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Wolfe's Audio Brag
Daisy Maryles -- 9/8/97
While Tom Wolfe's audio novella Ambush at Fort Bragg entered PW's monthly audio bestseller chart at #7 on September 1, BDD Audio is sure that next month's placement will be higher. Ambush was the top-selling fiction audio at B&N throughout most of August, and many independent booksellers are reporting sales way above average for an audiobook. Media coverage for Ambush, says the publisher, has been unprecedented for an audiobook; it included two New York Times stories, a front-page feature in the Chicago Tribune and a full-page story in U.S. News &World Report. Not surprising, considering that this was the first time an author of Wolfe's stature has issued a new work of fiction exclusively on audio, without a simultaneous hardcover or paperback edition. More coverage is set for USA Today, People and on Reuters; it will also tie in with B&N's cash-register display starting today and Borders' national front-of-the-store October promotion. All this should put a good dent in BDD Audio's hefty first printing of 80,000 copies.

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