Since he's out of office, Bob Dole may be gearing up to do his own book, especially given the February 10 announcement that the former presidential candidate and senator, who has previously used a lawyer for book deals, will now be represented for literary, broadcasting, speaking and commercial endorsements by IMG. Executive editor/agent Mark Reiter, who with CEO Mark McCormack will handle representation of Dole, told PW he'll be discussing book ideas with Dole this week.

And while neither S&S's re-release last July of Unlimited Partners, a joint autobiography with wife Elizabeth, nor HarperCollins's Trusting the People, a Dole/Kemp manifesto released during the campaign, were blockbusters -- Dole's new lightheartedness (in self-mocking appearances on the late-night talk shows, on the NBC sitcom "Suddenly Susan" and as new Visa check card pitchman) may change his fortune. "I don't know if it was my high school athletic record or my Silver Medal performance in the 1996 election which attracted Mark and IMG," joked Dole in IMG's official release, referring to the conglomerate's rep as sports marketer.