Join us on Thursday, May 30, from 11:00- to noon in the Librarians' Lounge (booth 557) to relax with a sweet treat and meet some of Harlequin’s hottest authors. Scheduled to appear:

Megan Angelo, is the author of the hotly anticipated Followers, her debut set to be published by Graydon House in January, 2020. A former Glamour contributing editor, Angelo sets the novel is in what the publisher calls a “Truman Show-like,” post-Twitter world, in which celebrities perform 24 hours a day, actively living their lives in front of the camera.

Tarryn Fisher, whose new thriller, The Wives, to be published by Graydon House in December, is already earning rave early reviews. No spoilers here, we’ll leave it with the novel’s teaser: “Imagine that your husband has two other wives.” Now, put that premise into Fisher’s hands, a skilled novelist with a self-professed love for villains.

Noelle Salazar is the author of The Flight Girls, to be published in July by Mira. It tells the story of Audrey Coltrane, one of the relatively unknown, and extraordinary, Women Air Force Service Pilots, a company of civilian women pilots who became the first women to fly U.S. military aircraft during World War II.

Karine Jean-Pierre is the chief public affairs officer for, and the author of an inspiring political memoir, Moving Forward, set for a November publication from Hanover Square Press. A contributor to MSNBC, Jean-Pierre's book is billed as a “progressive call to arms,” that chronicles Jean-Pierre’s experiences, “from growing up in New York’s Haitian community, to working in the Obama White House and charting a path for others to help change the face of politics.”

Thursday, May 30, 11:00 a.m to noon, at the Publishers Weekly BookExpo Librarians’ Lounge (Booth 557).