Gavin DeBecker believes that fear is an "innate gift" that lets us know we are in the presence of danger, and his bestselling book, The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals, is certainly hitting the mark. The 50,000-copy first printing has escalated to 310,000 after five trips to press and the momentum shows little indication of slowing, especially with so many high-profile murders in the headlines recently. DeBecker's L.A.-based, 48-member firm advises some of the biggest names in business, sports, entertainment and government, and his Oprah appearance last month was just one of the factors that got this title rolling. The author has visited 10 cities and his Prime Time Live appearances were so successful that the show is booking him for an unprecedented third segment this month. DeBecker was such a hit at Little, Brown's sales conference that the reps put together a list of their colleagues at other houses who should get copies. Little, Brown donated 500 books to victims' organizations around the country, and to police chiefs nationally.