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Tartikoff/Avon Imprint Still Up in the Air
Judy Quinn -- 9/8/97
We first posted this news online at http://www.publishersweekly.com on August 29, the day after his death, but as our print version g s to press, the situation remains the same: the Avon imprint with the late TV executive Brandon Tartikoff is still up in the air. The only book set so far in what was originally to be a three-year, 30-book commitment is MARSFILE.COM, a first novel by screenwriter Gary Tigerman tentatively scheduled for a February 1999 publication. The story is also in development as a film with actor Richard Dreyfuss's production company, Dreyfuss/James Productions. Avon publisher Lou Aronica, reached when he returned from vacation after Labor Day, told PW that he had still not had discussions about whether to continue the imprint or to put an imprint logo on just this one book. Stay tuned.

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