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Conversations between Publishers Weekly editors and authors of new fiction and nonfiction books.

200 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Mark and Travis Macy
In 'A Mile At A Time: A Father And Son's Epic Alzheimer's Journey Of Love, Adventure, And Hope,' Travis And Mark "Mace" Macy share their remarkable and inspiring story of responding to a shocking diagnosis with resilience, purpose and humor. (Sponsored.)
02/13/2023 Listen
199 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Todd Myers
In Time to Think Small: How Nimble Environmental Technologies Can Solve the Planet's Biggest Problems, Todd Myers explores how individuals can deploy smart tech to make a meaningful difference. (Sponsored.)
11/14/2022 Listen
198 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Felicity Aston
In Polar Exposure: An All-Women’s Expedition to the North Pole, British research scientist and explorer Felicity Aston shares the story of that historic trek, through her own memories, and those of her fellow team members, who came from countries in Europe and the Middle East. (Sponsored.)
10/24/2022 Listen
197 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Cassandra Clark
In Cassandra Clark's Dark Water Rising, 14th-century English nun/sleuth Hildegard of Meaux has another baffling murder to solve during a era fraught with political and religious schisms. (Sponsored.)
10/17/2022 Listen
196 PW LitCast: A Conversation with David Alexander Baker
In The Lost Continent: Coral Reef Conservation and Restoration in the Age of Extinction, writer, photographer, and filmmaker David Alexander Baker explores both the marvels of coral reefs, and efforts to save them from the impacts of catastrophic climate change. (Sponsored.)
10/10/2022 Listen
195 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Maria Dadouch
In this conversation with PW international editor Ed Nawotka, children’s author and screenwriter Maria Dadouch discusses her book “The Mystery of the Glass Ball,” the impact the Sheik Zayed Book Award has had on her career, the differing traditions between Arabic children’s literature and that of Europe and North America, her recommendations for those first being introduced to Arabic children’s books, and much more. (Sponsored.)
07/25/2022 Listen
194 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Humphrey Hawksley
Murder at a peace conference could spark WWIII in Humphrey Hawksley's newest thriller, Ice Islands. (Sponsored.)
07/18/2022 Listen
193 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Douglas Burgess
In 'When Hope and History Rhyme: Natural Law and Human Rights' from Ancient Greece to Modern America, history professor Douglas Burgess derives hope from the evolution of thinking about natural law and human rights. (Sponsored.)
03/14/2022 Listen
192 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Jessica Walliser
PW LitCast speaks with Jessica Walliser, Editorial Director of Quarto's imprint, Cool Springs Press, and author of one of the press's many new gardening titles, 'Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden: A Natural Approach to Pest Control,' about her own book, and several others providing accessible and innovative approaches to gardening. (Sponsored.)
02/28/2022 Listen
191 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Jason Sommer
PW LitCast speaks with author Jason Sommer about his memoir 'Shmuel's Bridge: Following the Tracks to Auschwitz with My Survivor Father,' which recounts his efforts to keep his father's memories of his traumatic experiences during the Holocaust alive. (Sponsored.)
02/14/2022 Listen
65 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Howard Michael Gould
PW LitCast speaks with author Howard Michael Gould about his latest novel, Pay or Play, in which his overly ecologically conscious sleuth helps a celebrity TV judge thwart a blackmailer. (Sponsored.)
11/08/2021 Listen
64 PW LitCast: A Conversation with John Pavlovitz
In If God Is Love, Don't Be a Jerk: Finding a Faith That Makes Us Better Humans, long-time pastor John Pavlovitz offers guidance on how to treat others more kindly. (Sponsored.)
09/07/2021 Listen
63 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Candace Robb
In Candace Robb's latest historical mystery, The Riverwoman's Dragon, a murder inquiry takes place during a plague in 14th-century York. (Sponsored.)
08/09/2021 Listen
62 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Jeff Lantos
PW LitCast speaks with author Jeff Lantos about his book Why Longfellow Lied: The Truth About Paul Revere's Midnight Ride, a history that separates the reality of what actually happened the night of April 18, 1775 from the mythmaking in the famous poem. (Sponsored.)
