Even though she didn't get an Oscar nod for The People vs. Larry Flynt, a dream book on every pop-culture editor's list is the autobiography of Courtney Love. Although the Hole lead singer and Nirvana widow has dangled the idea for a memoir in the past, for now the closest thing (besides an earlier mass market) will be a biography by horror (Exquisite Corpse) novelist Poppy Z. Brite. The book was just auctioned off by agent Richard Curtis and colleague Laura Tucker for mid-six-figures, after a bidding war among several publishers, to Brite's editor, Mary Ann Naples, at S&S. Brite originally got some research money from Villard for the project since there was a good chance she might get the authorization nod from Love, but since that's apparently fallen through, Villard passed on the manuscript. Still, those who have looked at the manuscript says it's hot stuff. It's rumored that the book will include excerpts from Love's journals, as well as further revelations about life with Kurt Cobain and the general rock-and-roll scene. Naples plans a fall 1997 publication.