The Mothers and Daughters, Daughters &Mothers phenomenon was bound to lead to other variations, and one in the pipeline is Simon &Schuster's six-figure win of Daddies and Daughters, to be written by Girlfriends co-author Carmen Berry with longtime pal Lynn Barrington. But what happened to Berry's Girlfriends co-author Tamara Treader? "They needed a break," joked agent Kathryn Yanni, who conducted the two-day, six-publisher auction for Berry's new book. Actually, Berry has written nine other books, some of them with coauthors; Barrington will be her fourth. Berry and Traeder's Girlfriends Talk About Men is coming from Wildcat Canyon Press (which published Girlfriends and was in on the bidding for Daddies) this fall and they plan to do more in the future with the publisher. Yanni told PW that Daddies and Daughters won't be a photo-essay book along the lines of the other mother/daughter titles, but instead will offer "not sappy" anecdotes in the Girlfriends mode, mostly in the female voice, including stories from celebrity fathers and daughters. S&S editor Betsy Radin plans a spring 1998 publication.