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Ah, More HarperCollins Transitions
Judy Quinn -- 9/1/97
After six books, for a reported $30 million in advances, Barbara Taylor Bradford has moved from HarperCollins back to Doubleday, the first publisher of her fiction, for her next two books. Her husband/manager, Robert Bradford, told PW that even though they had signed a new two-book deal when president/CEO Anthea Disney took office, it became an issue of just too much turmoil at the house, with frustrations particularly keen on the paperback side. He felt opportunities had been lost to promote Bradford's backlist and a TV tie-ins (the CBS-TV adaptation of Love in Another Town airs October 19). Bradford will deliver her next novel in March, and paperbacks of these next two books will be published under the Dell Island mass market line.
And Melody Beattie will soon be dependent no more on HarperSanFrancisco, since she's moving back to her original publisher, Hazelden. Beattie told PW she was displeased with the promotion of her just-out Stop Being Mean to Yourself, and felt she'd get more attention at a smaller house. HarperSF marketing director Karen Bouris told PW that there's one more book in Beattie's reportedly $1-million, four-book contract -- Finding Your Way: A Soul Survival Kit, to be published this spring. Beattie told PW she's taking back paperback rights to Stop Being Mean to Yourself as part of her move.
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