Soon after Kensington editor Paul Dinas paid a reported low six-figure advance for I'm Not Dancing Anymore, O.J. niece Terri Baker's book proposal, represented by L.A.-based Renaissance Agency agent Alan Nevins, he was informed by agent Lucianne Goldberg that she wanted to be paid a commission as well. Goldberg told PW that she had been developing the project since early March with Hyperion, for what she expected would be a high-six-figure advance, when Baker disappeared and returned with a new agent. Nevins said that Baker had no signed agreement with Goldberg (who said she never works with one) and was "fired" by Goldberg after she refused to meet with a certain cowriter. Kensington plans an October publication and 350,000 first printing.

Rumor had it that Little, Brown recently called an emergency meeting with agent Rafe Sagalyn, concerned that its $3 million investment in Paula Barbieri may not pay off now that she has "found God" and is unwilling to dish in her upcoming book, tentatively titled The Other Woman, due out in October. Sagalyn would not return PW's phone calls, and Little, Brown publisher Sarah Crichton said that Paula had "always found God" and that she was in town with her lawyer, not Sagalyn, to meet with the media regarding book promotion. At press time, Barbieri was definitely booked on "Oprah."