08/02/2021 Listen
61 PW LitCast: A Conversation with David Handler
PW LitCast speaks with author David Handler about his latest twisty-but-fair whodunit featuring writer and sometimes amateur sleuth Stewart Hoag, The Man Who Wasn't All There. (Sponsored.)
03/08/2021 Listen
60 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Jodi Ecker Detjen
How is doing the right thing good for business? Jodi Ecker Detjen explains, when she talks with PW LitCast about her new book, The Next Smart Step: How to Overcome Gender Stereotypes and Build a Stronger Organization, coauthored with Kelly Watson. (Sponsored.)
02/08/2021 Listen
59 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Catriona McPherson
PW LitCast speaks with author Catriona McPherson about her new comic mystery, Scot on the Rocks, starring marriage counselor-turned-sleuth Lexy Campbell, an expat Scot in California. (Sponsored.)
12/14/2020 Listen
58 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Lida Citroën
LitCast speaks with Lida Citroën about her new book, Success After Service: How to Take Control of Your Job Search and Career After Military Duty. (Sponsored.)
11/09/2020 Listen
57 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Alyn Shipton
What does jazz look like? LitCast speaks with jazz author, presenter, critic, and jazz bassist Alyn Shipton about his new book, The Art of Jazz: A Visual History. (Sponsored.)
09/14/2020 Listen
56 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Tania Israel
PW LitCast speaks with psychologist Tania Israel about her timely book, Beyond Your Bubble: How To Connect Across The Political Divide, which provides practical tips for enabling meaningful communication even between people with very different takes on political issues. (Sponsored.)
08/10/2020 Listen
55 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Michelle Cox
PW LitCast speaks with author Michelle Cox about her new Henriett and Inspector Howard novel set in 1930s Chicago, featuring a mystery involving a spiritualist and an insane asylum. (Sponsored.)
04/27/2020 Listen
54 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Tim O'Mara
PW LitCast speaks with author Tim O'Mara about his new mystery, The Hook, set in Brooklyn, in which his series sleuth, Raymond Donne, a cop-turned-middle school teacher, must solve the bizarre murder—by arrow—on the roof of his school.
03/02/2020 Listen
53 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Michael Wiley
PW LitCast speaks with author Michael Wiley about his new series debut, Trouble in Mind, which introduces a unique PI, Sam Kelson, who's afflicted with disinhibition, and thus unable to tell lies.
11/11/2019 Listen
52 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Sara Berry
Sara Berry tells PW's LitCast about the love, perseverance, and connections that saved hundreds of lives in her new book, 'Tap Code: The Epic Survival Tale of a Vietnam POW and the Secret Code That Changed Everything,' co-authored by Carlyle S. Harris.
10/28/2019 Listen
51 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Patti Callahan
PW LitCast speaks with 'New York Times' bestselling author Patti Callahan about her seven-part original podcast that explores the improbable and beautiful love story between C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a brief except of the podcast featuring Douglas Gresham, and find more info about 'Becoming Mrs. Lewis' here:
10/21/2019 Listen
50 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Shamini Flint
PW LitCast speaks with author Shamini Flint about her topical thriller, the Beijing Conspiracy, which uses a fictional plot to explore the US-China Cold War.
10/14/2019 Listen
49 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Doug Wilhelm
PW LitCast speaks with Doug Wilhelm, the editor of 'China In Another Time: A Personal Story,' Claire Malcolm Lintilhac's compelling memoir of life in China during the first half of the 20th century.
10/07/2019 Listen
48 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Hazel Newlevant
Hazel Newlevant talks about their graphic memoir 'No Ivy League.'
08/19/2019 Listen
47 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Thom Hartmann
Author and radio host Thom Hartmann talks about his latest book 'The Hidden History of Guns and the Second Amendment.'
