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Maya's Bright Star
Daisy Maryles -- 9/8/97
No wonder many are calling '97 Maya Angelou's year. Oprah picks The Heart of a Woman (one volume of the p t's five-volume autobiography) as an Oprah Book Club Selection, thus catapulting it onto the top of all the charts and running its in-print total to more than one million copies. And now her just-published collection of essays, Even the Stars Look Lonesome, lands on the bestseller charts even before her national campaign kicks off; this week she will be on the Today Show and on The Family Channel's 700 Club. She has already done interviews with about 20 papers via a print teleconference. All this was enough to boost Random House's 350,000-copy first printing to 375,000. And she is currently directing her first film, Down in the Delta, starring Wesley Snipes and Alfre Woodard.

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