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Fate of Tartikoff's Avon Imprint is Unknown
Judy Quinn and Jenna Schnuer -- 8/27/97
Although most people associate Brandon Tartikoff's name with the television industry, the legendary TV executive had also spun off into several other project development arenas during his life -- including books. Over a two year period starting in 1994 he launched three books over two years with Warner Books (including R.L. Stine's first stab at adult horror, the September 1995 release, Superstitious). His latest book project was an Avon imprint tentatively titled Tartikoff Books.
At the time of Tartikoff's death on Wednesday from Hodgkin's disease, the Avon imprint was committed to one book, Marsfile.com by screenwriter Gary Tigerman. The book is the author's first novel and is scheduled for publication in 1999. Marsfile.com is about a NASA coverup of astronauts who found signs of alien life while in space. Tigerman has also written a Marsfile.com script for a film being developed by Richard Dreyfuss' production company, Dreyfuss/James Productions.

Avon Books senior v-p and publisher Lou Aronica is on vacation this week and cannot be reached for comment. Stephen Power, the Avon editor who was working with Tartikoff on the imprint, has not yet received word on whether Tartikoff's imprint logo will appear on Tigerman's book.
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