06/03/2019 Listen
46 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Martine Bailey
PW LitCast talks with author Martine Bailey about her newest historical mystery, 'The Almanack,' set in 1752 England, which integrates the role that almanacs played at the time, into a tricky whodunit plot.
04/15/2019 Listen
45 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Agus Morales
Journalist Agus Morales tells PW LitCast about his book 'We Are Not Refugees' (Imagine), and his ten-year-long process of visiting many countries to hear the stories of displaced people.
02/11/2019 Listen
44 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Daniel Botkin
PW LitCast talks with author and scientist Daniel Botkin about his novel, 'Tsavo,' which presents differing perspectives on wildlife conservation through a compelling narrative focused on the plight of the African elephant in Kenya.
11/12/2018 Listen
43 PW LitCast: A Conversation with David Hewson
PW LitCast speaks with author David Hewson about his latest crime novel, The Savage Shore, which features the return of Italian police detective Nic Costa.
10/15/2018 Listen
42 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Marie Veronique Nadeau
PW LitCast speaks with author and scientist Marie Veronique Nadeau about her book 'The Acne Answer: A Step By Step Guide To Clear Healthy Skin, Frpm Scientific Origins To Natural, Easy, Effective Solutions,' which uses recent scientific discoveries to develop effective treatments for a variety of skin disorders.
10/08/2018 Listen
41 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Gwen Carr
PW's LitCast caught up with Gwen Carr, the author of 'This Stop's Today: Eric Garner's Mother Seeks Justice After Losing her Son,' to talk about grief, her role as an activist, and the ongoing fight for equality. "I didn't know if I could make a real difference, but I did know that I could try," she writes.
10/01/2018 Listen
40 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Dan Koboldt
Dan Koboldt talks about gathering experts in science to offer guidance for writers of speculative fiction, an effort that began with a blog series and culminated in the book 'Putting Science In Fiction' for Writer's Digest.
09/24/2018 Listen
39 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Ezra Claytan Daniels
Ezra Claytan Daniels tells the story of developing the award-winning science fiction graphic novel 'Upgrade Soul,' which began as an app and with self-published episodes before it was completed and acquired by Lion Forge.
09/17/2018 Listen
38 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Jeri Westerson
Author Jeri Westerson talks about 'The Deepest Grave,' the latest installment in her Crispin Guest series of medieval detective novels, and shares a reading from the book from Mysteryrats Maze.
08/20/2018 Listen
37 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Ted Alvarez
In his book, The Survival Hacker’s Handbook (Falcon, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield), Ted Alvarez shares helpful advice for hikers and backpackers on how to survive with just about anything.
06/19/2018 Listen
36 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Chris Keyes
Christopher Keyes, editor of Outside Magazine, discusses Out There: The Wildest Stories from Outside Magazine.
05/21/2018 Listen
35 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Parker J. Palmer
Author Parker J. Palmer spoke to PW's LitCast about his new book, ‘On the Brink of Everything,’ sharing an important message about aging. “Elders seem to get more fearful as they get older, or there are those who believe — with me — that old is just another word for nothing left to lose, so get out there and take some risks for the common good.” he said. “I’m hoping this book will reinforce that message.”
05/16/2018 Listen
34 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Humphrey Hawksley
The world stands on the brink of all-out war between the US and Russia in Humphrey Hawksley's thrilling Man On Ice.
04/30/2018 Listen
33 PW LitCast: A Conversation with George Yancy
This week on PW LitCast, Senior editor Calvin Reid talks with Emory University professor George Yancey, author of ‘Backlash: What Happens When We Talk Honestly About Racism In America,’ published this month by Rowman & Littlefield. Prof. Yancey responds to the flood of vicious racist slurs generated by his 2015 NYT op-ed piece on white privilege and white supremacy, in an effort to understand the willful insulation of White Americans from African American Life.
04/23/2018 Listen
32 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Scott Raymond Einberger
PW LitCast speaks with environmental historian Scott Einberger about his definitive look at the career of a great public servant, With Distance in His Eyes: The Environmental Life and Legacy of Stewart Udall.
