"Half of my list of projects I was pursuing didn't have agents attached," former Villard division v-p and executive editor Craig Nelson told PW. No wonder, then, that in between publishing jobs, Nelson is stepping in to act as agent -- and has made his first deal, auctioning world and audio rights to a proposed memoir by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to Pocket Books senior editor Nancy Miller for a rumored mid-six figures. Nelson told PW he had pursued Wozniak while he was at Villard (just as many editors have pursued the still-elusive Steve Jobs), but the current Apple consultant and philanthropist was unhappy with the house's offer. Writers of four other projects Nelson had been pursuing while at Villard have also agreed to be represented by him, although Nelson's not sure yet if heÕll make the full-time switch to agent. Also pending: a deal for his own book, tentatively titled Let's Get Lost: A Guide to Adventure Travel, currently being shopped by agent Jennifer Rudolph Walsh.