Lorenzo Carcaterra jumps onto the national charts (#12 on PW's) with his first novel, Apaches, about ex-NYPD cops who take the law into their own hands. Ballantine's first printing is 165,000; the publisher is supporting the novel with an ad campaign that spans about four weeks and includes TV spots on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN Headline News, Larry King Live and a month of spots on the CNN Airport Network in 25 cities. Carcaterra is finishing an eight-city national tour that began with appearances on Today and The Tom Snyder Show. His controversial first book, Sleepers, spent eight weeks on PW's hardcover nonfiction list in 1995, followed the next year by nine weeks on our mass market list. Internet surfers can have some fun by visiting the Apache Web site (www/randomhouse.com/features/apaches). Designed to resemble a police stationhouse bulletin board, the site includes a "donut shop" -- an on-line discussion area -- and "advancement exam," where those who answer correctly can win a signed copy of the book. Apaches, purchased by Touchstone Pictures and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, is slated to make its way to the silver screen some time next year.