He sat on the couch next to Carson for 30 years; now Ed McMahon gets his say, in his memoir for Warner, signed by editor Rick Wolff in a mid-six-figure deal negotiated by agent Frank Weimann. Weimann told PW that McMahon, who will work with co-writer David Fisher, will share "memories," rather than scandalous revelations, about his stint on The Tonight Show and will also discuss his 12 years hosting Star Search, through which the likes of Martin Lawrence, Sinbad, Drew Carey and Rosie O'Donnell were discovered. Wolff plans a fall 1998 publication, and the deal is just one more example of that hard-to-avoid Time Warner synergy: McMahon also works for Publishers Clearinghouse, also part of the conglomerate. And he'll also star in a WB sitcom with Tom Arnold this fall.