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Jackie Collins Goes Back to S&S
Judy Quinn -- 9/8/97
It was only a little over a year ago that Judith Regan proudly announced the acquisition of Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge, the next novel by Jackie Collins. Regan highlighted her affinity with Collins's heroine, Lucky Santangelo, and her plans to reissue part of Collins's backlist.
Although Vendetta was published to respectable sales in March, the Regan-Collins relationship is now over, what with agent Mort Janklow negotiating what has been described as a multimillion-dollar, three-book hard/soft contract with Collins's former S&S editor, Michael Korda. The first Collins novel to be published by S&S (which has published seven of her previous novels hard/soft, as well as four additional novels in Pocket paperback) will be Thrill!, a psycho-sexual thriller Collins described to PW back when we first reported her switch to Regan. Janklow couldn't confirm that another book in the contract might be a serial novel about Hollywood along the lines of Stephen King's The Green Mile, although New York Post columnist Liz Smith did note that another Lucky book is "on the burner" -- a good thing, since booksellers tell us these are the Collins titles that sell the best. Thrill! will be published in February. Collins's return to a house that, according to rumors, wouldn't meet the low seven-figure price for Vendetta, follows the departure of HarperCollins author Barbara Taylor Bradford to Doubleday. Bradford, like Collins, recently switched representation from William Morris executive v-p Robert Gottlieb to Janklow.
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