E. Lynn Harris fans were quick to buy his latest book, If This World Were Mine, landing it on the bestseller charts in its first week on sale. Doubleday's first printing was 125,000 copies and, on July 30 (it's also the day he appears on CBS This Morning), the author is starting a 13-city tour that will end in Los Angeles on September 19. Harris self-published his first book, Invisible Life, selling it successfully out of the trunk of his car. His third book, And This Too Shall Pass, was on PW's hardcover bestseller list for eight weeks in 1996. In total, Harris's uvre has more than 900,000 copies in print in hardcover and paper. Doubleday suggests that the author's interview on the Tom Joyner Show, a daily radio program out of Dallas geared toward an African American audience, got the ball rolling for this new bestseller.