Apparently just after PW checked more than a month ago about the defunct HarperCollins release of a book by Clinton colleague Webster Hubbell, his agent, William Morris's Michael Carlisle, moved the manuscript to William Morrow. Publisher Paul Fedorko paid a high-six-figure advance, he told the New York Post; no pub date is set.

Doubleday is planning a relatively speedy release (May 1998) for the memoir it just signed up by former congresswoman -- and future TV talking head -- Susan Molinari. Senior editor Bill Thomas acquired the book from agent Esther Newberg for a reported six-figure advance.

Warner v-p/executive editor Rick Horgan made a rumored high-six-figure investment for the first novel, as well as followup book, by Ev Erlich, who until a few weeks ago was in the Clinton administation as the undersecretary of Commerce. Horgan likened Erlich's first book, Big Goverment, to "what you might get if Joseph Heller and P.J. O'Rourke teamed up on Primary Colors." Erlich, who had a previous life as a major sports players' negotiator, was represented in the deal by IMG's David Chalfant.