PW's starred review of The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy noted that this debut fiction "charts fresh territory in the genre of magical prismatic literature." More critical accolades followed for this novel by one of India's best-known actresses and screenwriters about crossing the lines of her country's rigid caste system. The book is already appearing on regional lists (in San Francisco, Boston, Denver, L.A.) and international lists (the U.K. and Denmark, among others), and is #18 on PW's fiction list. Random House originally launched the book with a 35,000-copy first printing and is up to 67,500 after six trips to press. Roy begins a second author tour August 4 and will visit Boston, St. Louis, Iowa City, Milwaukee, San Francisco and L.A. On August 14 she is scheduled to be on NPR's Talk of the Nation and will also be part of a Charlie Rose panel discussion with Salman Rushdie and Gita Mehta on India's 50 years of independence.