The last line of Liz Moore’s novel is still rounding through my head weeks after I finished it, and I think it will be for a long time. Heft (Norton, Jan.) is a gorgeous book that will completely break your heart and then stitch it back together. The story is narrated by Arthur Opp, a morbidly overweight professor who has not left his house in 10 years, and Kel Keller, a high school baseball star who has a chance at making the major leagues. They are brought together by Kel’s troubled mother and form an unexpected and much needed family. This is one of those rare books that manages to be deeply and genuinely moving without ever sinking into sappiness, and I will be recommending it far and wide, particularly to book groups. There is nothing I love more than spreading the word about a beautiful novel, and I look forward to doing so with Heft.