Are all three books of the trilogy already out in the U.K.?

The second book is and I’m working on the third book now.

I was very heartened to see the title of the second book is The Song of the Quarkbeast. Dare I dream that this means what it suggests – the return of the Quarkbeast?

Yes, it means exactly that. As soon as people read the first book, they complained, ‘How could you do that? I so loved the Quarkbeast.’ And I was perplexed. It doesn’t do anything. It’s hideously ugly. About all you can say in its defense is that it is loyal. But that was enough, I suppose. There was an outpouring of demand for more Quarkbeast. And it’s such an unusual creature, I thought, there probably is some way in which it could rise again. And so, yes, in book two, the Quarkbeast returns.

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