TV soap star (Guiding Light et al.) has recounted her life by recalling her shoes and using stories to illustrate where she was in her life with specific ones. Just like the author, we can remember those stilettos that made us feel sexy, the running shoes that gave us energy, the slippers that comforted us. When Sloan was wearing bunny slippers every day, she realized she had a problem and changed her footwear—a move that helped bring her back into her once active and satisfying life. As she made the changes necessary to return to the vibrant woman she was—and is once again—she offers excellent advice for us all. Told in a relaxed, easy style, this charming, refreshing book makes us want to change our shoes and charge back into life with verve, vigor, and vitality.