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Another Techno-Thriller Switch
Judy Quinn -- 9/1/97
First Stephen Coonts jumped, in a seven-figure, two-book deal, from Pocket to SMP; now Dale Brown takes flight from Putnam and lands at Bantam, with his first in a two-book/hard-soft deal (rumored to be comparably priced) to appear in mid-1998. Brown's agent, William Morris executive v-p Robert Gottlieb, and Bantam publisher Irwyn Applebaum started working on this deal early this summer, probably around the time PW was tracking down a wild rumor that it was Tom Clancy who was bound for Bantam. Turns out that was way off base (by some $100 million, which Pearson PLC recently invested in Clancy). Gottlieb said that Brown (whose latest of 10 novels, Fatal Terrain, was published last month) isn't moving merely for money but rather to benefit from Bantam's planned marketing push -- also a reason given for a move by another Gottlieb client, Dean Koontz, from Knopf to Bantam late last year.

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