04/16/2018 Listen
31 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Carter Wilson
PW LitCast speaks with author Carter Wilson about his new thriller, Mister Tender’s Girl, inspired by the notorious and horrific real-life Slenderman case, in which two 12-year-old girls stabbed another 12 year old to impress a fictional character.
01/22/2018 Listen
30 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Jane Issac
PW LitCast speaks with UK author Jane Isaac about The Lies Within, published by Legend Press. Her third psychological thriller starring DI Will Jackman, Isaac has conjured a story in which a woman is drawn into the investigation of the murder of her own daughter, an event that has unforeseen consequences on her family and the village in which she lives. Listen in as Isaac talks about the evolution of her career as a novelist, the inspiration for her sleuth, the research that took her into a prison and more.
11/13/2017 Listen
29 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Detective Lt. Joe Kenda
PW LitCast speaks with author Detective Lt. Joe Kenda about his new book, I Will Find You (CenterStreet). Listen in as we discuss what makes for a great homicide detective, the only three motivations for murder, how police investigations in fiction differ from those in real life, how interrogations are more art than science, why serial killers are rarer than you might think from watching movies, what it feels like to have a second career as a television star; and more.
09/18/2017 Listen
28 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Ann Druyan
PW LitCast speaks with Emmy and Peabody Award-winning writer, producer and director Ann Druyan about her production of audiobooks of the nonfiction works of her husband, scientist and science educator Carl Sagan.
07/31/2017 Listen
27 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Kate Moore
PW LitCast speaks with author Kate Moore about her new book, The Radium Girls (SourceBooks). Listen in as we discuss the historical research that went into writing the story, the role that the radium companies had in covering up the toxic poisoning, and how such instance of corporate malfeasance are still a massive problem.
05/01/2017 Listen
26 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Maynard James Keenan and Sarah Jensen
On this show we speak with Sarah Jensen and Maynard James Keenan coauthors of "A Perfect Union of Contrary Things," which is published by Backbeat Books.
11/14/2016 Listen
25 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Chuck Gunderson
In this two volume set, Some Fun Tonight!, Chuck Gunderson highlights the Beatles first U.S. concert tours from 1964 to 1966. Gunderson gives readers a city-by-city synopsis of the Beatles' activities as they traveled the United States and Canada for their groundbreaking series of concerts.
09/12/2016 Listen
24 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Meg Little Reilly
PW LitCast speaks with author Meg Little Reilly about her debut novel, We Are Unprepared (Harlequin MIRA). Tune in for insights into how this former Obama administration staffer envisions her novel contributing to national conversations about climate change and how she attempts to instill an appreciation for nature in her own children.
08/29/2016 Listen
23 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Lara Naughton
In this LitCast, Lara Naughton discusses her recovery from abduction and assault as well as the work she does to help others with similar experiences in her memoir, "The Jaguar Man."
06/06/2016 Listen
22 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Terry Roberts
PW LitCast speaks with Terry Roberts about his new novel, That Bright Land,a gripping whodunit set against the background of a turbulent post-Civil War South.
04/18/2016 Listen
21 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Josi S. Kilpack
PW LitCast speaks with Josi S. Kilpack, author of Forever and Forever, about how she turned the legendary seven-year courtship of Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton into a tender historical romance novel. We discuss research, making historical characters appealing to modern readers, and much more.
03/14/2016 Listen
20 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Dominic Smith
PW LitCast speaks with Dominic Smith about his new book, 'The Last Painting of Sara De Vos,' an intricate novel centering on an enigmatic 17th century artwork by the first woman admitted as a master painter to Holland's legendary Guild of St. Luke.
03/07/2016 Listen
19 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Katie Chin
In this episode of PW LitCast, Katie Chin discusses her new cookbook, Katie Chin’s Everyday Chinese Cookbook.
02/26/2016 Listen
18 PW LitCast: A Conversation with John Perkins
PW LitCast speaks with John Perkins about his updated memoir, The New Confessions of An Economic Hit Man, an eye-opening account of how countries around the world are systematically cheated of trillions of dollars.
