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Books Across the Border: Latin American Publishers and the U.S. Market
-- 9/3/97
The strength of Spanish-speaking markets is growing again. Brazil is hot. And the careful participation of major publishers in the U.S. market in Spanish-language titles shows a bright future here at home, as well as for publishing in the Americas in general.
  • A Brave New World of Books (September 3, 1997)
    Publishers in Spain's former empire are seeking independence from their old rulers.

  • In Search of the Spanish Market: Part One (September 3, 1997)
    American publishers and distributors are trying, with patience and care, to reach a sometimes elusive consumer.

  • In Search of the Spanish Market: Part Two (September 3, 1997)

  • American Production Experts Visit Colombia (September 3, 1997)
    At the time of the Bogota International Book Fair last April, a number of book production experts were invited to take a tour of book printing facilities in Colombia.

  • Spanish-Language Publishing for Kids in the U.S. Picks Up Speed (September 3, 1997)
    U.S. demographics, which show the Latino population growing rapidly, point to a booming market for children's books in Spanish, and recent and forthcoming lists from publishers offer a broad range of titles aimed at young Spanish-speaking and bilingual readers.

  • The Latin Touch: Argentina (September 3, 1997)
    In the golden days of Argentina, up to the 1930s, when it supplied wheat, wool and leather to all of Europe and became the sixth largest economic power in the world, Buenos Aires was the publishing center of Latin America.

  • The Latin Touch: Brazil (September 3, 1997)
    In 1980, nearly 20 years ago, PW's Herbert R. Lottman reported on Brazil as "a potentially rich and powerful -- but still developing -- country" in which "publishing is a lusty infant with a healthy future."

  • The Latin Touch: Colombia (September 3, 1997)
    The publishing industry has been depressed for the last two years in Colombia, much of it due to political and economic realities unique to this rich and beautiful country plagued by drug dealers who weaken the social structure.

  • The Latin Touch: Mexico (September 3, 1997)
    In the CERLALC study comparing book statistics in various Latin America countries this year, Mexico is the largest Spanish-language book market, in terms of number of titles (11,917 in 1995) and number of copies (93 million).

  • Key Spanish-Language Book Fairs 1997-98 (September 3, 1997)
    The following are the most significant book fairs involving Spanish-language books in the course of the next year.

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