Daniel Pinchbeck's latest essay collection, Notes from the Edge Times (Tarcher, Oct.), illustrates why he has become an important voice in the generation of edge-timers. With consistency and conviction, the author writes to find meaning in all there is (or might be) in our universe and inside our selves. His essays attempt to make sense of the world, and readers are along for the deep journey as he unravels the mysterious. Fascinated with psychedelics, prophecies, and other areas of "marginal weirdness," the pieces feel like one is having an illuminating and accessible wide-range conversation on esoteric topics. The author notes, "You can never change anything by opposing it or fighting against it—often you end up feeding its energy. The only way to change a bad situation is to build the thing that is good, that will replace the old corrupt system." Pinchbeck, one of the best illuminators of our time, is helping us replace the system.