02/22/2016 Listen
17 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Stella Cameron
PW LitCast speaks with Stella Cameron about her new novel, Out Comes The Evil, her second mystery featuring Folly-on-Weir's pub owner Alex Duggins and her friend, Tony Harrison, a veterinarian, as detectives.
11/23/2015 Listen
16 PW LitCast: A Conversation with David Hewson
PW LitCast speaks with David Hewson about his new novel, The Flood, in which an English art student and a semi-retired Italian police detective team up to investigate an act of vandalism in a Florence church in 1986.
10/05/2015 Listen
15 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Rick Hall
In this LitCast, Rick Hall talks about his life as a producer and owner of FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Ala. In his book, “The Man from Muscle Shoals: My Journey from Shame to Fame.”
07/13/2015 Listen
14 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Tracy Groot
Tracy Groot talks about her new World War II-era novel 'Maggie Bright' and the rewards and challenges of writing historical fiction.
04/14/2015 Listen
13 PW LitCast: A Conversation with John W. Whitehead
John W. Whitehead, author of 'Battlefield America: The War on the American People,' talks about his stark warnings that the United States is no longer the land of the free.
03/30/2015 Listen
12 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Patricia Gussin
Patricia Gussin discusses her novel, 'After the Fall,' in which her series lead, Laura Nelson, must shift professional gears after an accident ends her career as a surgeon, in the midst of murder and intrigue.
01/21/2015 Listen
11 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Julian Kulski
Julian Kulski speaks about his new book, 'The Color of Courage, A Boy At War: The World War II Diary of Julian Kulski.' Listen in as we discuss some of his amazing experiences as a young boy in the aftermath of the Nazis' invasion of Poland, including his acts of sabotage aimed at the Germans, his time in the Warsaw Ghetto, and his imprisonment.
12/18/2014 Listen
10 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Declan Hughes
Declan Hughes talks about his new thriller, 'All the Things You Are.' A twisted novel about the murderous ramifications of a childhood mistake.
06/18/2014 Listen
9 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Doug Fine
Journalist Doug Fine, author of 'Hemp Bound' (Chelsea Green), is high on the many virtues of hemp, a wonder crop that you can eat, use in construction, and renew the earth with.
05/20/2014 Listen
8 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Tobias Churton
Historian Tobias Churton reveals magus Aleister Crowley's place in the art world of Weimar Berlin.
05/06/2014 Listen
7 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Rick Steves
Rick Steves talks about his travels in Europe, as well as building his Europe Through the Back Door series, from its first self-published volume in 1980 to this year's releases, which includes Italy.
01/30/2014 Listen
6 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Lorelei James
Barbara Vey talks to Lorelei James about the last standing McKay brother in Redneck Romeo (Samhain), her love of cowboys and being award winning mystery author Lori Armstrong.
12/03/2013 Listen
5 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Phyllis Good
10/31/2013 Listen
4 PW LitCast: A Conversation with V.E. Schwab
V.E. Schwab speaks about 'Vicious', an unusual novel about superheroes, supervillains, and the very thin line between the two.
10/16/2013 Listen
3 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Adrian Magson
Adrian Magson discusses 'Execution' his latest thriller featuring ex-MI5 operative Harry Tate. The series has been lauded for its combination of accurate portrayals of espionage and suspenseful plots.
09/17/2013 Listen
2 PW LitCast: A Conversation with J. Sydney Jones
J. Sydney Jones speaks about 'The Keeper of Hands,' his series of historical mysteries set in the Vienna of Gustav Mahler and Arthur Schnitzler that combine whodunit puzzles with seamless recreations of time and place.
06/11/2013 Listen
1 PW LitCast: A Conversation with Jonathan Maberry
Jonathan Maberry talks about 'Limbus, Inc.' Listen as we explore his engaging paranormal noir that’s funny and horrific in equal measure.
04/03/2013 Listen
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