Pocket editorial director Emily Bestler and senior editor Gary Goldstein were the winners in agent Todd Shuster's auction for the tentatively titled No Heroes, a first-person account by a high-ranking FBI agent about domestic terrorism that will be written with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Elaine Shannon. The 120-page partial manuscript was shopped around under the pseudonym "JMR," since the agent won't be leaving the FBI until the book is published. Goldstein told PW that while the book is a critical look at such events as Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Oklahoma City bombing, it also "restored his faith in the FBI." Four other publishers participated in the auction. Bestler and Goldstein won world rights, however, with a rumored $600,000 offer. Bestler told PW that she plans a fall 1998 publication and expects it to be a blockbuster along the lines of John Douglas's Mindhunter.