When Lynnclaire Dennis had her near-death experience in a hot-air balloon over the Swiss Alps, it did not turn out to be like anyone else's. While lying unconscious at 17,000 feet, Dennis received a talisman to bring back with her -- the image of a complex structure she has since come to call "The Pattern." Interpreting it as the universal representation of the energy of creation, Dennis has written a book on the subject called The Pattern, due to be published in April by Integral Publishing (and distributed by WORDS).

Dennis's pattern has caught the imagination not only of spiritual experts, but of mathematicians as well, particularly of Dr. Louis H. Kauffman of the University of Illinois mathematics department, who has been analyzing it as a form of revolving knot. Though so far a formula for the pattern has prove elusive, the multifaceted geometric shape d s, for the first time, offer the promise of a bridge between physics and metaphysics.

It was the possibility of such a connection that spurred Riverhead to sign Dennis to a $75,000 book deal in 1994. A series of editorial differences led Dennis to buy back the rights last year and to strike a new deal with Integral, publisher of the bestselling The Tao of Sex and The Kundalini Experience. Integral plans a 20,000 first printing, a $60,000 promotional budget and a six-city author tour.