As a key advisor for the hit film Jerry Maguire, brash, 30-year-old sports agent Drew Rosenhaus has made his own catchphrase, "Show me the money," a national one. Rosenhaus, who reps an amazing 64 NFL players, as well as three of the projected first-draft picks, is now writing his autobiography, which was acquired on proposal by Pocket Books associate editor Tris Coburn from agent Basil Kane and is tentatively scheduled for publication next fall. The book will be coauthored by Don Yaeger, a writer for Sports Illustrated, which featured Rosenhaus as the first-ever agent on its cover this past summer. And while it's rumored Pocket paid mid-six figures for this book, the real "show me the money" scenario for a sports agent book is still pending. Michael Jordan's agent, David Falk, has been shopping around an Art of the Deal-type book and is asking for at least $1 million. No deal on Falk's book was confirmed at press time.