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BookLife, A New Destination from Publishers Weekly
- Self-Publishers and Indie Authors Find a New Home in the Book Trade -

NEW YORK—May 19, 2014—BookLife is a new website dedicated to supporting self-publishers and self-published authors, also known as “indie authors.” Drawing on the expertise of Publishers Weekly, called “the bible of the book publishing industry,” the website plans to launch on May 29, 2014 at BookExpo America in order to capture the attention of the book trade as well as writers, indie authors, consumers and others who are interested in self-publishing.

“Self-published books and authors are having more and more impact on readers and the publishing industry,” according to Carl Pritzkat, the president of BookLife and VP of business development for PWxyz LLC, the parent company of Publishers Weekly. BookLife is a joint venture with PWxyz and Mediapolis, a technology company cofounded by Pritzkat.

Pritzkat adds, “Through BookLife, Publishers Weekly will provide indie authors access to its knowledge of book publishing and its understanding of the tools and professional standards that contribute to success.”

The tremendous sales of books by indie authors such as Amanda Hocking, Hugh Howey and Bella Andre have fueled not only the dreams of writers who want to control their own work but also authors who want to try their hand at different genres or republish their own backlist titles once the rights have reverted.

Pritzkat notes that BookLife will focus on three main areas: a book’s creation, including editing and cover design; publishing—the physical making of the book; and book marketing, including distribution, publicity and sales.

But there remains a void that BookLife also seeks to fill. Obtaining legitimate, unpaid-for reviews is the holy grail for indie authors. To that end, Publishers Weekly recently announced that it is no longer restricting reviews of self-published books to its PW Select supplement and will allow all self-published titles to be submitted for review consideration through BookLife. There is no charge to participate in BookLife or to submit a book or receive a review.

Founded in 2010, PW Select is a monthly supplement and marketing service for authors who want to introduce their self-published books to the publishing industry via listings and placement in Publishers Weekly’s seasonal announcements database powered by Edelweiss.

PW Select has also developed a solid reputation for providing trustworthy reviews of self-published books that librarians, booksellers, agents and traditional publishers should be aware of and consider for purchase or acquisition. In the last four years, approximately 600 editorially independent reviews of self-published books have appeared in PW Select.

As part of the recently announced change, Publishers Weekly will now integrate reviews of self-published books into the main portion of Publishers Weekly, sorted by genre and appearing alongside reviews of traditionally published books.

Adam Boretz, who edits PW Select, will take on the role of editor of BookLife as well.

In addition to providing information, resources and how-to articles, BookLife plans to feature interviews with indie authors and present case studies illustrating the keys to success.

Community interaction is integral to BookLife’s mission. BookLife will have author pages and areas where authors can promote their books, all making the most of social media. Future plans include discussion areas and service marketplaces. The semimonthly e-newsletter The PW Select Report is scheduled to be renamed BookLife beginning this summer.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Carl Pritzkat or Adam Boretz, contact Christi Cassidy, +1-505-986-1142 or +1-917-217-4269.

About Publishers Weekly
Publishers Weekly is the international news platform of the book publishing industry. Founded in 1872 and published weekly since then, the magazine boasts 500,000 Twitter followers and publishes eight e-newsletters, PW Select (a monthly supplement), two blogs and a robust website that reached 8.3 million unique visitors in the last year. The magazine has also launched a mobile edition, digital editions and apps. Each year, Publishers Weekly reviews 9,000 books, along with e-books, apps and audiobooks, in addition to featuring author interviews, as well as news and analysis about the world of publishing.

About PWxyz LLC
PWxyz LLC is a digital media company based in New York. It is the parent company of Publishers Weekly, the international news platform of the book publishing industry, and co-owner, with Combined Book Exhibit, of PubMatch, an international rights network. PubMatch recently launched Rights@PubMatch, a state-of-the-art transaction-system upgrade that empowers its users to buy and sell rights with just a few clicks. PWxyz’s other interests include BookWorks, an association of self-publishers, and BookLife, a joint web venture with Mediapolis dedicated to the support of independent authors.

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