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Who's On First
Daisy Maryles with Dick Donahue -- 8/25/97
Charles Frazier's critically acclaimed first novel, Cold Mountain, makes it to the top of the list after two months on the bestseller charts. That's quite an achievement, especially since this book hit the top without an Oprah appearance. It's the first #1 bestseller the company has had since it became Grove Atlantic (at Atlantic, P.J. O'Rourke made it to #1 with Give War a Chance and Parliament of Whores). The book was published in June with a 25,000-copy first printing and has gone back to press 11 times, for a total of 478,000 copies. The press credits its wonderful review on NPR's Fresh Air and a long interview on All Thing Considered with having helped sales. Cold Mountain also benefited greatly from booksellers' enthusiasm, especially in the South, where the author toured heavily. In September and October, Frazier will hit the road to other parts of the country and will visit a number of regional shows. According to Atlantic Monthly, one bookseller noted that the novel was comparable (sales-wise) to The Bridges of Madison County. You can be sure that publisher and author have their fingers crossed on that thought.

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