In What Happened to Goodbye (Viking, May) Mclean and her father leave their unhappy past behind them after the girl's parents divorce. Teenage Mclean is able to reinvent herself while moving from town to town—four in two years. For the first time since the divorce, she finally feels the need to stay in one place and figure out how to be herself. Maybe Dave, her super-smart neighbor who is also trying to fit in, can help her. As usual, Sarah Dessen's latest showcases her ability to bring to life likable characters in real-life situations. It's always fun to see characters from one of her previous novels reappear—as happens here. The author's ability to write about serious issues in an upbeat manner allows teens to relate to situations they face. The lead character, as well as the theme, is portrayed in an honest way without getting tangled up in complicated dialogue. The depth of Dessen's well-developed characters grabs readers' attention and leaves them eager for each new release.