Fall 2014 Announcements Instructions and Registration

Needed: Information on trade titles, adult and children’s (new titles only; no reprints!), being published in all general trade formats (hardcover, trade paper, mass market, audio, e-book) between Aug. 1, 2014, and Jan. 31, 2015, and children’s trade titles (new titles only; no reprints) being published within the same time span—Aug. 1, 2014 through Jan 31, 2015. Publishers are invited to enter their data online by clicking the link below:

Click Here to Register Your Titles

By registering through the above link, publishers will find an easy-to-use data-entrance tool powered by Edelweiss. Publishers will be able to enter title information (title, subtitle, imprint, series, author or other category of contributor, price, pub date, print run, and format, along with description of the book, author bio, and jacket or interior art). They will also have the opportunity (strongly recommended) to write a 50-word maximum “PW Pitch” for each title. Publishers can also enter the territories or markets in which rights to given titles are available. Again, deadline is May 13, 2014. We urge you to observe this deadline in order to be listed online and/or in print. The portal will be open starting April 22, 2014.

[Note to Edelweiss clients: even if your catalogues are hosted by Edelweiss, you must enter your titles through the PW/Edelweiss portal and confirm that all required title attributes are supplied prior to the May 13th deadline to be eligible for our listings.] There is no limit to the number of titles that can be entered, as long as they meet the criteria as to dates of publication and suitability as a book meant for the trade. [Note that you no longer are asked to present a prioritized list of titles.] Please be sure that a BISAC category and an eligible format are listed for each title—these are mandatory. Please also observe the pub-month parameters; actual publication date is preferred; all titles outside those respective parameters will be rejected for online listing and print issue consideration. Also, no reprints, please—new books only. PW reserves the right to edit entries for consistency and concision; submission of titles does not guarantee inclusion in print.

This information will form the basis of our print announcement issues in which, for the adult issue, we will provide a synthesis of the upcoming season’s highlights across categories and genres, and for the children’s, an extensive presentation of the season’s new titles. For questions, contact Michael Coffey at mcoffey@publishersweekly.com for Adult, and Carolyn Juris at cjuris@publishersweekly.com for Children’s. For technical issues with the online entry process, please direct queries to Support@abovethetreeline.com.

Final online presentation of titles will be accessible via the PW Web site on approximately June 23, 2014 for Adult and July 21, 2014 for Children’s, free and browsable for all PW subscribers.


This is our seventh collection of announcement listing titles conducted in partnership with Above the Treeline, the Ann Arbor–based company that provides Web-based software for the book industry, including the Edelweiss catalogue management system. This collection forms the basis of title information from which we will produce a print Fall Adult Announcements issue (the June 23, 2014 PW) and the Fall Children’s Announcements information (the July 21, 2014 PW). All of the collected information, adult and children’s, will be part of the online catalogue for spring titles, which will be available and browsable to all registered users. Religion and Audio publishers/imprints are encouraged to submit via PW/Edelweiss, though we will also conduct a separate call for titles in those categories—each will get its own issue (Religion, July 7; Audio, June 2).

We believe this method of collection offers many advantages to any trade publisher wishing to have its new titles presented to PW readers:
--The most comprehensive guide to the coming season of trade books, both adult and children’s
--No limit to number of books that can be listed online
--Total online entry process—no paper, no stamps, no delays
--Ease of registration through our registration portal
--ISBN-keyed data fill from Ingram’s or Edelweiss’s database (if title is already in either database)
--“PW Pitch,” an opportunity to write a 50-word maximum (300-character) description of the book for PW editors to consider---strongly recommended!
--Sales Rights tab. This is an optional (but encouraged) tab whereby publishers can list rights sold and/or rights available for each title. This will facilitate future inclusion in PubMatch, our new rights database service.
--Option to add jackets, interior art, Web links, excerpts, author bios, and more to your entry --Easy category organization by BISAC code
--Resulting browsable online catalogue, which users can organize by publisher, author, category, format, pub date, accessible to all PW subscribers.
--All listed titles are eligible for coverage in our print announcement issues.

Guidelines for Entering Fall 2014 Adult and Children’s Titles Online Publishers should register at the registration portal, http://publishersweekly.com/fall2014submissions. [Please don’t wait till the last minute, as registrations may take up to one business day to process.]

For the most up-to-date title entry instructions, please refer to the Edelweiss help site here:

After registering and logging in into the PW/Edelweiss site, you will be prompted to identify your Primary Distributor, your Publisher name, and a Descriptive Name if you plan on entering multiple batches of titles. Once you do this, begin entering titles by typing in the ISBN in the blue box on the left. If the other fields, such as book title, author, etc., do not immediately fill from the Ingram feed or Edelweiss’s title database, then click “edit title info” on the right-hand side, and you will be able to fill those fields manually.

Hit Save when you are done. You will be able to reenter to change or update data until May 13, when the portal will be closed to further emendation.

Publisher administrators entering titles will receive a report from Edelweiss when there are errors, or missing required title attributes, in their entries.

Required (and Optional) Information
There are a number of tabs under which users will find fields for data entry—General, Contributors, Images, Descriptions, Links, Subrights, and Sales Rights. For PW’s purposes, required information is only under General, Contributors, and Description.

