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  • Publisher News

    Small Press Distributors Survive Through Transformation

    Julie Schaper, a veteran of the small press distribution world, has seen it all—and lived to tell the tale.

  • Audio Books

    Audiobooks: A Revolution in Format

    The audiobook has made the move to center stage in a digital publishing world, writes ‘PW’ audio correspondent Shannon Maughan.

  • Publisher News

    Just Do It (Yourself): A History of Self-Publishing

    Born of necessity—or as a last resort—self-publishing is now the preferred choice of millions of authors, writes ‘BookLife’ reviews editor Alan Scherstuhl

  • Publisher News

    The Political Book in a Political World

    Peter Osnos, journalist turned publisher, explains how policy, planks, and platforms become books.

  • Manufacturing

    Press ‘P’ for Printing and for Progress

    New printing technologies have improved quality, reliability, speed, and sustainability in the sector, writes ‘PW’ international correspondent Teri Tan.

  • Publisher News

    Conservative Publishing in America Today

    Former Regnery Publishing president Marji Ross argues that conservative publishers, after finding their voice and audience, now face challenges to being heard.

  • Publisher News

    The Bookish Legacy of Marcus Garvey

    Black Classics Press founder W. Paul Coates on the legacy of Marcus Garvey in publishing and bookselling.

  • Industry News

    Making Room for Children’s Books

    The graphic novel boom, the appeal of fantasy, and the enduring educational value of books themselves have ensured the health of the category, writes biographer and historian Leonard S. Marcus.

  • Publisher News

    Erroll McDonald Says, I Am Not Your BIPOC

    The v-p and executive editor at Alfred A. Knopf shares why he rejects the ubiquitous acronym.

  • Book News

    Whither Children's Bookselling?

    Historian Leonard S. Marcus examines the evolution and impact of children's bookselling, beginning with the surge in independent children’s-only bookstores that began in late 1970s and continues today.

  • Publisher News

    Black Publishing in High Cotton

    Tracy Sherrod, the former v-p and editorial director of Amistad, on Black books, discourse, commerce, and the American racial reckoning.

  • Publisher News

    Black Lives Matter Spurs a Publishing Awakening

    David Unger, director of the Publishing Certificate Program at the City College of New York, highlights how Black Lives Matter woke up the publishing industry.

  • Publisher News

    Diversity in the House: The State of Diversity in Publishing

    Four voices on the challenge of making publishing less white and more representative of the world at large.

  • Publisher News

    How Free Is Free Expression?

    For 150 years, publishing has been the site where this question is vigorously debated, writes ‘PW’ veteran Gayle Feldman.

  • Shows & Events

    U.S. Book Fairs Show the Pulse of the Book Biz

    Book fairs in the U.S. evolve alongside the industry, and while some have declined in the digital age, others have thrived through embracing regionality and technology, writes ‘PW’ Midwest correspondent Claire Kirch.

  • Religion

    How Religion Publishing Became a Billion-Dollar Industry

    Cathy Lynn Grossman, ‘PW’ religion correspondent, looks back on seismic shifts, blockbuster books, and more.

  • Publisher News

    What’s Left in Publishing These Days?

    Diane Wachtell, executive director of prominent progressive publisher the New Press, reflects on how the press carved out a place for itself in publishing.

  • Trade Shows

    International Book Fairs Still Thrive in the Digital Age

    Virtual book fairs offer immense convenience to their attendees, although the rights crowd yearns for face-to-face again, writes ‘PW’ international editor Ed Nawotka.

  • Content / e-books

    The Litigious Dawn of the Consumer E-book Era

    ‘PW’ senior writer Andrew Albanese lays out how Google, Amazon, Apple, and their attendant legal dramas marked a new chapter in publishing history.

  • Content / e-books

    The Past 25 Years of E-books

    The story of the e-book is one of unfulfilled expectations and underappreciated successes, writes ‘PW’ columnist Bill Kasdorf.

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