“No one will disagree that there is a need for diversity in children’s literature, and a need to respond to the changing demographics of our country and our world,” says Christopher Myers, recalling the genesis of Random House Children’s Books new imprint, Make Me a World. “But at the same time, as we look at the statistics, those books are not being published.”

That’s beginning to change. And after three years of hard work, that change is about to accelerate, as Make Me a World will publish its inaugural list this fall. “Discover a world where everything is possible,” reads the imprint’s mission statement. Join us in the lounge to talk with Myers, as well as some of Make Me a World’s first authors, and to learn more about the vision behind this inclusive new publishing program. Scheduled to appear:

Christopher Myers: the son of acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers, Myers began his children's book career doing research to help his father, going on to win a Caldecott honor as well as a Coretta Scott King honor in his illustrious career. He also now serves at the driving force and creative director of Make Me a World. “Young people are increasingly faced with a broadening world and we need to provide our children with a framework to navigate it,” Myers told PW in 2016, when Make Me a World was first announced. “I want this imprint to build worlds for young people to grow up in.”

Sarah Deming is the author of the forthcoming Gravity, set for a November, 2019, release from Make Me a World. A boxer and journalist herself, Deming’s gritty, inspiring YA novel follows Gravity Delgado, a young Jewish Dominican teenager growing up in Brooklyn as she aspires to greatness inside and outside the ring.

Akwaeke Emezi is the author of Pet, set for a September release from Make me World. The book is billed as a riveting and timely YA novel that takes on the “difficult questions about what choices you can make when the society around you is in denial.” A writer and video artist, debut autobiographical novel Freshwater, has racked up numerous honors, and is currently a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award and the New York Public Library’s Young Lions Fiction Award.

Friday, May 31, 2:00–3:00 p.m., at the Publishers Weekly BookExpo Librarians’ Lounge (Booth 557).