We strongly encourage publishers to avail themselves of the PW Pitch field, which allows PW editors to see a concise description of the title, in addition to the often lengthier catalogue copy found in the longer Description fields. We’d prefer a reasonably objective pitch on the titles, more akin to catalogue copy than an effusive sales pitch. This “PW Pitch” is similar to the KeyNote familiar to Edelweiss clients—and, if used by the publisher, can stand in for the Overview/Summary Description fill if desired. If the PW Pitch option is skipped, we will condense copy from either the Overview/Summary Description or KeyNote field that accompanies the title. Publishers can skip the Description tab if they complete the PW Pitch, which can be accessed directly on the main title listing screen without having to click the Edit title Info button.

General Tab:
Required: Title; subtitle (if applicable); imprint; series (very important for children’s series: please list the series name, followed by the title in the actual Title field); pub date; on-sale date if different; announced first printing if 25,000+--essential for our on-sale calendar listing; pages; format (hardcover, trade paper, audio, e-book, etc.; but we will limit the variety of formats available; please find the one available that suits or eliminate title); BISAC category; age range, not grade levels (only required for children’s books).

For children’s books: be sure to associate a Juvenile BISAC category and a valid format – hardcover, paperback, spiral bound, board book, novelty book, or kit – for every title. Failing to do so will eliminate your title from consideration by the PW Editors.

The other fields on the General tab are optional.

Contributors Tab:
Required: Author, editor (if applicable), and illustrator or photographer (if applicable), first and last name. Be sure to identify the accurate contributor description, or type, for each contributor.

Prices Tab:
Required: U.S. List Price Images Tab:
Nothing required here, but feel free to upload jacket image or interior image from book.

Descriptions Tab:
Required*: Overview or KeyNote Description of book (describe the book’s contents; you must indicate age range for children’s titles); Contributor Bio (optional but preferred); if one-day laydown for the book, please note that in Marketing Plans. *We encourage publishers to also use the PW Pitch tag for a condensed title description; this can take the place of the Overview Description (see above).

Links Tab
Nothing required here.

Subrights and Sales Rights Tabs
Not required, but encouraged: opportunity for publishers to list disposition of rights—rights sold and rights available. This will facilitate transfer into PubMatch.com.

IMPORTANT: For publishers with imprints who want their titles identified by imprint as opposed to under the main heading of the parent publisher, please be sure to fill in the imprint field when you enter the title—that is, indicate imprint at the title level.

Navigation Notes
Please hit “Next” button toward bottom to proceed from tab to tab, and hit “save” button to save your work. Hit “close” to close the tabs and move to another title entry.

Please note the “Edit Title Info” and links in the blue boxes on the right-hand side of the screen. Edit Title will allow you to change the information in the tabs. At the end of each entry, hit SAVE. You will be able to re-enter and add information until the deadline of May 13th when the portal will be closed.

When your listing is complete, you will be able to continue to view your listing through your registration login via this portal until the May 13 deadline. After that date, your title information will not appear until the online version of the Seasonal Announcements is available 6-8 weeks later.

PW reserves the right to review for concision, completeness, and appropriateness for the Fall Announcements. When the entire data collection process is over and has been processed by PW staff, PW subscribers will be able to access the entire list.

In addition, the database will be used to collect information for PW’s On-Sale Calendar for books with 25,000 or more announced first printing. Please include strict one-day on-sale dates in the Marketing Plans field under the Description tab.
For questions, contact Michael Coffey at mcoffey@publishersweekly.com for Adult; and Carolyn Juris at cjuris@publishersweekly.com for Children’s. For procedural issues with the online entry, contact Jen Slajus at jslajus@abovethetreeline.com.

A Note from Above the Treeline:

Who Can Edit What Titles and How? Title information is initially drawn from Edelweiss core databases and from Ingram Book Company. Since we are dealing with titles far before publication date in some cases, the information is not always available or complete in these sources. Here is how it works and the options you have for editing title data:
•\tFor Edelweiss publishing clients, if a user has “catalog administration” rights within Edelweiss then that user can edit title information for any title on the submissions lists by using the “edit title info” button on the right side of the screen. For established Edelweiss clients, users would probably know whether or not they have these rights.
•\tFor other users, they have the ability to edit any title that is not a part of an Edelweiss catalog. Titles that are part of an Edelweiss catalog should be edited and updated using the standard Edelweiss update processes. This is intended to protect the information from unintended editing that might affect live data within Edelweiss.

If a user needs to edit title information and the edit button for that title is inactive (which means the title is part of an Edelweiss catalog), here are your two options: 1.\tThe recommended option: route the needed data additions/edits through the normal Edelweiss title update process for your publisher. In many cases, this means asking your Edelweiss catalog administrator to make the changes and include them in your next outbound ONIX feed. Please contact support@abovethetreeline.com if you do not know who your catalog administrator is.
2.\tYour company’s Edelweiss user administrator can grant “catalog administration” rights to the individual who needs the ability to edit title information. Keep in mind that the information manually entered in this manner will eventually be replaced by the automated feeds. Permissions can be returned to original settings after the information has been submitted.

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