I usually read geopolitical or psychological suspense books, but when the galley of Ally O'Brien's The Agency [St. Martin's Press, Feb. 3] landed on my desk, for some reason it called out to me—and I'm so glad that it did. Wow! What a delicious read! Even more entertaining than Sex & the City and Lipstick Jungle combined. Come on, admit it... we all love a little decadent dessert from time to time, and this is it! I love the dynamic characters—Tess, Cosima and Darcy. It's such fun getting behind the winner-take-all scenes of a media agency. The dialogue is snappy without going over the top. I laughed out loud many, many times and even shed a tear or two at some points. Now, when was the last time a book did that for you? The Agency is one hot, exciting and sexy book, with a seductive plot that makes those pages fly. Don't miss this exquisite jewel!